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Class Two

Welcome to Year 2,

Year 2 is a very exciting place to be, with the highlight of the year being the Nativity, where your children get to sparkle and shine with the main speaking roles and songs that will get stuck in your head all year round!

As well as the Nativity, the Autumn term sees us study the Great Fire of London and we Adventure all around the UK, learning the countries, capital cities and seas that make up our wonderful home, looking at habitats of the animals and weaving in our British Values.

Spring sees us Exploring, both around our world and back in time.  We try to get outside into the world around us to exlplore our fabulous town of Marple, including looking at the human and physical features.

Summer term comes with us Appreciating music, dancing and all things arty!  This is the term where we prepare our children for the next stage of their journey into the juniors and where the children are usually clamouring to perfect their handwriting to achieve the coveted Pen Licence before they get to Year 3!

Year 2 is truly a very special year for our children, with huge achievements, both in terms of confidence and their academic ability, and a year in which we see children flourish and grow in the All Saints' Way.

For families of children already in our school please remember to regularly view Tapestry for our weekly shout outs and much more!


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