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  • Friday 24th July (Mrs Noble)

    Dear Y2, 

    on the last day of term I just wanted to say you have been the most amazing class of Y2 superstars!

    Thank you so much for all your hard work in school and at home - you have made me the proudest Y2 teacher! 

    I will miss you all so, so, so much! 

    Have a great summer break and look forward to fun together again in September (fingers crossed!) as big Y3's! 

    Thank you so, so much for the beautiful cards, kind words and sensational presents I have been very spoilt and am so grateful!

    Lots of love, 

    Mrs. Noble and Mrs. Wilson 

    PS The class I will never ever forget! Y2 Families you have been awesome! From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU! And remember I am always around in school in the future if you ever need anything or just want a chat!  

  • Friday 17th July (Mrs Noble)

    How bizarre and strange to be writing this one last post celebrating AMAZING life skills carried out by Y2 throughout the week!
    THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for all your contributions to try to keep us all going and be some light in a time of darkness for so many at this time.
    Whether you have contributed or not on Tapestry, I hope at times, these posts have given you or your child something to smile about and maybe a few ideas to try out if you are needing some inspiration! (They have given me some super ideas so thank you!).
    On our final week I couldn't just choose my favourite 10, as there have been many posts flowing through, so thank you Y2 and your families for never disappointing right up until the end! YOU REALLY ARE WONDERFUL! (all photos on Tapestry for you to celebrate with your classmates!). 
    Mrs. Noble

    1. Mason's flips on Formby Beach!
    2. Polly and Felix's remarkable rowing in Matlock!
    3. Fun Frog hunting on the Sett Valley Trail by The Dines.
    4. Ben's mega moveable house!
    5. Benji's Dino golf outing (plus hitting 40 balls at the golf range - wowzers!)
    6. George's Foot golf (9 hole football getting the ball in a football like hole - how awesome is this I want a go!)
    7. Reuben's brilliant blue Peter Sports Badge entry for his brilliant bike riding stunts!
    8. Jake's Terrific Tadpole Fishing with his lovely little brothers!
    9. Ella's brilliant birthday trip out to Yorkshire wildlife park!
    10. Eden's great home art gallery fabulously filled throughout lock down (watch out Rob Biddulph!)
    11. Elizabeth's excitement at Knowsley Safari Park (what a brave girl!)
    12. Taalia's marvellous lockdown medal!
    13. Emilia's sensational karaoke singing!
    14. Emily's excellent sandcastle building in Wales!
    15. Amy's amazing Aquarium!

  • Friday 3rd July (Mrs Noble)


    Taalia- first in by Monday lunch all 40 correct!

    Ben, Ella, George, Maddie, Emily and Rio (even moved onto the Y3 one in my bubble too – see White Rose Hub if you want more of a challenge for Y3 Flashback 4’s).



    Maddie – stunning 6 hours and Charlie with a tremendous 3 hours!

    Teddy- bronze Trophy / Emily, Felix, Polly, Elizabeth and Max



    Maddie- top marks this week!


    heartDB DYNAMITES!

    Top marks full 8/ 8 for Emily and Max across the board in all Maths tasks set- sensational!

    Mason, George, Emily, Lily, Polly, Max, Elizabeth, Maddie and Charlie, Ben all successfully completed many of the Maths challenges set this week.



    Jake – first Y2- Y3 booklet in (My favourite bit being that he likes making mess but Mrs. Noble just wants us to tidy it up!  Yes Jake that is pretty much me to a T! I bet you haven’t all missed my manic tidying up all the time I am definitely getting worse in my old age!)

    Ben, Max, Charlie and Teddy special mentions for your amazing transition booklets sent through too. These will be really helpful for Miss Day and the Y3 team to find out more about you and your feelings moving into KS2.



    Mason and Reuben – melted my heart - it’s been a bit of an exhausting week so these really did make me smile!  Thank you both for your thoughtful, heart warming prayers.


    Thank you children for working so hard and staying focused with your excellent weekly routines of home learning.  Well done too families for all the cajoling, rewards (and bribes!) it will be worth it and pay off in the end… Well done Y2 on another splendid week!  Now rest and enjoy- you deserve it!

     heartMrs. Nobleheart

  • Friday 26th June (Mrs Noble)

    yesHarmony- Congratulations on a super week of home school learning! A huge well done to Harmony for her terrific spelling and reading comprehension work this week! Keep up the great activities and sending them through!

    yesRio - we are so proud of you - a special message was sent from his mummy to say that he has done no moaning about home learning at home and has been so eager to do his learning at home (and in school in his bubble too!) Wonderful stuff Rio you are a real star this week! 

    yesReuben - you win the award for working your little socks off every week without fail during lock down! Reuben is working extremely hard for his pen licence so watch this space as I hope to make a special announcement very soon...! 

    yesEmily - for getting into our whole school Music week theme making a music poster - well done to you - you are an incredible little girl!

    yesElizabeth, Mason, Amy, Ella and Taalia gained the top 5 awards for their A - Z Music challenge on DB Primary - this was music to my ears!


    Holly, Harmony, George, Emily, Felix, Polly, Lily Rose, Max, Taalia, Amy, Teddy, Elizabeth, Maddie, Charlie, Eden and Benjamin


    Mason (Bronze trophy awarded well done!) Maddie , Lily Rose, Eden, Elizabeth, Benjamin, Max, Niamh, Teddy, Benjamin, Amy, Ella, Polly, Felix, Rio, Emily


    Super score this week for; Harmony!

    George for best super sentences with this weeks spellings all about football

    yesDB Dynamites!

    Mason, Emily, Felix, Max, Maddie, Taalia

    yesWorksheet Wonders!

    Rio, Benjamin, Max, Charlie, Amy, Rio, Teddy and Reuben

    Thank you families for all your support and partnership! Well done Y2 on another super week!  Best wishes, Mrs. Noble

  • Monday 15th June (Ensinger)

  • Wednesday 17th June (Ormerod)

    Red like cherrys off a tree

    Yellow like the sun

    Pink like pink roses 

    Green like beautiful leaves 

    Orange like a sunset

    Purple like beautiful smelling lavender 

    Blue like beautiful waves crashing together

  • Friday 19th June (Mrs Noble)

    Top 10 Posts on Tapestry This Week...

    1. Taalia's mud kitchen for cooking Thai curries in!

    2.Teddy's tremendous typing!

    3. Ben's Wild Challenge bronze certificate!

    4. Jake's birthday smash cake! (Who else wants one of these?!!!)

    5. George's intelligent IQ Puzzle achievement!

    6.Reuben's brilliant battleships games!

    7.Max's marvellous marble run!

    8. Polly and Felix's trip to the Antony Gormley statues in Southport leading to some great Art and poetry from under the sea.

    9. Jake (the birthday boys) 6.63m bike ride!

    10. Ben's Capital cities quizzes (getting ready for Y3 Geography skills!)

    Another busy week for Y2!
    Well done one and all (and for all the other super posts too- photos on Tapestry for you to see all your friends!)


    PSHCE Jigsaw WEEK

    A massive well done to Max for his thoughtful rock of happiness and sadness during lockdown and for Benjamin’s radiant rainbow rock. 



    A special shout out to so many children that emailed me their rainbow colour poem via DB Primary.  I absolutely loved reading them all and my top one chosen this week was by Regan. Keep up the great writing Regan!



    Bronze awards for; Mason, George, Lily Rose, Felix, Polly, Max, Taalia, Teddy, Charlie, Rio, Benjamin.


    Mason, Max, Teddy, Lily Rose, Rio, Reuben, Felix, Polly, Eden, Benjamin (for spending over an hour this week on this programme).


    Super scores this week for; Reuben, Mason, Charlie, Teddy, Taalia, Lily Rose and Max 

    DB Dynamites!

    Taalia, Maddie, Emily, Kit, Rio, Elizabeth, Max, Lily, Mason and George


    Worksheet Wonders!

    A special mention to Max who completed the whole of his Head start booklet posted before the holidays (all 50 pages WOW!).  Please look out in the Newsletter for a chance to purchase (for just over £1) similar booklets, which I now think, are the best thing out there on the market.

    In addition, a huge well done to Ella who as well as being in school in her Bubble, still completed her home learning as well with all worksheets set this week! What a little angel!

    Fingers crossed for lovely sunshine again next week to enjoy some sports in the sun!

    Mrs. Noble

    PS Hope all the special men in people’s lives have a lovely day on Sunday – dads, step dads, grandads, grandpas, uncles and all the rest!


    Have a great weekend!

    Mrs. Noble

  • Friday 12th June (Mrs Noble)

    Friday Shout Out's! 12.06.2020

    1. Ben's brilliant walk to Mellor Cross!

    2. Emilia's on line Art lesson with her auntie!

    3. Mason's Sunrise walk on Mam Tor at 3.45am!

    4. Ella's amazingly long bike ride!

    5. George's fabulous jigsaw achievement!

    6. Julia's happy crafting and lego making!

    7. Teddy's terrific handwriting!

    8. Ella's superb sewing owl!

    9. Eden's Epic Lego creation which inspired a superb story based on a Flying Cupcake Cat!

    10. Amy's remarkable radishes!

    What a lot of wonderful achievements and memories made over the last few weeks not to mention lots of worksheets people have been posting in. You are the best!

    PS All photos on Tapestry! 
    Happy weekend!
    Mrs. Noble

  • Friday 22nd May (Mrs Noble)


    Taalia’s home grown seeds and labels for her fruit, vegetables and herbs for daddy’s delicious Thai cooking!

    Amy (and her lovely sister Lucy’s!) World Record Art participation drawing with Rob

    George’s intricately detailed Angel Fish!


    Mason and Teddy’s kindness charts in particular impressed me particularly their thoughtful acts of kindness for their precious grandparents. 



    IT’S A GOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A huge round of applause to Polly! WE ARE PROUD OF YOU!

    Silver award for Lily Rose and Emily

    Bronze award for; Felix, Teddy, Charlie, Rio, Mason and George



    Rio and George have been working hard getting ahead of the game with speed and accuracy on their times tables.  Well done boys!  Please keep going Y2 and try to log on to see if any more girls especially can battle it out having fun with your times tables.



    Lily Rose- Gold certificate

    Reuben - Silver certificate

    Reading Eggspress 2 Bronze tropies – Eden and Teddy.

    Great time on this programme for Regan and Rio especially this week.

    A huge well done to Niamh who sent in some super photographs of her reading some lovely, new books borrowed from her neighbours.  What a super idea! Well done Niamh keep enjoying some sensational stories.



    A special mention to Benjamin for his amazing scores every week always with the neatest joined up handwriting.  What a hard worker!


    DB Dynamite!

    Max for top score on our RE world religions and computing IT DB tasks for this week.


    Worksheet Wonders!

    Rio (and a special thanks to Mum for working so hard writing questions out)

    Congratulations to all children (and all parents and family).  I know how hard it is the more time goes on for children at home to keep them motivated and enthusiastic but so many have managed this so well from your posts on Tapestry.   Be proud of what you have achieved however small or big / academic or not.  I salute you all!

    Keep safe over the next two weeks, you will all be my thoughts and prayers and I will miss you immensely via Tapestry / DB Primary.

    From on line Kahoot quizzes, to class cook books, to class forum ‘Show and Tell’s’ Summer 1 has given us lots to celebrate.  Now I need a little break to get creative and thinking up some more virtual exciting things for our final Summer half term together. 

    Sending you all our best wishes from Mrs. Noble and Mrs. Wilson




  • Friday 15th May (Mrs Noble)



    Fin’s handiwork in his beautiful new house!

    Ella’s vegetable patch Video

    Charlie’s DT Bi Plane



    IT’S A GOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A huge round of applause to BEN our Y2 star mathematician! WE ARE PROUD OF YOU!

    This week, 5 / 10 of the top whole school Mathletics users are in Y2! Congratulations to; Ella, Max, Benjamin, Charlie, Teddy!

    All the above received a Bronze award for this week along with; Rio, Emily and George (8 Bronze) with top time going to George- well done again George for your hard work!



    Reuben and Max - Gold certificate Reading Eggs

    Benjamin- Silver certificate Reading Eggs

    Reading Eggspress 3 Bronze tropies - Amy, Charlie and  Teddy.



    A special mention to George for his super improved scores and for Lily Rose’s week on week super scores and spelling effort!


    DB Dynamites!

    Kit, Mason and George for top scores on our History DB tasks for this week.


    Worksheet Wonders!

    Amy (even completing when mum and dad are both working!)


    And a special little mention to Jake who has been reading bedtime stories to his little brothers at night (How lovely!). 

    Well done everyone! 

    Your birthday messages mean the world to me I am so touched and blessed to have you all in my life as my special All Saints’ Family!  From th bottom of my heart a huge thank you.  My job is more than a job to me it means everything to me so thanks for making it so wonderful and such a joy with your SUPERSTAR children! 


    From Mrs. Noble and my partner in mischief - Mrs. Wilson! XX



  • Friday 8th May (Mrs Noble)


    Emilia's Caterpillar Diary Video

    Edward’s mosaic Art linked our Art/ DT week focus and ...

    Emily’s Magic Trick was definitely the one that in particular caught my attention.  Could it be Britain’s Got Talent next for this little lady? I for one was mesmerised! Emily congratulations this was clearly your week all round when you read on... yes



    8 Bronze – Lily Rose, George, Emily. Polly, Max, Archie, Maddie and Rio

    2 silver- Archie H and Max

    GOLD – MAX! Woo hoo – I estimate this is your 3rd or even 4th GOLD which is absolutely awesome.  Is it any wonder Max is such a Maths whizz in class!

    CONGRATULATIONS especially to those who went on Live Mathletics to increase you mental maths speed.  (If you haven’t already please do give it a try!).



    55 hours for Y2 on Reading Eggs/ Eggspress this week.

    Reuben – 6 hours and a Gold certificate! You have had a great readathon Reuben (and I know you are loving earning eggs for all your special rewards!). 

    Amy – 5.5 hours (12 books), Elizabeth Morris 4.2 hours (15 books) and Benji HG over 3 hours! (there were a lot more close runners up too which is amazing!).

    5 Bronze Trophies – Charlie, Eden, Amy, Teddy and Polly.



    Well done to all those who focused more time on basic skills and spelling this week as requested and thanks to those who posted their scores on Tapestry this week.  A special mention to Taalia for her awesome spelling this week!


    DB Dynamites!

    Emily – DB top time this week


    Thanks to all who added to our first class ‘Show and Tell’ forum please do try to add something on soon if you haven’t already for the children to see each other and the fun they have been up to at home…


    In the words of Vera Lynn;


    We'll meet again
    Don't know where
    Don't know when
    But I know we'll meet again some sunny day
    Keep smiling through
    Just like you always do
    'Till the blue skies drive the dark clouds far away

    Happy VE Day Weekend (such prominent words for our current times too),

    From your teachers who think you all ROCK! Mrs. Noble and Mrs. Wilson! XX


  • Friday 1st May (Mrs Noble)

    Friday ‘SHOUT OUTS!’

    Well hopefully Science Week has been a fun week for many families.!

    Top Scientists posts this week have been from …

    Benjamin inspired by Maddie Moate's show, Ben has made a secret tunnel box maze, with sticky spider's webs as well as a tremendous Science board games. 

    Also a huge round of applause for Edward Manning for his fabulous shadow puppet photos following on from a Science lesson on light on the  National Academy website recommended by school this week.


    Reading Eggs – Reuben – Silver x3, Amy Gold great news!

    24 hours have been spend on Reading Eggs AND 39 hours on Reading Eggspress this is brilliant Y2!  Surprise, surprise C2 came top of the leaders board in school so thank you again for making me so proud for the 2nd week (I have trained you well!).

    A huge round of applause to Charlie for most books read –14 in the the last 7 days! This has led to Charlie receiving a bronze trophy and also Polly has received her bronze trophy for reading 13 books!


    Ella and Eden – well done for going on ReadiwriterSpeller and congratulations on your 2nd bronze certificate Eden for another 1000 points on here! Just brilliant!


    Marvellous news for Archie H and George for most time spend on Mathletics.

    SILVER- Rio – fantastic news!

    13 BRONZE- George, Emily, Lily Rose, Archie H, Ella, Reuben, Max, Teddy, Maddie, Charlie, Eden and Rio.


    DB Primary- Regan for most time on the assigned Science tasks – what a star!

    12 children great news for completing your Science ‘To do’s’. 


    Another wonderful week with so much to celebrate for so many children!

    Well done and now RELAX everyone!

    Thank you everyone - please keep up the hard work, having fun with your learning and sharing your achievements whatever they may be on Tapestry! 

    From Mrs. Noble and Mrs. Wilson 




  • Friday 24th April (Mrs Noble)

    Friday ‘SHOUT OUTS!’

    Well hopefully English Week has been a successful start of the Summer term for many families.

