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Class Six

During the first half of the Spring Term Year 6 have become entralled with the story of Hansel and Gretal and have written a dual narrative linked to the story. 

In Science we have been looking at the circulatory system and how amazing the heart is - we have written explanation texts about this as well as looking at real sheeps' hearts (Yes some of us didn't like this but others may be future Heart Surgeons.)

Our topic for the Spring Term is the Ancient Greeks and we have been looking at the their temples and researching Greek Gods, we have also started to read our Class Novel "Who let the God's Out"

We have also looked at the legend of Troy through the BBC's Heroes of Troy and performed a fantastic rendition of "Destruction" (which showed how good we are at rapping).  

We have written some very persuasive writing to get everyone to visit Athens - I am sure if read you would be booking to go immediately!

We also managed to invite parents in to watch our first Class Assembly for a very long time  - this was a great success and we are very proud of the class.

We have also had our very own "Bake-Off" creating amazing Easter Cakes - all decorated to our own design, which we then evaluated to ensure that next time we would be even more successful.


For families of children already in our school please remember to regularly view Tapestry for our weekly shout outs and much more.

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