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Class One

Class 1 have had so much fun travelling the world this term as part of our whole school topic, Explore!

Here is a little taster of what we got up to…

First, we used our imaginations and hopped on a bus to London! We used google maps to map our journey and found out it would take over 4 hours to drive from All Saints’ all the way to London. Elsie drove us all the way there and once we had arrived we enjoyed exploring London and looking at all of the wonderful landmarks; including Big Ben, The London Eye, London Bridge, The Tower of London and Buckingham Palace.  

We looked at the story of Dick Whittington and the struggles he faced living in a very poor part of London. The children then enjoyed being historians and looking at what history was like in the past, they couldn't believe how different things were hundreds of years ago.
We used our new knowledge as historians to delve into images and do some descriptive writing about what we thought London was like when Dick Whittington was there. We then watched animated videos and looked at old maps and drawings before sorting images into London Now and London in the past. It was very interesting!

We then took the journey to Wales and enjoyed learning all about its beautiful scenery and traditions.  We read a story called the ‘Two Dragons’ about a boy called Merlin who is very similar to Dick Whittington but Merlin has magic. The children enjoyed exploring Merlin’s character and we collected exciting words to use in our descriptive writing of the dragons. We wrote down words such as gigantic, frightening and smooth scaly skin - I bet you are amazed at these incredible words!

We then enjoyed practising our art skills to create amazing dragon and Welsh mountain ranges. We drew the pictures first in pencil, used sharpie to outline them before carefully painting using water colours. They look simply beautiful!

Next, we took the trip to Scotland and the class absolutely loved everything about it! The Story of Tam Lin really captured their imaginations and they loved learning looking at the images from the story and trying to predict what might happen. The class came up with some incredible ideas!

On Burns Night and we found out all about this special Scottish day and how people celebrate it now. We listened to lots of Bagpipes and watched 'The Family Ness' stories about Angus and Elspeth. We had a debate about if the Loch Ness Monster was real and did some researching to find evidence. We then used different materials to create a collage image of Nessie. We finished our trip to Scotland by trying some tasty Scottish food - what a treat! Although don't worry no haggis and whiskey was consumed! Oatcakes and shortbread were the perfect snack.

Next, we travelled all the way to China! We enjoyed celebrating Chinese New Year in style by creating some fabulous dragon masks! We also read lots of Chinese myths and produced some excellent writing retelling the story of Nian.

We then made our way to Africa and enjoyed looking at the Savanna and all the animals we might see on safari there. We read the story, The Ugly Five by Julia Donaldson and enjoyed meeting Wildebeest and Warthog, Spotted Hyena, Lappet-Faced Vulture and Marabou Stork. People call them the Ugly Five . . . but are they really..? We took a trip there ourselves to find out!

We packed our binoculars and cameras, stepped on the sarafi bus and enjoyed our own African sarafi around school! We took note of all the animals we saw on our clipboards and enjoyed reporting back when we arrived back in class. We all agreed that none of the animals were ugly at all! All beautiful and unique.

Our final stop on our incredible journey was India. A highlight of this trip was learning all about the amazing clothes and dances. In PE we learnt a bhangra dance routine, including lots of special moves and also a Bollywood dance too! The children enjoyed working in small groups and performing their dances to each other. We followed the story of a little girl called Anushka and watched a video of her showing us around her house and school in India. The children found it so interesting and made some brilliant comparisons to All Saints’ and Marple!

We also brought our learning to life by visiting Manchester Airport and boarding a real aircraft! We can’t wait to learn more about how people explore our world and how travelling by aeroplane works.

For families of children already in our school please remember to regularly view Tapestry for our weekly shout outs and much more!

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