    The feedback on Reading Eggs/ Reading Eggspress has been overwhelmingly positive- please do let me know if you have any thoughts as this is only on a trial subscription so I need to hear parent/ child views if we are to continue with this on line programme of learning in the future …

    Reading Eggs – Robin, Reuben and Mason – Gold certificate winners with Robin being the ultimate STAR reading Egg winner! Robin sent me a beautiful e mail on DB Primary to share his enthusiasm and I can see how  eager he was from viewing his report on line and the phenomenal amount of time he has spend on his home school learning on this excellent programme.

    A huge round of applause to Polly for most books read – a jaw dropping 5 hours of reading have been completed by her!  Terrific Polly!  

    68 hours - Reading Eggs / 66 hours – Reading Eggspress this is brilliant Y2.  Needless to say, C2 came top of the leaders board in school for Reading Eggs thank you for making me so proud (you know we always have to win now Y2 so please keep it up!).


    Eden – well done for going on ReadiwriterSpeller and congratulations on your first bronze certificate Eden for over 1000 points on here! What a star!

    Readiwriter Speller is the other top website recommended by me for English Week on the 5 top Websites link on the school webpage.  This will definitely help weekly spelling test scores and get you set up for Y3 revising all the patterns and rules covered so far this year in Y2. So if you haven’t already had time to go on please do have a look using your Mathletics password to log in.  


    Maddie and George top time on Mathletics this week! (8 hours of on line Maths work between them- WOW that is impressive!).

    GOLD – Charlie Rayes- I think this is his 3rd! WOW!

    SILVER- Maddie

    12 bronze- I know who you are and well done – you should be delighted with yourselves!


    The Inventor Projects are still coming in and I want to have time to analyse them all carefully before announcing any winners for KS1 but so far… Mr. Benjamin Taylor’s teaching Robot really made me smile and is no doubt what a lot of families need right now!!! 


    Watch out for Monday’s Head teacher’s newsletter to see… MAX and his awesome author achievement.  At times like these sharing good news is what is so special – home learning at it’s best for the Ensinger family find out more next week…


    Thank you Y2 and do not hesitate to contact me on Tapestry is anyone needs anything at all or even just some reassurance or time to message at such a tricky time for everyone. 

    My key message to you all is do what ever learning you can BUT most importantly do what ever makes your child happy.  Look after yourselves and take care of yourselves and families- you are all constantly in my thoughts.

    Mrs. Noble

  • Friday 3rd April (Mrs Noble)

    Well we made it! (Even though I am sure for some patience and emotions will have been tested!).

    No doubt you have been trying your best to provide love, fun, working, school learning, washing, cooking, cleaning, and most of all KEEPING YOUR FAMILY SAFE. (as well as a million other things!). Hopefully the Easter break will be a bit of time to slow down for some and reflect on new, positive ways forward in our new lives.

    Celebrations for Y2 for the week;

    1 Pen Licence- Teddy Manning 

    15 Mathletics Certificates- 2 silver and 1 gold to Mr. Mason Andreasson! (WE ARE PROUD OF YOU!) 

    A special mention to Tom and Eden for being the classes highest point scorers on Mathletics this week in Y2 which is wonderful news! 

    DB Primary Activities- 21 children completing at least some of the assigned tasks with many completing all their History tasks. 

    Not to mention the abundance of amazing daily photos, videos and messages about all the exciting learning children in Y2 have been doing at home. 

    The top 5 children in C2 this week who achieved the most stickers on DB for their exciting learning sent over on Tapestry are; 






    There have also been a wealth of emails every day from Y2 including some hilarious jokes on April Fool's Day and learning how to upload and send photographs of your favourite places.  

    All of these things are an increase on last weeks learning too so the biggest well done to everyone I am delighted with you! 

    For all of these things and your kind, kind words I am so grateful and thankful.  

    Congratulations- I always say you are the best and this is TRUE!!! I am so proud of you all! 

    As per the school Newsletter / Ping, I will be officially signing off on Tapestry/ DB for the next two weeks of the Easter Holidays in line with Local Authority Policies and guidance at this time. I will however be in school on a rota supporting children of key workers/ vulnerable children. If there are anything URGENT/ EMERGENCIES etc. then please do email;

    I will be back in daily contact after the holidays and can't wait to speak to my All Saints' family then and support you and your child with any of their learning needs or just to support emotionally.

    Remember you got this!
    Take it day by day...

    Happy Easter to a very special class,
    from Mrs. Noble x

  • Friday 27th March (Mrs Noble)

    What a bizarre week! 

    The joys of technology have made this week alot more interesting; from mystery reader stories on Tapestry, to recorded spelling tests from Casa Noble's! (all to continue plus lots more exciting additions to follow...). 

    Amazing learning and fun adventures have been rolling in from Year 2 - each one being commented on daily and personalised rewards stickers being sent to children via DB Primary.  These have been a delight to see and hear about from; personal interests projects, to an array of different subjects including those all important core subjects of English and Maths - the quality has been fantastic!  

    The Top 5 Star rewards on the Leaders Board for stickers this week are; Reuben, Mason, Emilia, Charlie, Teddy.  Well done to you all for your amazing learning in week 1! There were lots more very close...

    There have been 12 Mathletics certificates awarded this week (including a gold for Rio - woohoo!). 

    There have been 14 children who have completed their DB Primary assigned tasks.

    Fingers crossed these figures go up each week, once children and families try to get into some sort of routine (that most children so desperately thrive on).  

    Where possible families, please try to send me at least once a week a DB message regarding whatever you have been up to (and do not feel guilty what it is!) this is not a time for worrying about this! Every situation is different- some families are home schooling a variety of ages of children including babies, some families are both working full time as key workers, some are single handedly doing it all on their own.  To each and every one of you, I applaud you so give yourself a pat on the back!  Whatever is sent will be genuinely celebrated. 

    Every morning, ready for 9.00am, I have posted the class an email (picture, text, video or sound clip).  Lots have each day sent a little email back with something similar- if you haven't seen this yet- just log onto DB Primary and you should find a few emails to hopefully brighten them up.  This is a great way for us to keep in touch on a personal level.  

    Keep up the amazing learning Year 2 (and your super home school teachers!), I am with you every step of the via my laptop! 

    Missing you millions, stay indoors and enjoy precious time together.

    Mrs. Noble  

  • Friday 22nd March (Mrs Noble)

    This week we have really focussed on having fun! You will see on Tapestry that we have had some lovely activities going on this week, and today the children came home with their rainbow paintings. The idea behind the rainbows is that when the children are out and about in Marple taking exercise (whilst observing responsible social distancing to keep themselves and other members of the comminuty safe!) they can look out for the rainbows in people's windows. I will have one in my window, and hopefully children from other schools will be doing this too!

    Although we may not be in school with your children every day, we are still working on providing regular learning support to you at home. Please allow your child to log in to DB Primary regularly. We have set all sorts of activities on there, and will continue to set new activities. Please go on to Mathletics too where new topics and tasks will be uploaded weekly. Please keep checking Tapestry as well for updates to family daily (all being well!).  There is a function within DB Primary whereby the children can send us emails. I will check daily and respond neverthless please be patient while we adjust to this new way of teaching/ learning.  Passwords have been sent out again this week and should also be stuck in reading records.

    Stay safe and enjoy precious time with your little one/s! Good luck everyone! 

    From Mrs. Noble and Mrs. Wilson 

  • Friday 28th February (Mrs Noble)

    Class 2 have been going grammar crazy this week in class with a focus on a different word class each day for our grammar bags on display in the classroom (noun- a thing you can touch, verbs- action/ doing words, adverbs- words that add information to the verb adding in ly and adjectives- action/ doing words. 

    Next week, we will continue our extended writing (with the aim of producing 2-3 pages by the end of next week) on dragons and the text 'George and The Dragon' by Chris Wormell. 

    Class 2 also loved measuring height and length using their rulers in cm and tape measures in metres. 

    Science this week has seen us move onto our new topic of Keeping Healthy and being hygienic also linked to some work on Coronovirus and how to prevent germs, virus' and micro organisms spreading.  We had a great session on washing hands properly and even learnt a few action songs/ rhymes. 

    Tuesday saw us doing some amazing reading comprehensions, handwriting and writing about 'The Runaway Pancake' and Mr. Wolf's Pancakes by Jan Fearnley. 

    Great to be back with you all and look forward to another productive and exciting week ahead...    


    Mrs. Noble 

  • Friday 7th February (Mrs Noble)

    Monday saw Y2 have fun on their trip to Staircase House in Stockport.  This hugely helped children to develop more skills in History about this significant event in history to later create a timeline of events back in school.  

    Year 2 have had a challenging week in maths learning how to add a 2 digit number to a 2 digit number using colum addition method.  

    We have had a dinosaur focused week reading about Mary Anning and completing reading comprehensions about this amazing lady from the past. 

    In addition, we learnt a new Art technique pointillism in the style of famous artist George Seurat.  Children used cotton buds, straws, matchsticks and fingers to create dotty dinosaur pictures which look sensational! 

    Mrs. Noble and Mrs. Wilson 

  • Friday 31st January (Mrs Noble)

    C2 have been handwriting superstars this week perfecting their joins (fingers crossed for a few more pen licences soon - there are about 5 or 6 very close!). 

    Class 2 have loved their Art work this week, studying Artists from the past - LS Lowry and Mondrian. 

    We hope you have enjoyed seeing some of their creations on Tapestry. 

    Class 2 have also enjoyed some special work on Chinese New Years celebrating another cultures festivals and creatiting some fabulous lanterns and chinese writing for our washing line display in class. 

    In reading, we have focused on poetry this week with some dinosaur and Chinese dragon themes - performing and memorising poems off by heart. 

    Many thanks for your support,

    look forward to another fabulous week with C2 next week and our trip on Monday.

    Mrs. Noble and Mrs. Wilson 



  • Friday 24th January (Mrs Noble)


    We have had another exciting week in Class 2 taking part in lots of fun activities.

    Our big focus this week has been Mathletics and we would like to say a huge thank you to those that attended the extra Mathletics clubs before and after school. We had lots of fun building up our points and working towards our next certificates. Take a look at Tapestry to find out what the next challenge is!

    In spellings, we have been looking at words ending with the ‘le’ sound to compliment the spellings that the children are practising at home.

    We have been completing more investigations in Science, looking at different materials and their uses, we finished this lesson with a great game of materials bingo!

    We are continuing with weekly reading comprehension tasks to build up our expertise in this area this weeks focuses were on The Firebird and The Great Fire of London.

    On Thursday, Class 2 spent the morning with Mrs Mylrea (our Art expert in school) creating some beautiful Firebird drawings and paintings.

    Finally, as part of our Geography and Topic learning, using a map, we took part in a walk around school looking to locate our Fire Exits and fire escape routes – key life skills.  

    As my final week at All Saints’ approaches, I would just like to say thank you all for making me feel so welcome at your school. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at All Saints’ and working with your wonderful children.

    Best wishes,

    Mrs. Turner, Mrs. Noble and Mrs. Wilson


  • Friday 17th January (Mrs Noble)

    We have had a very busy and exciting week in Class 2. In Maths, we have been looking at
    multiplication and division. We have been using a more hands-on approach to try and deepen the
    children’s understanding of this area. The children have been using the mathematical equipment,
    such as base 10 and counters, to make their own equal groups. As always, any extra help that you
    can give with encouraging your child to use Mathletics at home is greatly appreciated. There will be
    new Mathletics homework set regularly linked to what we are learning about. 

    The children have become real scientists this week, conducting their own practical scientific
    investigations. In our first lesson we looked at which materials are waterproof. The children had the
    opportunity to discuss their ideas and make predictions before testing the materials themselves. In
    our second lesson we looked at how we could change the shape of some materials by twisting,
    squashing, bending and stretching.

    In keeping with our topic of The Great Fire of London and in preparation for our trip to Staircase
    House, we were very excited to welcome Jake’s dad, Mr Messenger, into school to discuss his role as
    a Fireman. We would just like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to Mr Messenger for
    giving up his time to come and see us.

    Thank you,

    Mrs. Turner and Mrs. Noble 

    PS Next week is Mrs. Turner's penultimate week with Class 2 as a student teacher before she moves onto her next placement so let's make her last 2 weeks really special! 

  • Friday 10th January (Mrs Noble)

    This week, class 2 have loved drawing, painting and reading the Firebird. 

    We hope you will enjoying looking at them at Parents Meetings on our display in class next week.

    Our other highlights have been our special Maths morning booklets with buddies- Class 2 were very proud to recieve a special sticker from Mr. Mc Shane who came to visit to see how many pick ticks they were all getting!  I will attach a copy on Tapestry of the questions to practice at home if children can work through some of them with you at home to help with speed, fluency and accuracy in.  This will be a weekly optional task a part of our half termly focus on Maths in school for Spring 1 2020.  

    I am sure every one is ready for a well deserved rest at weekend! (Feels like we have never been away- but obviously in a good way!). 

    Happy weekend,

    Mrs. Noble 


  • Friday 13th December (Mrs Noble)

    Wow, wow, wow! What a showstopping performance Year 2 put on for our Christmas Nativity- you all most certainly did shine! I couldn't be more delighted and proud of each and every one of them!  We really do hope all the families enjoyed it after all Y2's hard work and efforts and hope that it helped to get you all into the Christmas spirit! My favourite memory was back stage at the end when I returned to the back of the church where I was met with everyone jumping around, laughing, smiling and high fiving each other which ended up in a huge group hug! Such special times I hope that they will always fondly remember!  A well deserved 10 merits for all has been awarded! Y2 also completed some assessed writing, writing a recount of our school nativity.  It was wonderful to hear it from the perspective of our budding actors, actresses, singers and dancers.   

    Last week, saw Year 2 being authors of a fabulous David Walliams picture book called; Geronimo.  Children roared with laughter at some of the witty and humorous phrases and comments in his book about a colony of emperor penguins and a special baby penguin whose dream was to fly.    

    Can't wait for a wonderful final week of 2019 in school with Y2.  We have baking of stained glass window biscuits, Christmas card making and lots more to look forward to.  In addition, on Thursday and Friday, children will have time to do some Show and Tell on Tapesty.  If you haven't already posted anything exciting from out of school achievements or special days out this half term, then if you could possibly add anything on it would be lovely to give everyone a chance to celebrate and share something special.  Thank you to all those families who regularly 'like' and comment on posts - it is useful feedback to us to know what is helpful for parents and to ensure that communication is frequent and relevant to help both you and your child.  

    Nearly there everyone! (fingers crossed that you have done more Christmas shopping than me!)

    Many thanks,

    Mrs. Noble 





  • Friday 6th December (Mrs Noble)

    Year 2 have been getting into the Christmas spirit, reading about Christmas around the world and writing how it is celebrated in different countries around the world. 

    In Maths, we have started to learn more about fractions so any help letting children chop and cut 1/4 quarters, 1/2 halves, 3/4 three quarters and 1/3 thirds of cakes, mince pies, oranges, pizzas etc. would be amazing.  Also, they can talk about filling drinks 1/4 full, 3/4 full etc. to help them understand fractions being parts of a whole.  Well done to all children who completed their Mathletics reasoning assessment test - whilst I know it was tricky, this is the expected level for Y2 and similar to an end of term challenge some children will complete independently next week so it is a bit of time to familiarise yourself with questions etc. 

    In Science, children learnt more about Sir David Attenborough and completed factfiles and reading comprehension questions all about him and his work with animals. 

    One of the highlights of the week was the children learning a collaborative dance with Mrs. Turner to 'The Snowman', then children worked in groups to continue their dances.  There are some very elegant and creative dancers I look forward to seeing more of next year! 

    It’s been an exciting few weeks, in Class 2, with the children learning and practicing their nativity play. We’d like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you for providing some fantastic costumes for the children to wear. As it gets closer to our BIG performance, any help you can provide in assisting your child, with learning their lines, would be greatly appreciated.  The bit that children find most difficult is knowing when it is their turn to speak their line. Getting the children used to who speaks before them is always really helpful. Also, try to use an ipad/ phone to let them record themselves and listen back to it to see how they can further improve would be another top tip.  Again, we’d like to thank you for all your support and we look forward to seeing you at one of our nativity productions.

    Have a festive weekend everyone!
    Mrs. Noble 





  • Thursday 28th November (Mrs Noble)

    Wow! Where has the week gone?

    Class 2 have been getting in to the Christmas spirit making upcycled tree decorations from old, used CD's which are like Christmas wreaths.  In addition, they have been reflecting on what they already know about the Christmas story and how Jesus was a gift sent from God to save the world for us at Christmas time. 

    On Friday afternoon we are hosting a group of trainee teachers from University in Year 2 to join in some super activities linked to our Discovery PSHE - Personal, Social, Health and Economic education- basically education for life lessons!  We will share a few snaps on Tapestry so you can see what was going on from; feelings board games, to exploring 'Needs and Wants' linked to Christmas presents, writing our own friendship poems and celebrating being unique and different by exploring gender stereotypes.

    In Maths our focus has been on 3D shapes linked to Christmas presents, so if children are doing any wrapping of solid items, please get them to try to identify the name and some properties of these 3 dimentional shapes to see what has stuck in their memories. 

    In addition, we have continued with of end of term assessments particularly in Maths and reading and will be sending home further information and papers just before the Christmas holidays to keep you all up to date.  

