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Class Five

In Year 5, the children are transported back in time, through the Anglo-Saxon and Viking era in Britain, to much further afield, learning all about the Mayans and their culture. Alongside these topics, the children learn lots of geographical skills, such as map reading and using a compass, as well as learning about
the different countries of the UK and North America.
In English, our texts are very closely linked to these topics, using a variety of different writing styles to fully immerse the children in what they are reading. Some examples of texts used are: Beowulf, Odd and the Frost Giants, The Curse of the Maya.
In Maths, the children begin to learn much more challenging concepts such as during our multiplication and division unit they learn what prime, square and cubed numbers are, as well as multiplying by 2-digit numbers. The children also learn lots about fractions, decimals and percentages, as well as looking
at lots of practical maths in the form of data handling and statistics.
In Science, we have lots of exciting topics, including an adventure to Space, learning all about the different planets. The children also learn about properties and changes of materials, living things and their habitats, changes in humans and forces.

In addition to all the subjects mentioned, the children get the opportunity to hone their artistic, DT and musical skills, show off their PE abilities, refine their computing talents, improve their French speaking and learn all about different cultures and religions through both our PSHE and RE curriculums.

As well as all this, in Year 5 we complete the exciting Young Leader’s Award, where the children are challenged to ‘be the change they want to see’, identifying what in the world needs changing and how they can help with that.

For families of children already in our school please remember to regularly view Tapestry for our weekly shout outs and much more!

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