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Class Four

Year 4 is always an exciting year for the children at All Saints’, with exciting topics, school trips and experiences planned throughout the year. Our topics range from the Ancient Greeks, to Roman Britain and learning about the great rivers of the world. Our topics integrate the learning of geography, history and many aspects of science and citizenship. As part of our cross curricular approach to learning we always try to tie our lessons in maths and English to our topics too, picking texts like Who Let the Gods Out, Escape From Pompeii and many more. The children often write based around our topics and use computers and ICT in many creative ways to supplement their learning.
In Maths, the children consolidate and deepen their knowledge of concepts from KS1 and Year 3, ready for even more challenging work in Year 5. Ensuring the children’s fluency in core skills and recall of number facts is as strong as possible is key to this, and one that is tested in the nationwide Multiplication Tables Check (MTC) in June of the year. We therefore a lot of spend time, a little and often, strengthening our recall of times tables through games, competitions and repetition to ensure we do our best!

In Science we dive into new areas, such as states of matter, sound and adaptation. Experimentation and investigations are at the core of this and we take pride in carrying these out in a scientific, methodical way.

In design and technology, we look at, design and evaluate foods from areas such as Greece-yum! Later on in the year we get to get making in other areas such as textiles and electronics.

RE is at the heart of our curriculum, as a church school we place a special emphasis on the teaching of Christianity, alongside learning about the major religions of the world. We are also lucky enough to have some very special partnerships with our local church, ensuring many enriching experiences for our learners.

For families of children already in our school please remember to regularly view Tapestry for our weekly shout outs and much more!




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