    Have a festive weekend, the start of advent ... how exciting!
    Christmas wishes,

    Mrs. Noble and her amazing C2 Elves! (AKA Mrs. Wilson, Mrs. Turner and Mrs. Burney!). 


  • Friday 22nd November (Mrs Noble)

    This week has seen Class 2 have been really improving their computing skills on DB Primary and getting highly skilled at understanding computer coding vocabulary such as debugging and algorithms.  

    In addition, we have been working incredibly hard on telling the time in Maths - see Tapestry for further information. 

    In reading, we have been working hard on our scripts for the Christmas concert- 14 school days to go!!! Please do a little rehearsal at home every day until you have perfected it please!

    I can really start to see some improvements in joined up handwriting as well so hopefully in 2020 we can start getting those Pen Licences out...!

    Please keep working hard on your silent K words ready for next Wednesday's spelling challenge.  Class 2 did some great rainbow writing on these words in class after joining in with a groovy song from You Tube about the silent K at the start of words followed by a letter n. 

    On Friday afternoon we were priviledged to work with a local author and ex pupil Tracy Mc Guinness Kelly on a creative writing project.  Further information to be shared soon. 

    Next week we are going to be recapping the 4 countries in the UK and their capital cities.  Any talk at home to remember and discuss any places they have visited in these 4 countries would be helpful using maps/ globes to find them on. 

    Have a wonderful weekend everyone,

    Mrs. Noble, Mrs. Turner and Mrs. Wilson 



  • Thursday 14th November (Mrs Noble)

    Dear all,

    the week started off developing children's knowledge about remembrance through further reading, reseach and learning to sing a special song about Poppies for Remembrance Day.  

    The focus of the week has been Maths, Maths, Maths and the children have come so far with money after lots of practice and games that they loved in o ur Pudsey Bear shop. 

    We have also been recapping on the 7 continents (one of our Ice Cream Targets) to see who will know them off by heart by the end of the term... (please keep asking them to recall them - the song we learnt should really help if they sing them to you!). 

    In addition, we have also been carrying out a few Y2 challenges to see how children are performing and what knowledge they are retaining from our teaching so far.  All the test papers etc. will be sent home before the end of term for you to see how they are doing and most importantly to help them on the bits at home that they are struggling with on a 1- 1 basis.  So it has been a busy yet productive week in Y2!  

    We ended our week on Friday being authors for the day writing Newspaper articles about possible extinction of polar bears as a result of global warming for our new Antarctica display.  This really got us thinking that we need to do everything we can to look after our precious planet... 

    Great to catch up with quite a few parents at the drop in on Thursday, 

    have a lovely weekend everyone!

    Mrs. Noble 

  • Friday 8th November (Mrs Noble)

    This week, Class 2 have been focusing on money.  It has been a really tricky concept to grasp so any support counting coins and notes in purses/ wallets would be really helpful to ensure children can identify all the coins and notes to add up correctly and give change.  This will help them in our role play shop.  We have set different tasks on Mathletics this week on money so please do have a go to help you on your way to earn more points.

    In addition, as part of our History learning, children have learnt about some great people from the past- Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King through lots of reading.  Their comments have been so wise and mature about racism and segregation and one child who even stated “it’s what’s on the outside that counts – not on the inside”.  We talked about the saying “don’t judge a book by its cover” the children took this lesson really seriously – an important lesson hopefully for life! Please ask them what they have remembered… The impact of their actions has made a real change and improvement on the lives of us and our global neighbours. 

    One of our star events of the week was having Manchester Recycling in to lead an assembly on bins.  We had great fun playing the Binnionaire quiz  and the recycling superhero!  The more children can be responsible for putting rubbish into the correct bins, the more it will help them understand what they were learning about (hopefully you will have some helpful, eager recyclers now to help you parents with your never ending list of jobs no doubt!).

    Many thanks,

    Mrs. Noble

  • Thursday 31st October (Mrs Noble)

    This week C2 have been BEEHAVING very well and having fun learning all about bees for our special bee workshop.  We are hoping to make something special honey related as part of our Design and Technology learning next week.  C2 have been enjoying reading lots of non fiction, information books about bees you may want to do some extra research at home on the Internet. 

    In Maths, we have been getting super speedy with dividing by 2, 5 and 10 learning that dividing by 2 is the same as halving.  We played some great games on ‘Hit The Button’ on the ipads in pairs that children became very competitive about.  Next week, we are moving onto money so any identifying of coins over the weekend and counting money in purses, wallets or money boxes would be helpful.  We are hoping to make a Fairtrade shop in class so if any one has any packaging of Fairtrade food with the symbol on we would be very grateful for any boxes etc.

    In our Science learning, we have been exploring life cycles of animals and food chains learning lots of new sensational Science vocabulary such as; metamorphosis, consumer and producer. 

    Of course, we also started having a go at joined up writing.  Let’s hope their enthusiasm continues…!

    Have a fun weekend (with maybe some spooky activities!)

    Best wishes,

    Mrs. Noble, Mrs. Wilson and Mrs. Turner

  • Friday 18th October (Mrs Noble)

    What a wonderful week at Church to conclude our first half term together as Year 2!  The children really enjoyed the great range of fabulous activities with so many volunteers at Church who passed on many complimentary comments about Y2.  

    I have sent children home with 5 books (please read, read, read as much as possible) or take a trip to Marple library to pick up some fabulous story books. In addition, children should have come home some Y2 challenges completed this half term to give you an indication of how they are performing in spelling, grammar and Maths.  If possible, please try to work on any that the children did not get correct using similar questions.  I will keep checking on Mathletics to see who are our top leaders putting in most effort and making the most improved progress which is recognised on our Maths class display board for certificates and points.  Remember, feel free to post any alternative activities children have been working on at home on Tapestry whatever they enjoy and works for them is fine by me!  

    Autumn 1 has been lots of fun however I am sure everyone is now ready for a rest and lots of holiday fun with family and friends! 

    Can't wait to see you all after the holidays as we await the Nativity... (dare I say the words Christmas - this is my job for the holiday to decide on the script for your wonderful superstars!). 

    Best wishes,

    Mrs. Noble 


  • Friday 11th October (Mrs Noble)

    Following on from our text ‘Someone Swallowed Stanley’, we have been continuing our theme of Global Neighbours by reading two more books together, ‘Michael Recycle’ and ‘Litterbug Doug’. Michael Recycle is a ‘green-caped crusader’ who sets out to get ‘Litterbug Doug’ to tidy up his home, with a little help from the other townsfolk. Taking their inspiration from Michael, children had the opportunity to get creative by designing and drawing their own superhero.

    In Spelling, we have started to look at the soft ‘c’ sound which is found in words such as ‘icy’ and ‘cycle’. If your children wanted to continue their learning at home, there are some great online video clips by ‘Mr Thorne Does Phonics’.

    In Maths we are beginning to look at addition and subtraction number fact families. As an example, the children are learning that by using 3 numbers such as 10, 2 and 12, we can make four number calculations 10 + 2 = 12, 2 + 10 = 12 and 12 – 10 = 2 and 12 – 2 = 10.

    We have also moved onto our Strawberry Ice Cream target of adding and subtracting 10.  Try to use the 100 squares in their Y2 packs sent home to help them to add 10 e.g. find a number ‘38’ what is 10 more? Children learnt that you go down to the number underneath on the 100 grid to a larger number and that the ones digit stays the same when you add 10 but the 10’s digit increases.

    Children quickly grasped this giving the next 3 numbers drawing number snakes then moved onto 10 less by doing the opposite – going up 1 to the number above on the 100 grid. They recognised the number is smaller and that the tens digit decreases to a smaller number but that the ones number stays the same. 

    Please don’t forget to go on Mathletics as part of your homework every week to aim for up to 1000 points a week and a bronze certificates.  I have set tasks as consolidation for what we have been learning in class.

    Next Friday is ‘Show and Tell’ to share something linked to our learning OR an outside achievement. If you haven’t already posted anything on Tapestry we would love to see that and children can use that if they wish to share something with their class next Friday morning.  Thank you to all those who have managed to share something – I have loved seeing these things!

  • Friday 5th October (Mrs Noble)

    This week, class 2 have absolutely adored our text of the week ‘Someone Swallowed Stanley’.  This book is about plastic pollution in the ocean something C2 are taking very seriously linked to our Global Neighbours topic work.  As part of National poetry week, we wrote our own versions including poetic features such as rhyme, similes, alliteration and WOW vocabulary.  Our finished products the children were delighted with their own plastic bag Stanley’s looking like jellyfish! (See Tapestry soon for photos!).

    In Maths, we have been starting on addition number bonds to 20 learning off by heart by playing different games.  Please help to support learning in a pattern e.g. say 3- children repeat 17 to make 20 etc.  Once children have mastered these with speed it makes it so much easier as they move onto more challenging calculations later on.

    Next week, we aim to go litter picking in the local area – a suggestion from one of our children (we already have consent forms for local area trips) to help look after our community.  Well done C2!

    Happy weekend!

    Mrs. Noble, Mrs. Wilson and Mrs. Turner


  • Thursday 26th September (Mrs Noble)

    Guten Tag!

    Our highlight of the week was our International Day of Languages when Max’s mummy taught us everything we needed to know about Germany and lots of new vocabulary. Stephanie even brought in some special German food which C2 loved! In the afternoon, we joined in some fabulous International songs from around the world with vocal animateur Jill Henderson Wild.  Music is always a highlight in Y2 as we often sing karaoke songs, listen to peaceful classical/ chill out quiet music whilst working especially during handwriting and have on some chart toppers for tidy up times and transitions between lessons.  Y2 is a lively and buzzing place to be!  

    As part of our Topic work this week, we have enjoyed listening to some wonderful stories about being Eco friendly and watched and read some articles on Newsround about Greta Thunberg to help us create some posters about climate change and how we can play our part to look after our wonderful world!  One of our focuses was around planting trees based upon the book ‘We planted a Tree’. 

    It was great to see lots of families at the new to Y2 meeting- I really hope you found it useful and thank you for taking the time to hear and see those key message for Y2.  For those unable to attend please have a look at the slides on presentation to give you a flavour of the coverage of the meeting and your packs have been sent home for some hopefully useful resources to use at home with your child over the year.  I have also sent home the reading book bands and Maths number grids to add to your packs along with their passwords for various subscriptions discussed. 

    Thank you so much everyone!
    Best wishes,

    Mrs. Noble, Mrs. Wilson and Mrs. Turner

    Next week please could Y2 bring in their favourite book from home labelled with their names to give a mini presentation on why it is their favourite and maybe read a page out of it to their class. 

  • Thursday 19th September (Mrs Noble)

    This week in Class 2 has been everything...'Lion King'!

    In Music, we have sung the karaoke songs with lyrics, written our own stories (some of which are 7 pages long!), read with amazing expression and learnt lots of new vocabulary and it’s meanings.

    For our Art work, we used brusho paint to create a African sunset and then drew African animals on black card to create a silhouette picture – some of them are absolutely stunning and are on display in our class gallery area.

    We even managed to link our Science and Geography, learning more about the continent of Africa and which animals live in Africa on the savannah grasslands.  If possible, please keep researching and reading about African animals to develop your knowledge in any non- fiction books at home, from the library or on line on the Internet.  This will help you with our Scientific vocabulary we are exploring; prey, predator, herbivore, carnivore. 

    As well in Science we learnt to match animals to their baby offspring – even Mrs. Noble learnt a few new oneS!  We had a Science Quiz- ask your child a few questions e.g. what is a baby penguin called? Baby fox? Etc. to see what they have remembered.

    Handwriting is continuing to improve as we have practiced daily to perfect our capital letters for the names of countries around the world to prepare for International Day of Languages next Thursday!

    We will be sending home spelling books every week so families can see the results so please, please, please remember to keep them in book bags and return them to school for their next spelling test next Wednesday.    

    See you all on Monday for our Y2 meeting - please see me if you are unable to attend so we can sort another meeting time as it is very important to hear all about Y2 and see the Y2 SATS challenges to come so you know what your expect and most of all how we can ALL help you little one….!

    A little note from someone new in Y2...

    My name is Mrs Turner and I am the new student teacher studying at Ashton on Mersey SCITT training University  working alongside Mrs Noble and Mrs Wilson in Class 2. I will be working with your children in Year 2 on; Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays until the end of January.

    I am delighted to have been placed in such a lovely school and I have already been made to feel extremely welcome.

    I live locally and I am married with two children, aged 8 and 6. In my spare time I am a member of a local dance school where we learn ballet and tap.

    I am looking forward to getting to know some of you over the next few months and if you have any questions please feel free to ask.  

    Thank you so, so much!
    Mrs. Noble, Mrs. Wilson and Mrs. Turner 

  • Friday 13th September (Mrs Noble)

    Well our classroom is now beginning to become a more vibrant and exciting learning environment thanks to all your amazing children’s contributions. 


    From plastic inspired jewellery, brilliant bird boxes with bird feed in, to wonderful worry monsters who eat any worries we have, it certainly has been another crazy and creative week in Year 2!


    In addition, we read and wrote instructions how to make origami birds.  We now have a flock of fabulous birds swooping near our windows!


    Everyone should have received their A4 laminated spelling list for the term – if yours has not yet arrived home please do just let me know so we can get you another copy.


    Thank you to everyone who has been reading and commenting in books so far – it is so important to aim for x5 reads and comments in books from families every week to receive your raffle ticket to enter into the draw for a new book and book mark each week. 


    Look out for French club letters if your child is interested in signing up – it looks fantastic lots of games, songs and rhymes in KS1 on a Tuesday lunch.  See the office if your child is interested and does not yet have a letter.


    Children have worked incredibly hard really settling into our busy, new Y2 timetable with handwriting, spelling, Maths and lots more on it!

    Well done Y2 we are proud of you!

    Mrs. Noble and Mrs. Wilson 


  • Friday 6th September (Mrs Noble)

    Welcome to Year 2!

    What a fantastic first 3 days we have had together in Year 2.  Class 2 have been super busy starting to get stuck into our new topic on ‘Global Neighbours’.  This week we have having fun decorating our classroom and getting it all looking glittery, sparkly, bright and colourful (all adjective chosen by the children when asked what they wanted their classroom to look like!).  We are having a bird theme in class so have already created proud peacock rules, written hopes for Y2 on doves on peace in Discovery RE and read the ‘Owl Who Was Afraid Of The Dark’ ready to create some special writing to go along side this soon. If any families have anything bird related that they would like to loan or donate to Year 2 we would be extremely grateful.

    We have engaged in really interesting discussions about how we all have a part to play to look after our world from conserving water and electricity to being more sustainable by recycling, reusing and reducing with a real focus on plastic.  We even beautifully written the lyrics to a song based on the environment to the tune of ‘We’ve Got The Whole World In Our Hands’ which sounded amazing! I was very impressed with knowledge about the polar ice caps, global warming, extinction and energy sources!  We have also read a wonderful multicultural story called ‘One Plastic Bag’ (you may want to have a look on You Tube ( ). 

    In addition, we have revised the continents and oceans via songs and making some extremely complicated hanging mobiles which involved lots of cutting and sticking (let’s just say Mrs. Noble and Mrs. Wilson were ready for a rest by Thursday evening!).

    Please note ideally could your child keep any special ‘Show and Tell’ items for the end of half term so we can properly dedicate time to something so important to them.  Therefore, we will set aside Friday 18th October in the morning for mini presentations.  Of course anything linked to our learning definitely do bring in as we would love to see that OR if it is an outside achievements- certificates, medals, trophies etc. again definitely bring in to show off in our weekly Friday Celebration assembly.

    Have a wonderful weekend and can’t wait to get to know everyone even more next week – we have had lots of fun and laughter already together!

    Mrs. Noble and Mrs. Wilson

    For next week: please bring in a milk / juice carton and a plastic bag to help us get creative with our topic… we can’t wait to show all our masterpieces off to you soon at meet the teacher sessions on Monday 23rd September.


  • Friday 19th July (Mrs Noble)

    Wow! What a performance Class 2 gave today!

    Thank you to all of you who were able to attend this morning’s assembly, Class 2 blew our socks off!

    The best thing about today’s blog is being able to say that many of you will have seen all the work that we have been doing on display this morning, and I think you will all agree, Class 2 have worked extremely hard to be able to exhibit such an array of learning.

    A lot of this week has been spent preparing our assembly, including making our paper Mache globes that were displayed behind the stage. The globes took real artistic skill using paper mach, paint and most importantly our geographical learning came into play to place our continents correctly!

    Mrs Noble will be hosting a very special show and tell next Wednesday the 24th. This will be Mrs Noble’s final hour with the class and therefore she would like to make this really special as she knows how much this class enjoy sharing their wonderful triumphs…. And rightly so!! So if your child has anything they would like to tell the class or something they have made at home, please bring this in and we will make sure everyone has a chance to share it.

    May I also remind you if you have not already, to send a plastic bag in with your child so that they can collect and take home their work this week.

    I would again like to express my gratitude to all our families for your cooperation in the requests that were made to make our assembly so special today. The costumes were amazing, so much thought and effort was made and it has been really appreciated! Thank you again and I hope you enjoyed the show as much as we loved making it for you all.

