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Class Three

Year 3 have had had the best adventure stepping back in time to ‘Ancient Egypt’ in the Autumn Term. 

First of all, was our Geography focus locating Egypt on maps and globes and identifying that it is in North East Africa and well as of course finding the River Nile (the longest river in the world).  We also had a peak at some travel brochures of Egypt and wrote postcards (if only we could have a class trip to one of those 5 * hotel complexes!).

Next up on adventure, took us back in time 3,000 years ago for our ‘King Tut’ week – Year 3 painted their own sarcophaguses and collaborated to decorate the boy king ‘Tutankhamun’s’  blue and gold mask-  all now proudly displayed in our Egypt Museum area in the classroom.

Following this, our adventure took Year 3 to explore the ‘Valley of The Kings’ and the pyramids to produce group fact sheets on the pyramids as well as to write diaries on tea stained scrolls by amazing archaeologist Howard Carter.  We event wrote a diary from the point of view of a camel, (that was rather humorous too!), based on a short film clip at the Sphinx that really entertained us!  Our Muddy Puddle Adventure had us creating sensational 3D pyramid structures from marshmallows, sticks, lego and goo! Lots of laughter was had during this adventure!

Next stop on our tour- we learnt to write like an Egyptian producing our own cartouches (name plaques in clay) using hieroglyphics. 

Then, we studied all about ‘mummification’, which was rather disgusting, and gory (making it even more interesting especially when learning how the Egyptians poked the brain out!). Year 3 wrote instructions how to mummify a Pharaoh and we even mummified our own tomatoes which was rather crazy and something that got us understanding more about the process of mummification!

Later on, our adventure took us to explore another famous lady ‘Cleopatra’ – what a powerful lady!  Class 3 enjoyed watching Horrible Histories, singing songs, drawing portraits and rapping raps all about this beautiful (and rather kooky!) Queen!

Our PE lessons have even seen us ‘Dance Like An Egyptian’ which has been amazing exercise, working in groups of 4 to devise our own Egyptian dances to Egyptian Music ‘Walk Like An Egyptian’ for 32 beats. The results have been really impressive including various formations, transitions and even canons!

In DT, Year 3 had the huge challenge of creating moving hydraulic sarcophaguses – what a challenge it was but great to highlight our talented engineering experts in class!

In addition, our class novel ‘diary of a Sun King’ is really helping us discover even more about Ancient Egypt Civilisation and the impressive things that impact our lives still nowadays because of this fascinating part of History.

Finally, we are very excited to learn more about the Egyptian Gods with our very our Governor Friend Mrs. Sue Woodgate very soon…

With Mastermind quizzes galore and Y3 children ‘knowing more, remembering more and being able to do more’ on our Ancient Egyptian Topic, it sure is going be a difficult task to see who is crowned King or Queen of our Mastermind trophy this term… What an adventure it has been this half term and we can’t wait for MORE after the holidays!

In Spring, Y3 explored extreme weather and natural disasters with highlights including; hurricanes, tornadoes and twisters, avalanches, floods and droughts! Children especially adored making their 3D volcanoes with sensational writing in and getting creative with our Artists of the term – Hokusai – The Great Wave (Tsunami’s week) and Mt Vesuvius by Andy Warhol linked to our learning around the text ‘Escape To Pompeii’.

Following this, we stepped back in time to the ‘Stone Age’ exploring the Stone Age Boy text and Horrible Histories Stone Age. Y3 became experts at timelines from Paleolithic, to Neolithic and Mesothic eras. We even made our own Stone Henge replica’s from biscuits and wrote persuasive holiday brochures to entice people to visit Skara Brae.  A truly fascinating time in History!

We can’t wait to share our Summer learning with you in the near future…  

For families of children already in our school, please remember to regularly view Tapestry for our weekly ‘Friday Shout Outs’ and much more!


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