    Have a lovely weekend, I am beaming with pride for all of you Class 2 – total superstars!!


    Miss McConnell, Mrs Noble, Mrs Mylrea and Mrs Shaw.

  • Friday 12th July (Mrs Noble)

    This week in Class 2 we were visited by Oliver Dunn of Oliver's Chocolate Parties. Not only did the children get to make their own chocolate lollipops free-style, but they also decorated their own chocolate treats made using a mould. This took quite a bit of concentration and skill - well done Class 2! The children asked lots of questions, and found out all about how the chocolate is made, where it is sourced from, whether it is Fairtrade, and how Oliver set up his business. The children were quite keen to know at what age Oliver started working with chocolate....we think there may be some budding entrepreneurs in Class 2!

    We have begun practicing our assembly in ernest, and we think you are really going to enjoy it. We hope as many of you as possible can come next Friday to share this special experience with the class as they mark leaving KS1 and starting their new adventure in KS2. Please can everyone bring in their clothes for the assembly on Monday. If you have any questions or want any help finding something appropriate for your child to bring in, do let us know.

    Thank you so much for all the newspapers that you brought in over the last week. We have completed phase 1 of our paper mache project, and will continue next Friday afternoon. Please accept our sincerest apologies if your child came home form school a little messy today from all the flour and water...!  Hopefully it is a sign that your children are enjoying the more artistic side of school life!

    We have one more request in connection with our assembly. If you can spare a toilet roll, we'd be very grateful for any donations on or before Wednesday. All will become clear at the assembly!

    In maths we are continuing to work on our division skills, both with problem solving and arithmetic, using methods such as partitioning (eg - finding a quarter of 44 by quartering 40 and then a quarter of 4), using our times tables knowledge, and by using a Class 2 favourite...."half the half to find the quarter!" If you would like to support your child's maths this week, we recommend practicing common halves and doubles (like 35 + 35 = 70).

    We hope you have a lovely weekend

    Mrs Mylrea, Mrs Noble, Miss McConnell and Mrs Shaw. 

  • Friday 5th July (Mrs Noble)

    Hello everyone,

    There has been so many exciting activities this week and Class 2 would like to share them with you all!

    All the children in Class 2 need to feel extremely proud of themselves as they have just experienced an extremely fun filled and exciting transition day yesterday, meeting their new year 3 team. It really can be quite daunting to face new challenges such as this but as ever, Class 2 showed nothing but enthusiasm and readiness to face KS2 like the superstars they all are, well done all of you!!

    This week, we had a special focus on developing our computing skills. This class definitely has the potential to give Mark Zuckerberg some competition in a few years, I will definitely be keeping an eye for Lauren in the future, flying the flag as our girl computing star this week! Max also displayed some computer wizardry, finsihing tasks in less than 10seconds! All children are encouraged to continue their success this week by accessing further tasks from home. Regular exposure like this to their DB computer tasks will really help each child with their progression in computing skills for year 3 also.

    In Art we started preparations for our, ‘A Whole New World’ class assembly this year. Class 2 created the most precious invitations that you should receive this afternoon. A lot of thought and detail went into these masterpieces. Lots of mixed media art was involved including, rich metallic paints, beads, glitter, paper etc. It was beautiful to witness how much effort the children put in making these, especially knowing they were going home to the most important people in their lives. We hope you love them as much as we loved making them. 

    Staying on our art theme, may I ask if your child could bring a plastic bag in next Friday, the 12th of July so that they can take home the wonderful creations they have made over this last year.

    Next week, we will be making paper mache globes and we would be so grateful if children could gather up any old newspapers that are no longer being used at home so that we have enough for everyone one to make one each.

    Finally, we have had such a wonderful day today! The whole school enjoyed a picnic shared with our loved ones, this was a very special occasion indeed. This was followed by an afternoon at the circus and we learned special tricks such as plate spinning and balancing feathers on our noses! We also have our Summer Fair this evening, we hope to see as many of you there a possible.

    Have a lovely time, enjoy your weekend everyone!

    Miss McConnell, Mrs Noble, Mrs Mylrea and Mrs Shaw.

  • Friday 28th June (Mrs Noble)

    Happy Friday everyone!

    Yet again, Class 2 have worked ever so hard this week.

    In literacy we have been making Miss McConnell’s mouth water by designing our delicious restaurant menus. Class 2 received some very special video messages from people in London, Poland, China, and even Thailand, who wanted to share their food experiences with them as they have heard all about how Class 2 have been working hard for their scrumdidlyumtious food topic.  Inspired by this, our extremely cultured class produced the most appetizing menus from the very best of British cuisine, Italian, Chinese and Indian delights!

    In science we are delighted to report that we have lift off! Our sunflower seeds have started to grow and some plants are already measuring at 6cms! Using the good weather to our advantage, we used all the knowledge about plants we have been learning to observe closely the flowers and trees growing on our school grounds. The children made some fantastic recordings, measuring leaves, drawings of flowers and labelling the plants parts and some very interesting bark rubbings were made.

    In Maths, Class 2 have been aptly applying their division and multiplication skills in order to help them solve word problems.

    Linking to our food topic, Class 2 produced some very thoughtful discussions about the hard work of the Fairtrade Foundation in ensuring that food producers around the world receive fair pay for the work that they do. This class are extremely mindful of those less fortunate to them, especially those living in poorer countries. Their consideration and enthusiasm during this lesson was really admirable, well done Class 2!

    We hope you have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the beautiful sunshine...finally!

    Miss McConnell, Mrs Knoble, Mrs Mylrea and Mrs Shaw.

  • Friday 21st June (Mrs Noble)

    Hello everyone,

    We have enjoyed a very fruitful week in Class 2!

    In English we have been discussing the key features of adventure stories. In aiding transition to Year 3, children have been working on their planning and drafting skills to create a clear beginning, middle and end to their own exciting adventure stories, inspired by a magic carpet ride to wherever their imaginations could take them. There have been some fantastic adventures from our budding authors!

    In science we continue to observe the growth of our sunflower seeds and freesia bulbs, nothing to report as of yet! To really investigate what plants need to grow well, we have also set up our own comparative test to investigate how a bean plant will grow under 4 different conditions. The children discussed and decided in groups where to place each plant and we made predictions on how each plant will grow.

    We have used our scrumdidlyumtious topic this week to encourage us to think about the foods we eat on a regular basis. We learned about the ‘Eatwell Guide’ and can confidently name and describe the importance of the five major food groups that are essential in a varied, balanced diet.

    In DT we continued our healthy eating theme by designing a healthier option for a dessert choice on a menu. We agreed fruit salad would be a delicious alternative to many of the high fat and sugar content desserts usually on offer. We discussed a variety of fruits, with some very exotic taste buds arising from our class, dragon fruit, ugli fruit and pomegranate featured as some of the favourites! We produced designs for our fruit salads, we tasted and discussed taste and textures of the fruits we thought we would like in our product and finally our design literally came to fruition, which you may not have seen as they were devoured as soon as they were made…too good not to eat.

    Have a lovely weekend, hopefully the sun will stay with us!

    Miss McConnell, Mrs Knoble, Mrs Mylrea and Mrs Shaw.

  • Friday 14th June (Mrs Noble)

    Happy Friday, everyone!

    We hope you enjoyed a lovely half term break, even though the weather seems to be confused with what season it is!

    I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself to you all. My name is Miss McConnell and I am from N. Ireland (if anyone has come home saying, “Dia duit”…this is hello in Irish, we have been learning some Gaelic language this week!)

    I am thrilled to say I will be completing the final placement of my teacher training course from Canterbury Christ Church University with Class 2…. As they say, saving the best to last!

    This week, the children have been working extremely hard after their long holiday. In literacy we produced some wonderful postcards about all the magnificent places we visited over the holidays. I felt really jealous reading them all! We also paid tribute to the late beloved author, Judith Kerr and one of her most famous picture books, The Tiger Who Came to Tea. The children discussed the features of writing found in the book, such as contractions, the possessive apostrophe and repetition for effect. This inspired us to recreate our own versions of the original text which have helped us make the most fantastic display on our classroom! Class 2 also displayed some excellent instruction writing skills in explaining to an alien how to work a microwave and many other kitchen essentials, very informative and interesting reads!

    In Maths the children have worked extremely hard revisiting shape, money and time skills to refresh ourselves after the school break. We also began to look at estimation, how we often use it in our everyday lives and working out strategies to make the most effective estimations from the mathematical knowledge we already possess.

    They have all worked very hard this week, so I hope you have a well-deserved relaxing weekend!

    On a final note, as I mentioned above I have come from N. Ireland to be here and sometimes it can be quite daunting to start in a new place. However, I have felt nothing but warmth, kindness and welcomed by Class 2 and this makes them a very special bunch of children indeed, so from the bottom of my heart a sincere thank you, I am so excited about teaching you all, here’s to a scrumdidlyumtious final school term!!

    From Miss McConnell, Mrs Noble, Mrs Mylrea and Mrs Shaw.

  • Friday 24th May (Mrs Noble)

    Active Week! The Children have had football, yoga, tennis, scooting, cooking healthy food, and of course SPORTS DAY! The children will most certainly be very tired and deserving of a holiday after this week! They have embraced active week whole heartedly and it has been such a joy learning about the activities that the children love to do outside of school too. We have heard all about the cricket, rugby, football, gymnastics, horse riding... the list goes on. We certainly have a lot of very active little people in Class 2.

    We have been extending our learning centred on our topic too. The children have been developing their writing skills by writing for all sorts of different purposes this week. We have written poetry, we have written creatively and we have written factual accounts. In maths we have been working on making values of money using different coins. We had a go at working systematically to try and find all the ways to make 70p.

    The children have worked exceptionally hard this half term, and derserve a well-earned holiday. Have a fabulous two weeks, whetever you have planned, and we look forward to seeing you in June for our final half term together in Year 2!

    From Mrs Mylrea, Mrs Noble and Mrs Shaw.

  • Friday 17th May (Mrs Noble)

    Well done Class 2! We have reached the end of our Special Agent Training! We finished this week with a class party: a dance competition, ice lollies in the playground, lots of music, a huge party picnic and a little bit of movie time while we ate. The children had a lovely time, and a much deserved break from all the hard work that they have been putting in. Well done, we are so very proud of ALL the children in Class 2.

    Thank you so much to all the families who sent food in for the party, we were overwhelmed by everyone's generosity! Anything we haven't used today, we have kept for the children to have next week.

    The children have taken home their PE kits ready for next week, which is 'Active Week'. We have lots of activities planned, and are keeping our fingers crossed for sunshine (especially for Sports Day on Thursday).

    This week in our topic work we have been thinking about the lengths that fairy tale characters will go to to satisfy their appetites for scrumdiddlyumptious food. We did some drama and role play linked to greedy Goldilocks, and we designed 'Wanted' posters to try and help apprehend the golden-haried villain. We talked about using short sentences for impact in our writing, looking out for repetition to build tension, and noticing detail in character descriptions too.

    We hope you have a lovely weekend!

    From Mrs Mylrea, Mrs Noble and Mrs Shaw

  • Friday 10th May (Mrs Noble)

    This week in Year 2 we had our reading Special Agent Task quizzes. The children worked really hard and have been absolute superstars all week. Next week we will have our Maths quizzes.

    Thank you for allowing your children to bring in their favourite books, it was really lovely to share them. All books should now be safely at home, but if your child has not got theirs back yet, please do let us know and we will put it in their bag next week.

    In maths we have been looking back at how to add and subtract 2-digit numbers with accuracy. The children are still very keen to work on the column method, and we know that so many families have tried this at home, which is fantastic! It is great to have such enthusiastic learners! However, the coloumn method can be really tricky when the children are still developing their understanding of place value, particularly with subtraction and "borrowing". For this reason, we have been revisiting all the different ways that we do adding and subtracting in Year 2 by partitioning numbers into 10s and 1s, which supports their reasoning skills too. For subtraction this might mean counting backwards in 10s first and then 1s (using jottings to help us if we need it - the children are GREAT at showing their working out!), and for addition we were adding the tens together first and then the 1s.  Well done Year 2!

    We have also been reflecting on The Dark by Lemony Snicket again, and wrote to the Dark to explain why Laszlo was so afraid of him. We have really enjoyed reading the children's creative writing, they are developing real flair!

    Have a lovely weekend

    From Mrs Mylrea, Mrs Noble and Mrs Shaw

  • Friday 3rd May (Mrs Noble)

    This week in Class 2 we have been diving in to our new topic, particularly looking at how healthy eating and a heathly lifestyle is so important. In science we collected data and reflected on the impact that sports and physical activity have on our bodies. Well done Class 2, you certainly are becoming very knowledgeable about what makes us healthy!

    We also had our first Secret Agent mission.....two challenges that formed the SPAG SATs test. The children were very excited to open their letters from Secret Agent 007 detailing their special mission from the Queen! They also enjoyed wearing their Secret Agent Training lanyards as they rose to the challenge of their first mission. After the challenges the children had an extra long play time which was really well deserved. Well done Class 2!

    Next week we will begin our new R.E. topic, which will be looking at the importance of the Mosque to Muslim worship. We will also continue our topic work, which we will link to the skills that we need to practice for our next challenges.

    Please can the children bring in their favourite book to share with their peers on Tuesday?  Children should choose their favourite page to read aloud to the rest of Class 2 as part of our 'Show Off Reading Week' next week.  They will also write a book review about their favourite book to recommend and share with their class friends, so any rehearsal at home over Bank Holiday weekend would be great!

    We also take this oportunity to remind all families to return your child's assessments to school. If your child has had a go as corrections and has written on the papers, that is absolutely fine - we'd still like to keep the tests for our records. Likewise, if your child has not had a go at any corrections, we still need to have them back.

    Please note that there may be a change of date to the Year 2 Class assembly (originally on the whole school dates sent out last week) - further information to follow asap.  

    Wishing everyone a lovely (and not too rainy!) bank holiday weekend!

    Mrs Mylrea, Mrs Noble and Mrs Shaw

  • Friday 26th April (Mrs Noble)

    Welcome back to our final term with all things fun based on 'Scrumdiddlyumtious!' 

    Children have completed lots of reading of Foodie books making links with different books, characters and plots - e.g. Jack and The Bean Stalk to Jack and the Baked Bean/ The Burger Boy to The RunAway Pancake.  

    In Maths, we made a start on our new Ice cream/ fruit challenges for the Summer term with doubles and near doubles- on the whole a very impressive start - please do give mini quizzes at every spare second you have on doubles and halves until they know them off by heart.  (e.g. double 13, double 25, double 50. double 9 etc.).  

    This week, we were very lucky to have the Vernon Building Society in to Y2 to lead a workshop on money matters.  The children enjoyed a play and other interactive activities to learn about this vital life skill.  I hope the children now have their free, Vernon Bear money boxes pride of place to start saving.   They learnt lots about interest, mortgages, needs/ wants, saving accounts etc. and the Marple Vernon would love anyone to visit to set up a savings account if they don't already have one- another great way to support their maths skills by making it real life!  The four member of staff from the bank (who have been to lots of different schools) commented on what intelligent, smart and well behaved children they were which made us very proud!  As we always say to Class 2 - they really are the best class in the world (and they had to agree!). 

    Quick reminder that fingers crossed on Friday children will start their Y2 'Show Off Challenges' with their SPAG (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar papers).   Any last minute revision of these terms or mini quizzes at home would be really helpful - don't forget the free website with quick revision questions at the top of for SPAG (x2 questions) and spelling (x5 questions) on 

    Hope storm Hannah doesn't spoil our weekends too much! What a change to last weekend!

    Here's to a great term...

    Mrs. Noble, Mrs. Mylrea and Mrs. Shaw 



  • Friday 5th April (Mrs Noble)

    Happy Easter everyone!

    Well Y2 have worked incredibly hard this half term and learnt about lots of significant people as part of our 'Day In The Life Of' topic. 

    A massive thank you to all the families who managed to attend the Y2 drop in or send an email with apologies etc. we do understand that families have lots of work / family commitments so if we didn't manage to get round to speaking to you and you want any more guidance then please do not hesistate to get in touch after the holidays. 

    Please see the attachments - 'Y2 Parents Drop In' for a flavour of what we discussed.  Please do try to do little and often a few bits over the holidays a little every day would be ideal if possible please.  Hopefully the the resources we sent home and going over SATs papers children completed last week will keep you busy!  Please do keep safe and return by the first week after the holidays.  I imagine lots of special rewards after their hard work will be given by families and please do send anything after the holidays and we too will reward and praise them too for their efforts.    

    We can't wait to hear all about your Easter holidays and to get started with our new Food Topic 'Scrumdidlyuptious!' - of course after lots of Easter Eggs and Easter fun with family and friends!

    A million, billion, trillion thanks to Y2 for working so incredibly hard - we are so proud of you but will ensure our last term is a very special one - with some special secret agent missions for our Y2 challenges after the holidays then rounded off with a show stopping assembly at the start of the Summer 2 term. 

    For now we are officially signing off for some R + R time with our own little darlings/ monsters at home!

    Mrs. Noble and Mrs. Mylrea  

  • Friday 29th March (Mrs Noble)

    This week in class two we have spent some time recapping what we have been learning over the last half term. The children are becoming much more imaginitive in their writing and we are continuing to find new ways to make our writing sound interesting to a reader, whether that be with punctuation or different types of sentence and vocabulary. When you are reading at home with your child try to get them to reflect on what they are reading and the way the author is using language. This will continue to build on their fabulous writing skills.

    Some of our children went to a reading of 'Toto the Ninja Cat' by its author Dermot O'Leary. The children were very impressed by him and his writing. Hopefully it will inspire some independent reading and maybe even some future authors! We are trying to make sure that all the children get a chance to go on an out-of-the-classroom learning experience in a small group like this, whether linked to sporting activities, history, reading or art (for example). There will be more activities planned in the next term for those who didn't participate this term. 

    In maths we returned to time, division and multiplication. The children are really becoming confident with their multiplication facts which is helping them so much in all areas of their mathmatical learning. Please do continue to ask your child about their times tables as repetition is a large part of learning these by heart and being able to recall a multiplication fact without starting at 1 every time. The 2, 5, 10 and 3 times tables are the big ones to master at the moment!

    Next week we will be sharing some of our RE learning as part of our Easter service. We have sent home a Lenten poem that the children will share reading. They aren't required to learn it by heart, but we want to give the children the best chance of reading their line clearly and confidently in church so have sent the poem home so that they can become familiar with it.

    On Friday there will be a cake sale in school to raise money for projects being planned by the Pupil Parliament. It is also an oportunity for the children to share their baking skills (however, shop-bought cakes are absolutely permitted of course!!) The Pupil Parliament would be grateful for any cake donations on Friday. If your child has a flair for baking they may also want to enter our 'Show Stopper' competition. More details are on the newsletter.

    Have a fabulous weekend in the (fingers crossed) sunshine!

    From Mrs Mylrea, Mrs Noble and Mrs Shaw.

  • Friday 22nd March (Mrs Noble)

    It has been another exciting week for Class 2! Today the children of All Saints' school were visited by a number of ‘significant people’ who children across the school have been writing to throughout our topic this term. 

    First, we were visited by Matt Walker MBE, a Paralympic swimmer, who the children in Class 2 wrote to earlier this term. He showed the whole school his amazing medals and talked to us about the Paralympics and what it means to work hard to achieve your goals. He has promised to come back too! Back in the classroom, Class 2 were all a-buzz with talk of the trophies and medals that they have won too. We had a really interesting discussion about what a trophy is: a reward and a reminder of something special, significant, or something that we have achieved. The children made the observation that the really important thing to remember is the hard work, achievement or special memory itself, and not just the trophy.

    Next we were joined by Daniel Moseley, an amazing 21 year old man who battled adversity brought on by injury. The children were inspired by his positivity and we reflected on the trials he faced, his determination, and the help he had from his friends and family. He is an awe inspiring role model and we were incredibly lucky to have him visit us today. We were also visited by Tracey McGuiness-Kelly, a wonderful illustrator, and we were treated to personal messages from other 'significant people' including Juan Mata.

    In Maths this week we have been having a go at expanded column addition. This is a form of column addition that requires the children to show the digits in 10s and 1s. They have really enjoyed experimenting with this type of presentation for addition. Next week we will be looking again at time. If your child has a watch it would be really helpful for them to wear it to school next week while we revise telling the time, focusing on 15 minute intervals and for those who can already do this, 5 minute intervals.

    In literacy we began looking at 'The Dark' by Lemony Snicket, identifying ways to create anticipation and suspense, building a feel for surroundings and location, and conveying emotion. This book really is excellent for showing children that a good writer can create something which at first may seem ominous, but can turn out to be quite benevolent; a theme that runs through so many great stories! They loved it and asked if we could read it over and over again. It was lovely to see the children making links between the characteristics of this book and books like 'The Funny Bones' by Janet and Allan Ahlberg, and talking with excitement about the books they enjoy at home. Using a book like this as impetus for writing will inspire more thoughtful, engaged and exciting writing from our children so that they can become fluent in what it means to be a story teller and a great writer. When you are reading with your child at home this weekend, try asking them about what makes the story interesting; is it the setting, the character, the anticipation of what will happen next?

    Please do keep recapping over spellings too. Next week we will be having a spelling challenge based on our Y2 common exception words list, and the spelling rules that we have learnt throughout this year. so-far  Please see the attached spelling rule posters on the blog to help your child.  In class, we have been using rainbow writing, writing with a finger on their palms or a partner's back, clapping out the syllables, highlighting and circling the tricky bits in different colours.... to name but a few of the ways to help remember spellings and score as many as possible points to earn ice cream and fruit at our end of term target party in the final week of term.  Five minutes here and there in the car, or whilst walking, for example, can hugely help. Please do try to go over some of these at home. All scores will be sent home in the holidays so you can see how your child is doing with their spellings in line with Y2 expectations for SATS - which are just around the corner (as per the letter you should have all received this week).  

    Well done Class 2 for another amazing week!

    From Mrs Mylrea, Mrs Noble and Mrs Shaw.


  • Friday 15th March (Mrs Noble)

    The children in Class 2 had an exciting trip to the library this week. They were given a tour and were shown where to find the books that they might want to read. As ever in Class 2, this inspired some great writing, which we will continue to edit and up-level using some of the key writing skills that we are working on at the moment. The children also wrote some great descriptions of the Queen's crown in connection with our topic work. 

    This week when you are reading with your child, try to spot instances when authors have "set the scene". We have been thinking today about how to make our writing more interesting and more fluent; the children are learning to do this not only by moving the action along and giving detailed descriptions of character, but also by describing feelings, location and conditions such as weather. 

    In maths we have been problem solving and reasoning using money, division and finding difference. Being able to mix different skills to solve multi-step problems is something that we as adults do every day, and it's a skill that the children need to use in their maths.

    In connection with our learning in science, we will be planting some summer bulbs in our class planter next week. If you have any spare bulbs at home we would be very grateful indeed for any donations!

    Finally, we will soon be reading Ted Hughes' The Iron Man as our class book. We have a really interesting art project lined up which will feed into this book. In preparation for this project, we would appreciate any plastic trays that you might be able to wash out and send in. Any larger microwave trays or other sturdy plastic trays would be ideal. Unfortunately we can't use any trays with holes in (such as fruit punnets) or trays that have contained raw meat. Many thanks in advance!

    Have a wonderful weekend

    From Mrs Mylrea, Mrs Noble and Mrs Shaw.

  • Friday 8th March (Mrs Noble)

    This week in Class 2 we have been reading a fabulous book called 'Inside the Villains' by Clotilde Perrin. It's delves into the characteristics and motivations of the most villainous of Fairytale characters. It has inspired some fantastic writing and we have been using our very high-level sentence types to write our own character descriptions. Ask your child what an 'if, if, if, then' sentence is...or a '2 ly' sentence....these sentence types are designed to make our writing more interesting to read.

    During World Book Day we watched a masterclass by the writer Nadia Shireen, who said that her best characters have been created using both her imagination and a little bit of herself; she always puts a little bit of something real into her characters to make them more believable and interesting. We had a go at making both a hero and a villain and hiding bits of our own life or personality in our descriptions. 

    World Book Day inspired not only this fun writing oportunity, it also led to a day of reading and talking about the books and authors that we love. The costumes were brilliant! We had a wonderful little Bambi, characters from The Faraway Tree and The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, our very own Billionaire Boy, Matilda and an amazing Dav Pilkey Dog name but a few. Thanks so much everyone for all the effort! The children really loved the day. Don't forget to spend your World Book Day tokens in your local book shop and participating supermakets. 

    In maths we've continued to talk about multiplication and division, but we spent a lot of time particularly today, on missing number questions (eg 73 - ? = 62). We have found that (depending on whether the number sentence is addition or subtraction, and depending on which number is missing), sometimes we can turn an addition into a subtraction to find a missing number (using an inverse), sometimes we need to 'count on' (maybe in 10s and 1s) and sometimes we need to count backwards. We also found that our bonds can help us too. The visual aid that will really help the children is the whole/part diagram. If you have time at home this weekend, see if your child can explain to you how we use a whole/part diagram to work out the missing number. 

    Next Tuesday Class 2 will be visiting Marple Library (we have sufficient consents for this trip but if you have any questions about the trip please let either Mrs Noble or the office know on Monday). We will be investigating some of the books on our Year 2 recommended book list. 

    We hope you have a lovely (and not too rainy) weekend!

    From Mrs Mylrea, Mrs Noble and Mrs Shaw 

  • Friday 1st March (Mrs Noble)

    This week, Class 2 have had a huge focus on their joined up and spellings of tricky common exception words through making graffiti spelling walls.  For those children who are still desperately trying to achieve their pen licence I have put together a support handwriting practice pack for the term to work through at your own pace at home (we will send these home on Monday).  Hopefully, this will help you as parents to understand our joined up handwriting scheme and give the children plenty of opportunities to join all their letters in the All Saints’ Way.  Please ensure they take their time, use a sharp pencil and copy accurately the words on each page.  Once the booklet is completed, if children return it to school 3 merits will be awarded (and hopefully we will see an improvement resulting in a pen licence!).  For those who have already achieved their pen licence but are keen to develop pace and even further perfection it would also be a good idea for them too to work their way through the booklet between now and Easter.  Also, children will bring home a times tables chart to support with completing some times tables challenges set on Mathletics this week.  Please keep revising 2’s, 5,’s, 10’s and 3’s for a challenge.  For those wanting to really push themselves already confident with these please have a try at learning 4’s and 8’s.

    Class 2 have started reading our novel of the term, Charlotte’s Web by EA White exploring some challenging new vocabulary each day during our 15 minute reading time each day.  They have loved it already and hopefully by the end of the term, we will get the watch the film as a special treat once we have completed the book – they are hooked already which is fabulous and best of all we got to read outdoors in the glorious sunshine this week! Bliss!

    This week in Topic we have learnt more about Queen Victoria as well as Olympic swimmer Rebecca Adlington who we typed letters to.  Fingers crossed we can get a famous celebrity to come to visit school at the end of term after all our super letter writing…

    Many thanks,

    The Y2 Team

    PS Mrs. Shaw is doing special walks throughout March if anyone would like to sponsor her for Cancer Research (a charity very close to her heart) please do see her in class at the start of end of any time if your family would like to support - we know she would be very grateful!

  • Friday 1st March (Mrs Noble)

    This week, Class 2 have had a huge focus on their joined up and spellings of tricky common exception words through making graffiti spelling walls.  For those children who are still desperately trying to achieve their pen licence I have put together a support handwriting practice pack for the term to work through at your own pace at home (we will send these home on Monday).  Hopefully, this will help you as parents to understand our joined up handwriting scheme and give the children plenty of opportunities to join all their letters in the All Saints’ Way.  Please ensure they take their time, use a sharp pencil and copy accurately the words on each page.  Once the booklet is completed, if children return it to school 3 merits will be awarded (and hopefully we will see an improvement resulting in a pen licence!).  For those who have already achieved their pen licence but are keen to develop pace and even further perfection it would also be a good idea for them too to work their way through the booklet between now and Easter.  Also, children will bring home a times tables chart to support with completing some times tables challenges set on Mathletics this week.  Please keep revising 2’s, 5,’s, 10’s and 3’s for a challenge.  For those wanting to really push themselves already confident with these please have a try at learning 4’s and 8’s.

    Class 2 have started reading our novel of the term, Charlotte’s Web by EA White exploring some challenging new vocabulary each day during our 15 minute reading time each day.  They have loved it already and hopefully by the end of the term, we will get the watch the film as a special treat once we have completed the book – they are hooked already which is fabulous and best of all we got to read outdoors in the glorious sunshine this week! Bliss!

    This week in Topic we have learnt more about Queen Victoria as well as Olympic swimmer Rebecca Adlington who we typed letters to.  Fingers crossed we can get a famous celebrity to come to visit school at the end of term after all our super letter writing…

    Many thanks,

    The Y2 Team

    PS Mrs. Shaw is doing special walks throughout March if anyone would like to sponsor her for Cancer Research (a charity very close to her heart) please do see her in class at the start of end of any time if your family would like to support - we know she would be very grateful!

  • Friday 15th February (Mrs Noble)

    What a wonderful last week to the half term!

    Year 2 were totally amazing on our trip to The Lowry yesterday- so many people commented on how excellent their behaviour was and how talented so many of them were whilst admiring their sketches in the Art Gallery.  Well, ‘Billionaire Boy’ The musical certainly didn’t let us down, the children were mesmerised - from the lighting, special effects, singing and dancing it was the most superb show all brought to life after us reading the text in class throughout the term.  We really do thank you as families for paying as we do understand that it was a costly trip at a challenging financial time of the year, however seeing their faces was just priceless.  Every day it is a privilege to spend with Class 2 and yesterday was no exception.

    Please look out for Y2’s Spring term challenges sent home in book bags.  We would really appreciate it if in a red pen you could go over corrections together to help them understand their mistakes.  As a class we have also go over all the answers. For all who ordered the Y2 CGP revision optional homework booklets, we would fully recommend that you get started on these with the 10 minute busters etc. 20 minutes a day at home will make such a difference to ensure that as many of those basic skills are grasped before May when we will start our Y2 SATS challenges (less than 3 months to go…) we really need your support with this to help every child achieve their full potential. 

    Over the holidays, don’t forget to try to get to the library to loan a book (ideally one off our Y2 recommended book list distributed at Parents Evening – please see link attached.  Again, please keep up Mathletics (!000 points a week) I will be checking who has achieved a bronze badge in the holidays.  Spellodrome will also hugely help to recap those basic spelling patterns and rules learnt throughout the year so far so please do make the most of this excellent resource.  We would love to hear what the children have been up to in the holidays, anyone who wants to write a diary – maybe with some photographs in of any special events they have got up to will be awarded 5 merits…. The children have loved writing in quantity (some even writing 13 pages in our last story writing task!) practise makes perfect. 

    Many thanks,

    The Year 2 Team

    PS A special goodbye and thank you to Miss. Aboo on her final day at All Saints’ you will be missed and we wish you all the luck in the world at your new school.



  • Friday 8th February (Mrs Noble)

    This week, Year 2 have been doing lots of descriptive writing using amazing adjectives and noun phrases to describe the setting in a short film clip called ‘The ClockTower’.  This is on an amazing, free website called Literacy Shed which hugely inspires children to write (you may want to take a look there are lots of great ideas what to write about too!).  Each day, children watched a little bit more and were totally hooked excited for our next lesson to find out the next instalments.

    In Maths, children have worked on reading scales going up in 2’s, 5’s, 10’s, 20’, 25’s and 100’s.  Please let them explore with any weighing scales, measuring jugs, thermometers etc. at home to help them to accurately read in ml, l, g and kg or degrees.

    Next Thursday is our big trip to Manchester to the Lowry Theatre- we are all super excited!

    Have a great weekend- one week to go…!

    Mrs. Noble and Mrs. Mylrea

  • Friday 1st February (Mrs Noble)

    This week, we have had a super Science week getting to grips with lots of challenging Scientific vocabulary (predict, data, observing, sort, compare, map, group, record, question, answer, classify, equipment, identify etc). 

    In Maths, children continued to record information in graphs linked to our Science work.  We created; block diagrams, bar charts, branching tree diagrams and venn diagrams to sort minibeasts then analyse the data.  Next we will learn to record this information from charts and tally charts into computer based graphing programmes.

    A huge thank you for bringing in some great equipment for our bug hunt- lots of fun in the mud was had by all! (even the grown ups!).

    Children have developed their knowledge on the body and made some life sized skeletons learning lots more body parts and their functions inside and out of the body.  C2 even named their splendid skeletons now on our Science working wall.

    In addition, we all learnt lots of new names of baby animals and how their names change as they grow and develop and focused carefully on drawing these animals accurately with the correct features.

    Our Mathletics inter school competition has created a real buzz for this amazing resource and we are delighted to still be the top of the school leaders board for most certificates this year- please, please, please keep this up year 2! The top scores were over 5000 for the week – WOW how impressive is that! 

    Have a super weekend and please don’t forget to look out for the optional Y2 order form if you would like to order any addition resources to support your child this year and in preparation for their Y2 challenges (SAT’s) in May.

    Many thanks,

    The Y2 Team

  • Friday 1st February (Mrs Noble)

    This week, we have had a super Science week getting to grips with lots of challenging Scientific vocabulary (predict, data, observing, sort, compare, map, group, record, question, answer, classify, equipment, identify etc). 

    In Maths, children continued to record information in graphs linked to our Science work.  We created; block diagrams, bar charts, branching tree diagrams and venn diagrams to sort minibeasts then analyse the data.  Next we will learn to record this information from charts and tally charts into computer based graphing programmes.

    A huge thank you for bringing in some great equipment for our bug hunt- lots of fun in the mud was had by all! (even the grown ups!).

    Children have developed their knowledge on the body and made some life sized skeletons learning lots more body parts and their functions inside and out of the body.  C2 even named their splendid skeletons now on our Science working wall.

    In addition, we all learnt lots of new names of baby animals and how their names change as they grow and develop and focused carefully on drawing these animals accurately with the correct features.

    Our Mathletics inter school competition has created a real buzz for this amazing resource and we are delighted to still be the top of the school leaders board for most certificates this year- please, please, please keep this up year 2! The top scores were over 5000 for the week – WOW how impressive is that! 

    Have a super weekend and please don’t forget to look out for the optional Y2 order form if you would like to order any addition resources to support your child this year and in preparation for their Y2 challenges (SAT’s) in May.

    Many thanks,

    The Y2 Team

    This week, we have had a super Science week getting to grips with lots of challenging Scientific vocabulary (predict, data, observing, sort, compare, map, group, record, question, answer, classify, equipment, identify etc). 

    In Maths, children continued to record information in graphs linked to our Science work.  We created; block diagrams, bar charts, branching tree diagrams and venn diagrams to sort minibeasts then analyse the data.  Next we will learn to record this information from charts and tally charts into computer based graphing programmes.

    A huge thank you for bringing in some great equipment for our bug hunt- lots of fun in the mud was had by all! (even the grown ups!).

    Children have developed their knowledge on the body and made some life sized skeletons learning lots more body parts and their functions inside and out of the body.  C2 even named their splendid skeletons now on our Science working wall.

    In addition, we all learnt lots of new names of baby animals and how their names change as they grow and develop and focused carefully on drawing these animals accurately with the correct features.

    Our Mathletics inter school competition has created a real buzz for this amazing resource and we are delighted to still be the top of the school leaders board for most certificates this year- please, please, please keep this up year 2! The top scores were over 5000 for the week – WOW how impressive is that! 

    Have a super weekend and please don’t forget to look out for the optional Y2 order form if you would like to order any addition resources to support your child this year and in preparation for their Y2 challenges (SAT’s) in May.

    Many thanks,

    The Y2 Team

  • Friday 25th January (Mrs Noble)

    What a wonderful week it has been catching up with so many families for parents evening.  You should be extremely proud of your little Superstar- we certainly are proud of them all and feel so lucky to have them in our care this year. 

    This week our focus has been on lots and lots of reading – from reading comprehensions about Martin Luther King, to Florence Nightingale and Queen Elizabeth.  We are really getting stuck into our David Walliam’s book -  ‘Billionaire Boy’ to help us prepare for our school trip to the Lowry- lots of questions are being asked to children to check they understand the meaning of some really ambitious words and many of these are being added to our vocabulary WOW wall.  Many of the words this week have been synonyms of ‘good’ as we have had a complete BAN on this word when talking or writing (listen carefully it is phenomenal how many times it is used by many) – this is part of our drive to encourage children to really extend their vocabulary range to add into their writing to take it to the next level.

    Children have been working hard independently this week on the half term assessments which we will be sending home again in the holidays to keep you up to date with any areas they need further support with at home.  Many of these scores have been shared with you at parents evening so you are aware how your child is doing and most importantly how we can both work together to ensure they succeed to the best of their ability.  We are slowly and carefully going over misconceptions that children have not understood and planning activities to help them with areas of weaknesses. 

    Well done to the 5 children who won a reading book and book mark prize in our reading raffle for 5 entries – please do try to keep this up as best as you can (hopefully the reading list recommendations shared at parents evening will give a few ideas of quality texts to use). 

    Next week is Mathletics week so fingers crossed for Y2 (who are of course on top of the whole school Leaders board for most certificates achieved since September- come on Class 2 we can do it!)

    You are SIMPLY THE BEST! Thank you, thank you, thank you parents for all your support.

    Best wishes,

    Mrs. Noble and Mrs. Mylrea



  • Thursday 17th January (Mrs Noble)

    Dear families,

    This week we have had a huge focus on Maths.  We have been working on our Ice Cream Targets for Spring term- we will explain more at parents evening next week to everyone.  We really need children to know their number bonds to 20 off by heart as this is the basics for the future that they need to know with fast pace – e.g. 0+ 20, 1 + 19, 2 + 18, 15+ 5).

    In addition, we have worked lots on money- identifying coins and comparing them.  Please, please, please allow your child to play around with coins in a purse / money box at home to help them add money and play little games of shopkeeper giving change.  In a contactless world of cards, less and less our children are playing and exploring money and consequently this is one of our most difficult concepts to teach.  We played a game where slime (I know a favourite of the children’s at the moment just not of the parents if you are anything like us at home!!!) cost a certain amount e.g. 67p and children had to find different ways to make this amount.  Perhaps you could try this out at home…

    Aswell, children have started drafting their letters to their favourite person to invite and persuade them to visit All Saints’ school on Friday 22nd March.  If any children want to write extra letters out of school to send off that would be superb! Fingers crossed we get some replies (Mrs. Noble is hoping for David Walliams!) and can get our autograph books out.

    See you all next week for Parents Evening,

    Kind regards,

    The Class 2 team




  • Thursday 10th January (Mrs Noble)

    This week class 2 have had an action packed week getting into their new topics for 2019 and getting up lots of new work on our displays in class.

    We have started our new RE Topic all about Islam learning lots from questions with Rafin and Miss. Aboo and by watching some fascinating film clips on the BBC website.  Children have painted beautiful prayer mats which are now on our new display.  

    It was great to see some of you able to attend our Open Afternoon where children made their own Top Trumps cards on significant people who have changed the world as part of our new Topic 'A Day in The Life Of'.  

    This week, children have started to study 'Famous Women in History' based on some fabulous, new information books we have in class.  Our key person has been 'Mary Seacole'.  We also listened to and played some Jamaican Reggae music by Bob Marley which the children loved and located Jamaica on a map of the world as this is where Mary Seacole originated from. 

    Please find attached our key Ice Cream Targets for the Spring term so you can see the key areas we are working on (any help at home with these would be really helpful). 

    All Spelling lists for the term and Newsletters have been sent home so hopefully you have all received a copy. 

    Many thanks,

    The C2 Team 

  • Friday 4th January (Mrs Noble)

    Happy New Year!

    The children have had a short week, but have returned to school with their usual enthusiasm nevertheless. We have heard lots about the lovely family time spent at home, as well as time spent visiting relatives and friends, and of course the gifts the children have received and given. It sounds like everyone had a fabuous Christmas. 

    We had a gentle start to our learning yesterday, reflecting on the books we have been reading at home over Christmas in literacy. In maths we talked about kg and g and experimented with estimating different weights and having a go at measuring weight using balancing scales. Today we extended that learning by doing some addition and subtraction problem solving using questions involving weight. The children really have hit the ground running!

    We are in the process of finalising details for our Class Trip in February. Despite the trip being some weeks away, the theatre does require payment ASAP and the deadline we have for final payment is Monday. Sadly, if we don't have everyone's payment in by that date the trip will be cancelled. If you would like to discuss this payment with us, or have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to pop in to speak with us on Monday.

    Have a lovely weekend!

    Mrs Mylrea, Mrs Noble, Mrs Shaw and Miss Aboo

  • Friday 14th December (Mrs Noble)

    What a week we have had! We really hope that you all enjoyed our KS1 Nativity! So much work went into making sure the children were confident on stage and truly enjoyed their experience, and we'd like to take this opportunity to thank all the teaching assistants, volunteers (both parent volunteers and volunteers at church), teachers who came to support us on the night, and our absolutely amazing office staff for all they have done to support our children in their last KS1 Nativity. And thank you to all the parents who went above and beyond as usual to ensure that costumes were ready and lines were learned. We, and the children, really do appareciate it! 

    We are sure that the children must be exhausted from all of the excitement this week and we hope that they get a restful weekend ahead of what we hope will be a fun last three days of the Autumn Term, and the final school days of 2018. We have the Ice Cream Challenge and the KS1 Party to look forward to as well. 

    If you would like any extra maths or reading materials for your child to take home over the holidays please let us know as we will be able to provide some activities for you. This is by no means compulsory, the children really do deserve a break, and will have their reading books and Mathletics as usual. But if some extra activities is something you would like, please do not hesitate to ask. 

    Have a lovely weekend!

    From Mrs Mylrea, Mrs Noble, Miss Aboo and Mrs Shaw.

  • Friday 7th December (Mrs Noble)

    This week in Class 2 we have been getting into the Christmas spirit - we even did some Christmas Maths! We have also been getting ready for our Nativity production next week. The children look amazing in their costumes and are learning their parts so well. Thank you again for all the hard work you are putting in at home to support the children. We are very excited to see you all next week and hope you enjoy the play!

    In R.E we are thinking about 'The Gift of Jesus at Christmas'. We thought about Jesus as a superhero and what he did with his teaching and with the miracles he performed. We then thought about Jesus not as a superhero, but as a human being just like the rest of us. We talked about God sending his son to live as we do, and how he showed love through his acts and teachings, telling the world to love their neighbour as they love themselves. The children are beginning to make really interesting and insightful observations about the stories that they know from the Bible (like The Good Samaritan, when Jesus healed the sick, and the story of Zacchaeus) and Jesus' message of love. Today we thought about how Jesus saved through his message of love, and how we can help others with our love at Christmas. At home this weekend, you may wish to talk to your children about the different ways we can show kindness and love for others at Christmas, and why it is so important to show love and forgiveness.

    This week we had our final Thursday Homework Club. There will be no Thursday Homework Club next week as we will be putting in place final preparations for the nativity.

    We hope you have a lovely, festive weekend!

    From Mrs Mylrea, Mrs Noble, Mrs Shaw and Miss Aboo

  • Friday 30th November (Mrs Noble)

    This week in Class 2 we have been reading about Geronimo the Penguin, in 'Geronimo' by David Walliams. The children have enjoyed this book a lot and it inspired some lovely extended writing. We've also been thinking about the characters we met in the Firebird Story and using our best detective skills to hunt down some great vocabulary to describe those characters.

    In Maths we have been trying to estimate the correct position of numbers on a sparsely populated number line. This is much tricker than it sounds. We will do some more work on this next week. We have also been doing our half-termly quizzes to build a picture of what the children will need to spend more time on next term. Once we have reviewed these quizzes the children will be given them take home to look at with you if you wish. 

    We are continuing to practice the Christmas KS1 production. The children are learning their lines so well - well done everyone for all the hard work! We know that this is not always easy! Please do continue to practice the words that your child needs to learn, and the prompts that indicate to them when it will be their turn to speak. Costumes are to be brought in on Monday, and if there is something that you are really struggling to source please don't hesitate to ask us as we may be able to help in school. 

    We are attempting to put some of the audio for the solo songs up on this web page so that your child can practice the songs with the music backing. Watch this space!

    Have a lovely weekend, and we hope you enjoy the Christmas Fair tomorrow!

    From Mrs Mylrea, Mrs Noble, Miss Aboo and Mrs Shaw. 

  • Friday 23rd November (Mrs Noble)

    This week in school we had an exciting time when lots of student teachers came to visit us to see how AMAZING our art and DT skills are! In class 1 we told them about our fantastic bi-planes and let them help us to make some beautiful masks inspired by the tale of Firebird, which we have been reading in class.

    We hope that Firebird will truly capture the children's imaginations. They seem to have enjoyed the story, and the music! Next week we will begin to think more deeply about the setting (linking in to our Autumn Term topic of Land, Sea and Sky) and and we will look for common themes that we see in this and other traditional tales. Then we will have a go at up-levelling our vocabulary to write interesting descriptions. 

    In maths this week we began to look again at fractions, and this is something we'll be working on even more in the Spring. We re-capped how to use our bonds to 10 to make 2-digit addition easier (3 + 7, for example, might come in handy if we need to do 23 + 17).

    We also put into practice the addition and subtraction skills we have been working on over the last few weeks by applying them to multi-step word problems. These were super-tricky and the children really rose to the challenge. If you would like to practice this with your child at home this weekend, a good idea would be to ask them to add two 2-digit numbers together and then subtract them from a larger number, or to try and find the 'difference' between two quantities; putting the numbers into a real life context makes the problem trickier to solve but much more interesting (in class we talk about adding and taking away Haribo and Pokemon quite a lot...!).

    We are currently training the children to show their working by using number lines, partial 100 squares and whole/part diagrams that they have doodled themselves. For example, if the children have counted forwards or backwards in 10s to find the answer to a question, we are now asking them to draw their own number line (with a ruler!) and show these jumps (for example, starting their number line at 22 with a long jump to 32, and then three small jumps to 33, 34 and 35 to show how they worked out 22 + 13). This can be difficult as, although the children are now becomming more and more confident in their mental maths, communicating how they have worked out an answer, or using doodles to check their answers, is quite a mature skill to learn. They did so well, but we are only at the beginning and we will keep working on it so that it becomes like second nature. 

    Please keep practicing the nativity songs and the words that your child has brought home. We will be starting to rehearse without scripts next week!

    Have a lovely weekend!

    From Mrs Mylrea, Mrs Noble, Mrs Shaw and Miss Aboo

  • Friday 16th November (Mrs Noble)

    Happy Friday, everyone!

    We hope you enjoyed our art gallery on Wednesday and found the opportunity to talk to the staff useful. 

    We've had another fabulous week of learning in Class 2. In maths the children have been applying their wonderful addition and subtraction skills and tools by beginning to solve problems using number. Next week we will continue to use partitioning (separating numbers into 10s and 1s) and counting forwards and backwards in 10s (from any number) in order to solve problems. We'll also think about how to use our common number bonds (like bonds to 10, as well as doubles etc) to help us in problem solving and reasoning.

    A great way to support your child's learning this week would be to help them recite their bonds to 10 and 20, and to think about getting change from different amounts of money (this can involve adding values together and then taking the total away from a larger sum to work out the difference - lots of maths to get their teeth into!)

    We finished our RE work on kindness this week by writing a story about receiving help from someone, even when it inconvenienced them (we called it 'putting them to trouble'). It is lovely to see the children growing in confidence in their extended writing, and this is something we will be working on going forward. If your children choose to write stories at home do let them bring them in to share with us as we are really keen that the children see how exciting and fun it can be to write freely and creatively for pleasure.

    Speaking of writing, there may have been some confusion regarding spellings this week. For the avoidance of any doubt, unless we have spoken to you otherwise regarding spellings for your child, the spellings for Week 7 are as follows: 

    can't, won't, shouldn't, didn't, we've, they've, mustn't and heroines.

    Have a wonderful weekend,

    Mrs Mylrea, Mrs Noble, Miss Aboo and Mrs Shaw.

  • Friday 9th November (Mrs Noble)

    This week in Class 2 we have been thinking about Remembrance and we talked about the Salvation Army and all the amazing things they did to help soldiers in the First World War. From the Doughnut Lassie to the Chaplain, we thought about all the ways that the volunteers helped and what a great job they did to support the soldiers.

    This fed in beautifully to our RE work this week. We are coming to the end of our RE work on kindness, and we spent time thinking about the meaningful ways that people close to us are truly kind to us. We then talked about the ways that Jesus taught us to be kind (though the story of the Good Samaritan), and finally the ways that Jesus himself showed kindness in action (through the miracles he performed in Mark 2 1:12, the story of Jesus Healing the Paralysed Man). Next week we will finish this topic by thinking about whether it is always easy to be kind, or if sometimes we need to try extra hard to be kind. We will then begin our RE work on the gift of Jesus as we lead up to Christmas.

    In maths we have been subtracting, using partitioning and also using counting backwards in 10s. We also did some work on finding difference. Please do practice counting backwards in 1s and 10s at home as it is a skill that the children need to master and we are very close! A great way to talk about 'difference' in maths is to compare values of money (finding change) and comparing ages (if Tom is 34 and Joe is 9, what is the difference in their ages...? for example).

    Next week we will be celebrating Children in Need on 16 November, and the children will be invited to wear their own clothes (the brighter the better!) for a £1 donation. And don't forget odd socks day (in support of Anti-Bullying Week) on Monday 12th November.

    Have a lovely weekend everyone!

    From Mrs Mylrea, Mrs Noble and all of the Year 1 Team.

  • Friday 2nd November (Mrs Noble)

    Welcome back! We hope you had a lovely, restful half term break.

    The children have had an exciting week, with their school trip to the airport on Wednesday. They learned all about aeroplanes including what it was like to fly concorde and how the planes are looked after. Well done Class 2 for a fabulous KS1 trip!

    We have been working on some very special art projects that we look forward to sharing with you soon at our very own School Gallery! Watch this space! As well as working on this art project we had a go at creating art works using oil pastels and a colour wash today. Our pictures were inspired by our story this week which was 'The Storm Whale' by Benji Davies. The children retold the story of the The Storm Whale in their own words too, which led to some absolutely fantastic independent writing. Well done Class 2!

    In maths we have started adding 2 digit numbers together, whether it be simple additions like 20 + 10 or more complicated ones like 44 + 32. We counted up in 10s, then added the units. We tried to do this without 100 squares and everyone did really brilliantly. We are making sure that we use the marvellous learning we did last half term on partitioning to help us add those really big numbers.

    Please note that poppies and Remembrance Day items will be for sale in school next week.

    Have a lovely weekend!

    From Mrs Mylrea, Mrs Noble and all of the Year 1 team.

  • Friday 19th October (Mrs Noble)

    What a fabulous half term we have had in Class 2! Well done for all of the hard work everyone has done and for contributing to our class experiences this half term.

    We have had a truly amazing Church Week at All Saints' Church. The activities put on for the children were really inspiring and covered aspects of our topic 'Land Sea and Sky' from a Christian perspective in a way that we had not considered in class. We thought in detail about rocks, water, tornadoes, recycling, and the world around us (including looking in detail at the features of the church building and what they mean). Chruch Week is always jam-packed and the children will no doubt be exhausted after such a filled week. They truly deserve a lovely break.

    In the children's book bags you should find their bi-planes and some of the other pieces of work that the children have been given to take home. In their bags you will also find copies of some assessments that they have done. Reflection and correction is such an important part of the learning process and we really recommend that you take a moment to look through the assessments and do any corrections with them. We would be grateful if you could return the assessments to us, however, for our records. Please note that the maths assessments are differentiated.

    When the children return to school they will have the KS1 trip to look forward to almost immediately. All details about the trip can be found in our previous letter, but if you have any specific questions please do not hesitate to ask. You do not need to bring your child to school early for this trip and they can be picked up at the usual time. If you have volunteered to come with us please can you confirm to Mrs Noble on the first Tuesday back after half term. If you need any more information at that point we will be more than happy to talk to you about what the trip involves.

    Have a lovely half term!

    From Mrs Mylrea, Mrs Noble and all of the Class 2 team.

  • Friday 12th October (Mrs Noble)

    This week in Class 2 we have been learning about Grace Darling as part of our topic on Land, Sea and Sky. Why don't you ask your children what they remember about Grace? They might be able to tell you about her heroics and why she is such a remarkable woman in history.

    We have been thinking more deeply about question marks and when to use them. We read 'Little Answer' by Tim Hopgood, and tried writing questions for which 'chocolate cake' might be the answer, or at least part of the answer. When we start to use question marks more in our work it can become tricky because there are so many other things to think about too, like composition, spelling, handwriting and capital letters to name but a few. Well done Class 2, you wonderful writers!

    In maths this week we have been thinking about how to use our bonds to 10 to make mental addition quicker and more accurate. The children learned, for example, that 25 + 6 can be much more easily done if we know 25 + 5 + 1. Class 2 are learning that 10 really is the magic number in maths. I have told them that if they can find a 10, it is like a life raft in the middle of an ocean of tricky maths! For this reason, the children will really truly benefit from knowing their bonds to 10 and other common bonds by heart, and from being able to identify any next multiple of ten (e.g. if the number is 28 the next multiple of ten is 30; if the number is 47, the next multiple of ten is 50). Noticing these patterns will make the children's maths more accurate and quicker too.

    It is church week next week, and we are looking forward to what promises to be another fabulous week with the wider All Saints' family of the church.

    Our star writer this week was Teddy. Well done!

    Have a lovely weekend!

    From Mrs Mylrea, Mrs Noble and all of the Class 2 team.

  • Friday 5th October (Mrs Noble)

    We have had another fabulous week in Class 2! This week we have been learning all about the Wright Brothers and can tell you about their background and all they achieved. We also reflected on how we made our own planes and this inspired some excellent writing. The children are really growing in confidence and ability with their extended writing and we are so very proud of all they have achieved already in such a short space of time in Class 2.

    Now we have completed our mini maths topic on place value we will be moving on to different strategies for addition. Today we worked out that if we ‘flip’ a subtraction missing-number number sentence (eg : ? - 24 = 36) into an addition number sentence (so this would be 36 + 24 = ?), the answer was easy to find using our bonds or counting in 10s and 1s. Well done everyone in Class2!

    We also practiced generating 2-digit numbers with dice and seeing what we’d need to add to get our number up to the next multiple of 10 (eg 26 + ? = 30), and this is something that you can practice at home. It’s a game that builds confidence with 10s and 1s as well as helping children to see the value of knowing their number bonds to 10.

    We have hugely improved in our times tables x2, 5 and 10 in our weekly challenge test too as well as using word problems / puzzles to solve multiplication calculations.  For a challenge some children have also been working out fractions of numbers e.g. 1/3 of 15, 1/4 of 40, 3/4 of 20.

    In our Discovery / RE work, we have been discussing how to show kindness to others in school, in Marple, around the world and at home! If your child shows an act of kindness please do make a big fuss! (making own bed, setting the tables, giving a compliment, making something special for someone in their family, sharing with their siblings/ family members etc.). 

    We have had some volunteers for our mystery reader but we would love more! The sign-up sheet will be left in the office if you would like to sign up!

    Finally, Pupil Parliament elections will be held next Friday. We have had some incredibly impressive and persuasive notes from children in our class, and if your child would like to put themselves forward please do encourage them to prepare something to say next Friday when we share our election speeches.

    Have a wonderful weekend (and a great time at the PTA disco to all who are going!)

    Mrs Mylrea, Mrs Noble and all of the Year 2 team.



  • Friday 28th September (Mrs Noble)

    We've had another great week in Class 2. On Thursday we celebrated Languages Day, and were lucky enough to have a visitor who taught us some Thai (thank you so so much to Talia's daddy!). Not only did we learn some Thai, but we also learned some Arabic and we practiced our French. The children were keen to practice their French greetings and we even managed to sing Frere Jaques, in a round, in front of the whole school in our special Languages Day assembly. Class 2 were brilliant!

    In maths we have been making potions, checking the ingredients have been used in the correct proportions using our maths and problem solving counting in 10s. We will be finishing off our mini topic on partitioning next week with a week of problem solving and reasoning. However, partitioning is such a core skill that we really will need to use it lots as we move on to some more challenging addition and subtraction in our next mini topic. Please keep practicing counting forwards and backwards in 10s from any number. This will be a key skill to master this term.

    The children have new reading records which have gone home in their bags today. These new records are more exciting for the children to use and will hopefully make it easier for the children to chart how often they are reading. They also include stickers that the children's grown-ups can award as and when they are earned (we have told the children that their grown-ups will help them to use the stickers). The children also have laminated spelling lists in their bags. Please look out for these!

    Elections for Pupil Parliament are in 2 weeks time. If your child would like to stand as a member of the school parlaiment they will need to have their 'speech' ready in time for 12 October. 

    Our star writer this week was Jacob. Well done Jacob!

    Have a lovely weekend!

    From Mrs Mylrea, Mrs Noble and all of the Class 2 Team.

  • Friday 21st September (Mrs Noble)

    The rain hasn't stopped the fun in Class 2 this week! We have had another fabulous week, and it was wonderful to meet so many of our children's adults (again!) on Thursday to give you all a proper introduction to what we are doing this term, and more generally this year, in Class 2. We have some introduction packs left in the classroom for those who could not attend. Please do pop in for one when you can.

    We did some fantastic speaking and listening work this week, working in groups to put together a news report about the Apollo 11 Moon Landings. We collected information and thought of interesting vocabulary we could use to interest a reader. We have said to the children that if they would like to write their own newspaper article (with or without help at home) on the moon landings there will be merits for children who bring them in to show us. This is not homework and is not at all compulsory, it's just a little optional extra that the children may want to do with you at home to show off and extend some of the things we have been doing in school.

    We have begun to move on from our work on Space to think about aircraft and the Wright Brothers, and to introduce this we spent this afternoon making bi-planes with card, wheels and axles. It was a very focussed and demanding DT lesson. We used precise measurements, cutting, folding, glueing and making moving parts. It was fast paced, but the children really rose to the challenge. They worked super-hard, and the results are incredible, they were very proud of their planes and really wanted to take them home straight away! However, we will be finishing these off next week and will decorate our classroom with them before the children get to take them home at the end of term. The children deserve a nice rest tonight after the effort that they all put into making their bi-planes today!

    In maths this week we have been breaking numbers down into smaller amounts (for example 56 can be broken down into 50 + 6, 30 + 26, 10 + 46 etc). We are really getting to grips with our partitioning and it's going to help us lots as we progress in maths. We played a game called 'Reduce Me!', where  we start with a large 2-digit number like 86 (eight tens and 6 ones), and in pairs the children take it in turns to subtract any number of tens or ones (ie - you couldn't take away 8 for example as you only have 6 ones and can't break up the tens). The person who lands on zero loses. The children loved this game, and quickly picked up on winning strategies they could use. It is an easy one to do at home.

    Your game might look a bit like this (you could use 10p and 1p coins to help as a visual aid):


    A 65 - 40 = 25

    B 25 - 20 = 5

    A 5 - 4 = 1

    B 1 - 1 = 0

    B loses!

    Next week we will start problem solving with quantity and money to extend our learning on partitioning and place value.

    Our Star Writer in today's assembly was Lily. Well done Lily!

    Have a lovely weekend!

    From Mrs Mylrea, Mrs Noble and all of the Year 2 team

  • Friday 14th September (Mrs Noble)

    What a fabulous week we have had in Class 2!

    On Wednesday we went on our whole-school walk to the Roman Lakes, stopping at the Samuel Oldknow historic area and the Garden House too. We are so very lucky to have these wonderful places to visit just on our doorstep, and the children absolutely loved exploring our local area together. It was a brilliant day, thank you to all the children and helpers for making it such a great experience.

    At school we continued our learning from the walk with an exploration of the work of Andy Goldsworthy's nature art. We thought about sculpture and how we could be inspired by nature to create sculpture. We also thought about patterns. We used materials that we collected on our walk to make some fabulous artworks in groups. 

    In maths this week we finished our mini topic looking at different ways to compare numbers. We played a game called 'The Eliminator' where we had to follow clues to find which of our 8 numbers was the 'star number' and the children were encouraged to try creating their own Eliminator games at home. We began to look at partitioning and will continue this for the next few weeks, looking at partitioning numbers into tens and units, but also into other smaller combinations. Today we investigated how we could partition 43 using sticks of 10 and cubes of 1 (e.g. 43 could be 40 + 3, or 23 + 20, or 12 + 31 etc).

    As part of our Topic/ Art work children used oil pastels to draw 'Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh which are now proudly hanging on a gallery line in class.  They look stunning and children learnt some new vocabulary horizontal and vertical to explore the lines this famous artist used in his pictures. 

    We're so proud of how well the children have settled into Year 2, they have taken off with their learning and building friendships like they were never away. Well done Class 2 for another great week.

    Have a lovely weekend,

    From Mrs Mylrea, Mrs Noble and all of the Year 2 Team.

  • Friday 7th September (Mrs Noble)

    Welcome to Class 2!

    We hope that you had a wonderful Summer break and that the children are all refreshed and ready for what we hope will be an exciting and inspiring first term in Year 2. We have been working hard on designing a curriculum and classroom that we are sure will inspires some fantastic learning, and will help to make some wonderful and happy memories for all of the children in Class 2.

    This week we have been hearing about all the children's experiences this summer. We have dived in to our new topic, 'Land, Sea and Sky' (about which you will find out more in our newsletter which will be sent home next Friday) by learning about the Moon Landings, and imagining what Planet Earth might look like from space, and what an alien might need to know about the best things on Planet Earth. Iris decided to tell the alien about picking blackberries, and Rafin told the alien all about the amazing food we have (especially pizza!).  Our story of the week has been 'Here We Are' by Oliver Jeffers which has inspired us to paint pictures of our amazing world and what is important to us.  

    In maths we have been making statements about numbers using our great mathematical observations, and we have been using the < and > signs. Next week we will dive deeper into partitioning big numbers into smaller amounts.

    For Monday, we would be grateful if everyone could please bring in a photograph of themselves on holiday.  More than one photo is fine if you have visited lots of countries that you'd like to share! Please write the name of the country on the back. This is to add to our interactive Geography map display area.  This will help children understand more about where places are in the UK, Europe and The World.  If you have an atlas or globe at home you could try to find these places and which continent they are in at home to help your child to show their friends in class next week please. 

    Please can we also request that everyone bring in a 2 or 3 litre empty plastic milk carton bottle to use in our Science experiment on Monday afternoon on Rocket Mice! 

    Have a lovely weekend!

    From Mrs Noble, Mrs Mylrea and all of the Year 2 team.





  • Friday 20th July (Mrs Noble)

    Blog 20.07.2018

    This week Class 2 have been working really hard on their Spellings for the Ice Cream Spelling Bee and on their tricky words.  Please look out in book bags for copies of scores.  Again in the holidays please do keep up learning until your child is competent with spelling these words as they are the basics that they will always need in the future.  Until your child can spell the majority of these they will remain on these and be tested on them termly as a key priority.  

    As it will be my last day with Year Two on Tuesday I am going to request that children bring in a special teddy and that we go onto the field for stories, a teddy bears picnic (with lollies provided) and have some end of year fun!  If anyone is not allowed lollies please do just let me know beforehand to provide an alternative. 

    On Monday we will be writing to our friend in Uganda and telling him all about life in Marple and what life was like in Year 2 at All Saints’.

    As the year comes to end may I wish you all a fabulous Summer holidays – please keep up the hard work with the Summer Reading Challenge at Marple Library (wouldn’t it be amazing if All Saints’ could be the winning primary school this year!) and keep on going on Mathletics and Spellodrome in the holidays.  I will still keep checking and reward you in Y3!

    Thanks for everything and really looking forward to a great last week with Y2! Mrs. Noble and Mrs. Eva 

  • Friday 6th July (Mrs Noble)

    Another scorcher of a week - wow! 

    Class 2 took this week to have a special Science focus week focusing on the season of 'Sizzling Summer' and how to keep safe in the sun.  The children painted some fabulous paintings of Summer so they have now studied the similarities and differences between all the 4 seasons throughout the year.  

    We have spent quality time on our materials topic in Science learning to name, identify and discuss the properties of different materials.  Children loved playing materials bingo and exploring different materials in our materials investigation area in class.  Please ask your child to tell you more about Dunlop tyres as we read and learnt about the inventor of the pneumatic tyre (John Dunlop).  If they have been looking at tyre names this week that is why! 

    Next week, we will read biographies and produce posters about other Scientific inventors who invented tarmac and the raincoat.  If time, you may want to research on line any interesting facts to share in our lesson. 

    Our story of the week was 'George Saves The World' where we learnt about the 4R's - recycling, re use, repair and reduce.  Y2 were so mature with their responses how we can all play our part in being responsible citizens and looking after our world. 

    Maybe you have heard more about our grown up circle time session where Y2 discussed what they like about being a boy/ girl.  We had some thoroughly deep and engaging conversations where children really showed how much they have matured and are ready for Juniors.  As part of discussing similarities and differences, children cut out and labelled body parts using the correct Scientific names.  (there were a few giggles but once they got over that a really interesting morning was had with everyone!). 

    Please keep up the reading, Mathletics and Spellodrome on line to get a bronze each week if possible please.  C2 were 2n d in the whole school last week - earning 2 ping pong balls in our celebration assembly - come on surely we can make it 1st before the end of the year...???!!!

    Thanks lots,

    Mrs. Noble and Mrs. Eva 



  • Friday 29th June (Mrs Noble)

    This week C2 have done everything we can to stay cool whilst still continuing to challenge each individual and ensure they have plenty of fun!

    Well C2 have really got the buzz for Mathletics and are now using this really independently- please read more in the Head teacher Newsletter on Monday about Mathletics our new on line subscription that children can access at home as part of their homework.

    A special note regarding reading – please, please, please try to get your child to write in their reading book AND/ Or for families to make a brief note of what they are reading and enjoying.  It is still vitally important in preparation for Y3 that children continue to read daily at home (10 mins ideally) and keep moving through the book bands.  If there are no comments we assume that children are NOT reading at home (which we are sure isn’t the case!).  Sorry to nag we (as we are sure you agree) just want to ensure that in this final half term that children stay focused and keep moving and stretching themselves to be the best that they can be.  Many children have moved up onto the next book band level ready for Y3 and hopefully with more reading and comments we can get a few more moved by the end of July.

    In Topic, Class 2 have enjoyed drawing portraits of Samuel Oldknow and designing their own canal barges. 

    Next week, as part of our Jigsaw work, (as per the SRE – Sex and Relationships) meeting for parents last half term, children will be learning the Scientific names of body parts. So if you get lots of questions and comments that is why! Feel free to ask if you would like any more information.

    Have fun in the sun everyone!

    Best wishes,

    Mrs. Noble (only 3 weeks to go with this super class so let’s make it a great time together!) and Mrs. Eva (the lucky lady who gets to spend next year further developing our Superstars!). 



  • Friday 22nd June (Mrs Noble)

    Wow! What a dazzling performance C2 put on this morning - we couldn't have been more prouder of their confidence, enthusiasm and passion.  They have literally been amazing putting their whole heart and soul into rehearsals.  We hope you enjoyed it - it was amazing to have such a packed hall! The children planned the whole thing from start to finish what they wanted to do, wear, songs etc. and they certainly did put on the Greatest Show!  Thank you for attending (if you could make it!).

    This week, children have made a start with their new Mathletics passwords.  This is a fantastic new resource to use in school and at home.  Please, please, please try to go on for homework and earn a bronze certificate (1000 points in a week).  We would like as many as possible to be awarded to every children in next Friday's Celebration assembly.

    Have a great weekend,

    Mrs. Noble and Mrs. Eva 

    PS Please note Y2 have Forest Schools on Friday afternoon so please do remember appropriate clothing. 


  • Friday 15th June (Mrs Noble)


    This week, year 2 have been getting ready for our Greatest Showman assembly - we hope you received your invitation and costume letter for next Wednesday please.  

    Please as reading homework learn to read and sing the songs the best you can too.

    We had a wonderful time on our Apprentice Walk learning all about Samuel Oldknow.  If you get chance to pop into Marple Library you will be able to find a copy of the Samual Oldknow books written by our Y4 childen and an author/ illustrator earlier this year. 

    Hopefully some of you will enjoy either taking part in our 'Where's Wally' carnival parade for the Marple Carnival at 12.00 tomorrow (Saturday) or if not be cheering on our All Saints' parade. 

    Happy weekend!

    Mrs. Noble and Mrs. Eva 


  • Friday 25th May (Mrs Noble)

    Luca "My favourite activity was Forest Schools.  I made a gigantic nest with Alfie and Kodie.  We used hay, grass, sticks and leaves.  We joined our nests with walkways.  

    Harry "I loved stand jump it was incredible as I keep getting 3 points.  Our White team came 4th this year".

    Isaac H "I love running and running and running especially with my red team".

    Evie "Harry Potter Yoga was fantastic with lots of poses are the same but the miana yoga has different poses and lots.  My favourite pose is the boat pose".

    C2 have had an amazing Sports Week and we have been incredibly impressed especially with the running - super fast children! We really enjoyed cross country around the field and will try to keep this up next half term.

    We can't wait for a great last half term on our final topic all about Samuel Oldknow's Legacy and the History of Marple.  If anyone has any great links or contacts that would like to come into class to discuss Marple in the past we would love to hear from any grandparents/ great aunties/ uncles etc. 

    We look forward to preparing for our class assembly when we return to school on the 2nd Friday 22nd June at 9.00 (as per the Summer term diary dates letter at the start of term). We look forward to seeing as many of you there as possible.

    Many thanks,


  • Thursday 17th May (Mrs Noble)

    Congratulations Year 2! Year Two challenges are officially over! No homework this weekend – just have fun in the sun and try to catch the Royal Wedding as this has been our theme in Y2 this week! Anyone that does want to get prepared for next week, then get outside and get active preparing yourself to dazzle at Sport’s Day.  We can’t wait for a fabulous week getting Active and getting fit (fingers crossed for the sunshine like this week!). 

    All scores should have now been sent home from tests in reading records to keep you informed of how your child has performed.  Whilst national expectations (exp – expected or gdp- greater depth/ exceeding) have not yet been released I did add last years scores to give you an approximate average of what was required last year and fingers crossed it shouldn’t hopefully change too much).  Nevertheless, please do bear in mind that it is not just how your child performed in their test but rather from our teacher assessment evidence throughout the whole year which gives the best indication of the full picture of your child and whether they are still working towards expectations, in line with Y2 expectations or performing above and working at greater depth.

    Here is a little poem though to bear in mind (ps not written by ourselves but one that is I know true to our hearts as a Year Two team).


    This week, Class Two have written newspaper articles about Harry and Meghan, poems and recipes for marriage (that we are officially going to send to the Royals and hope for a reply…!!!).  They are absolutely beautiful with such gorgeous words of wisdom on what would make a happy marriage for the Prince and Princess!

    In addition, children have written their own number calculations about the Royal Wedding as well as solving shape challenges on the shapes of wedding presents, time problems about the timetable for the day on Saturday as well as lots of calculation and word puzzles to revise all our Y2 Maths skills.  One of the favourites was the code breakers and solving who has stolen the missing tiara!

    Have a glorious weekend everyone and we promise lots and lots of fun next week and next half term with music, drama and Art galore!

    Thank you for all your support,

    Mrs. Noble, Mrs. Eva and all our wonderful Year 2 team of assistants and volunteers.

  • Friday 11th May (Mrs Noble)

    Dear families,

    hope everyone had a glorious weekend basking in that amazing sunshine! 

    This week, Class 2 have literally loved getting their teeth into books by our author of the week; Roald Dahl. We listened to the Enormous Crocodile on CD (I told children that the whole collection of 20 is only £20 as they absolutely loved them especially Dahl's amazing made up nonsense words!).  This inspired us to write Wanted Posters to describe the Enormous Crocodile. 

    Other special highlights have been our All Stars Cricket assembly and our assembly all about Ramadam celebrated by Muslims as part of the Islam religion. 

    You should have now received in your reading record books the scores on the doors so far from our Spelling and Grammar papers as well as both reading papers (1 and 2).  The National benchmark of what is an expected score will be published in the May holidays (to give you an indication adding Spelling and Grammar scores together 24 or more /40 was required in 2017 and 25 or more / 40 adding both reading papers up together).  We will give further information of whether in the test your child is performing at an age related expectation for Year 2 formally in end of year reports.  Any questions or queries please do not hesitate to come and discuss.

    Please keep these challenges in perspective as assessing one or two areas of your child's academic ability - they tell you nothing about them as an Artist, Scientist, Musician etc. or most importantly about what fantastic, caring and imaginative children they are! (all of this we all know and hold in the higest of esteem!). 

    So, last week is our final week of 'Showing Off' with our final Maths papers on Tuesday and Thursday (all being well) so any extra Maths games and practice over the weekend would be really helpful to keep their brains ticking and together to tackle any last minute misconceptions and problems so that they give it all they've got next week! 

    Please see letters about our celebration party next Friday in book bags... we all can't wait!!! 

    Have a lovely weekend,

    best wishes,

    Mrs. Noble and Mrs. Eva 

  • Friday 4th May (Mrs Noble)

    Dear families,

    Class 2 have enjoyed taking off their shoes in our new library and listening to some thought provoking stories by Anthony Browne with important messages in such as; ‘Don’t judge a book by it’s cover’.  Our new library is proving a real hit with children after lunch and at the end of the day to browse, read stories and have some time to chill and enjoy a great book!

    We had lots of fun on our Grammar treasure hunt this week on the Junior playground and field that kept us all super busy running round in pairs to answer all the questions.  This enabled us to revise all the grammar vocabulary that we have learnt throughout the year.

    In addition, we made ‘Wonderful Word Wallpaper’ decorating lots of Y2 and even Y3 words in the hall whilst watching special Spelling Bee video clips with key spelling rules and reminders to help us remember lots of those tricky sounds and spelling patterns. 

    Hopefully, everyone has been extra clean and hygienic this week following our Science session this week learning the importance of washing our hands thoroughly to keep germs at bay.   Children loved being microbiologists and especially all the fancy spelling soap and hand gel that Mrs. Noble brought in!

    Well done on completing your first Y2 Challenge on Grammar and Spelling on Thursday.  Everyone was so sensible and mature and tried their best with some extremely tricky questions.

    Don’t forget next week is our special reading challenge week so for home work any reading comprehension papers using your yellow highlighters would be particularly helpful.  Please keep reading lots of books at home from the library and your home school reading books to build up your pace and stamina reading at speed so you can do your best to complete the tasks in the recommended time.

    Have a wonderful extended weekend!  Keep up the hard work everyone…

    Yours thankfully,

    Mrs. Noble and Mrs. Eva


  • Sunday 29th April (Mrs Noble)

    Class 2 have loved focusing on their new author of the week David Walliams.  We have read and listened to 4 of his famous picture books and written reviews on them - our favourite being 'The Queen's Orangutan'.  

    Class 2 have been doing lots of revision of all their Y2 key skills this week working extremely hard. 

    A quick reminder that next week, children will carryout their Y2 spelling and grammar SATS challenge (probably on Thursday).  There is no need to tell children about this but if you would like to ensure that your homework focus this week is on revising spelling and tricky words lists that would be really useful.  Also, to do some little grammar games to check that your child understands the key vocabulary of verb, noun, adverb, adjective etc. Remember, there are examples of the SPAG (Spag tests) on if you would like to access different papers online. 

    Next week our author of the week is Anthony Browne.  If anyone has any of his stories then please do feel free to bring them into school. 

    Have a lovely weekend and thank you for working so hard everyone!

    Mrs. Noble and Mrs. Eva

    PS For futher information from the Government regarding Y2 SATS please see the attached information for parents on the 2018 tests. 

  • Friday 27th April (Mrs Noble)

    Class 2 have loved focusing on their new author of the week David Walliams.  We have read and listened to 4 of his famous picture books and written reviews on them - our favourite being 'The Queen's Orangutan'.  

    Class 2 have been doing lots of revision of all their Y2 key skills this week working extremely hard. 

    A quick reminder that next week, children will carryout their Y2 spelling and grammar SATS challenge (probably on Thursday).  There is no need to tell children about this but if you would like to ensure that your homework focus this week is on revising spelling and tricky words lists that would be really useful.  Also, to do some little grammar games to check that your child understands the key vocabulary of verb, noun, adverb, adjective etc. Remember, there are examples of the SPAG (Spag tests) on if you would like to access different papers online. 

    Next week our author of the week is Anthony Browne.  If anyone has any of his stories then please do feel free to bring them into school. 

    Have a lovely weekend and thank you for working so hard everyone!

    Mrs. Noble and Mrs. Eva 

  • Friday 20th April (Mrs Noble)

    Dear all,

    hope everyone has had a wonderful break for Easter! 

    This term our Topic is 'Astounding Authors'.

    Our first author focus has been on Beatrix Potter based on the film of 'Peter Rabbit' which I am sure many of you will have been to see at the cinema over the holidays.  Children have read and re written the story superbly and have worked especially hard on editing and checking their own work to improve any errors and mistakes for themselves.

    In Science, we have started working on our new topic of being active and healthy which has fitted in superbly with this weeks community theme of 'Getting Marple Moving'.  We have made posters about the importance of exercise, focused on which parts our bodies and muscles are used for different exercises and what happens to our bodies when we exercise.   

    With the Y2 tests sent home over the holidays please ensure that you have tried to go over any mistakes and work them out together again with your family to improve your score.  All test papers should be returned two weeks on Friday by the 27th April so please keep them safe. 

    Really looking forward to our final term together before you all move into the Juniors- where did that time go? 

    Let's ensure it is a wonderful Summer term Class 2!

    Can't wait to hear all about your holidays,

    Mrs. Noble and Mrs. Eva 

  • Friday 23rd March (Mrs Noble)

    This week, Class 2 have started their Eggciting preparations for Easter.

    We have been singing beautifully to lots of Spring and Easter songs our favourite being the 'Spring Chicken' one.  You will get a chance to hear us if you can manage to make it to our KS1 Easter Service next Thursday morning.  

    Also, we have read from the bible the Easter story, completed reading comprehensions about Easter around the world and written the Easter story about this significant Christian festival.

    In Science, Class 2 have started growing their seeds and will keep a special diary of what happens (fingers crossed!).  Please do try to take the time to visit local garden centres (e.g. Wyevale, Brabyns Nursery) to discuss and identify plants and compare similarities and differences to help your child develop their Scientific vocabulary and understanding in this important subject.

    In Maths, we have been working on explaining and reasoning our answers using lots of different Maths vocabulary on our new Maths working wall in class.  One of our tasks was to explain which was the odd one out from 4 different numbers – e.g. 20, 15, 5, 17 etc.  The aim was to use as many words like; multiples, odd, even, digits, tens, units, difference, sum of digits, smallest, largest, divisible by… to give clear statements and facts about their number. 

    We also used an amazing Maths website for games Gordon’s Numeracy Teaching Resources – Guess my number AND Odd One Out- please do try to have a little look on this website to keep practising your Maths skills at this crucial time in the year.

    Well done to Hannah and Ava who made it onto this week's Times Tables Rockstars leadersboard in our Friday celebration assembly. 

    We would love to invite in any families to come and help us make Easter bonnets next Tuesday afternoon if you are free from 2- 3pm.  Please do try to bring in a bonnet/ hat and some Easter decorations to add on your bonnet which we will wear for an Easter Bonnet Parade at Church next Thursday morning.  Look forward to seeing anyone who is keen to get hands on and get creative! (Grandparents welcome!)

    Many thanks,

    Mrs. Noble and Mrs. Eva


  • Friday 16th March (Mrs Noble)

    This week, Class 2 have been learning lots of doubling facts off by heart and are getting speedier in our doubling games (try Hit the Button to see for yourself!). 

    In addition, we have been measuring mass and the weight of different objects reading scales accurately which go up in 1’s, 2’s, 5’s, 10’s, 25’s, 50’s, 100’s etc.  Please do allow children time to explore and experiment with any weighing scales at home to read carefully the mass of things (maybe they can be your little helper if cooking?).

    We had a fantastic morning on Tuesday with Stockport Road safety Team learning about how to keep safe when crossing the road.  Children wrote up lots of information learnt during their special session. 

    In spellings, we have been revising homophones- words which sound the same with different meanings and spellings. Please do consolidate our learning by aiming to get full marks on your ice cream challenge for ‘Watermelon’ at home. 

    A huge well done to the next three children who have achieved their pen licence – all were totally thrilled – very well deserved! (Penny, Zac and Hugh who was so flabbergasted he fell to the floor!).

    Another big shout our for the website recommended last week for revision in preparation for our Y2 challenges in May (6 weeks away…).  www.educatemums.sats.

    A huge thanks to Martha’s Mummy for being this weeks mystery reader – we all loved listening to a fabulous, rhyming dinosaur book.  We look forward to seeing who is in our special reading chair next …

    Lovely to see many parents at our Open afternoon to get involved in reading too.  

    Many thanks,

    The Y2 Team

  • Friday 9th March (Mrs Noble)

    This week class two have listened to a great story - "Mad About Dinosaurs" by the author Giles Andreae who also wrote "Commotion In the Ocean" among other popular, well known story books that children have read in school and we are sure at home too.  Children had to identify adjectives, adverbs, verbs and nouns which they are now getting really skilled at. 

    Also in grammar we have focused on when and where to use possessive apostrophes for belonging and we did this through our topic work with our cheeky, new inflatable dinosaurs who stole different items from around our school e.g. Mr. Chaloner's tools, Mrs. Noble's pens and Lucy's books!  Please try to look for possessive apostrophes in reading books this week to help children to naturally include in their writing one of the skills required to be working at greater depth in Year 2. 

    In Maths, we have learnt more about symmetry and children accurately drew the other half of various dinosaurs using mirrors to help.  Y2 had to think carefully and take their time to ensure that both the shape, size and colour of the dinosaur's features matched identically on both sides.  The children were very proud of their impressive looking dinosaurs at the end. 

    As we are getting closer to our Y2 challenges, we have been working through some great revision questions as a class each day.  Please do follow up on the ones we have covered so far as they go through spelling, grammar and Maths arithmetic and reasoning all on one page.  The Maths arithmetic in particular are in general the ones the class are struggling with most so any extra 1- 1 at home would be useful.  Feel free to have a little look;

    Happy Mother's Day to all you amazing ladies who juggle a billion and one things every day whilst still keeping a smile on your face! We hope you manage to put your feet up for just one day and get treated like a princess for the day by your little superstar!

    Enjoy weekend,

    Mrs. Noble and Mrs. Eva and our amazing Y2 team of adults! 

  • Friday 2nd March (Mrs Noble)

    Welcome back to a rather unusual week in school, one that I am sure our children have enjoyed with a few extra snow days to extend their holiday! 

    This week in Maths children have been learning all about length.  If possible, please use rulers to estimate and measure in cm's.  Children learnt facts such as 10 mm = 1 cm and 100cm= 1 metre so if they can have tape measures to get measuring at home accurately that would be really helpful.  We had great fun measuring our friends to conclude some fascinating body facts - see if your child can remember the experiments we did- they were amazed! (e.g. foot/ arm/ height and arm span). 

    In Science, C2 have started their new topic all about plants.  We have been identifying plants, trees and flowers to develop their knowledge and understanding through playing bingo games and writing definitions about different flower/ growing vocabulary.  Please do try to take time to explore flowers maybe in your garden/ home if possible, park, garden centre etc. 

    Our key Science skills for this half term are; 

    • Observe and describe how seeds and bulbs grow into mature plants.
    • Find out and describe how plants need water, light and a suitable temperature to grow and stay healthy.
    • The more you can talk and research at home, the more they will be able to contribute in our Science lessons.  If anyone has any spare plants/ flowers at home that you could donate to C2 to explore we would be extremely grateful... 

    In our 3.00pm reading story time this week, we read a brilliant story called 'Ada Twist Scientist' which taught children about asking lots of questions; who, where, when, what, why, how etc. to be like a real Scientist - please encourage your child to ask questions about the world around them to futher develop their Scientific minds in addition, the more you ask them questions the more it will model to them how to ask inquisitive questions. 

    Ready for kickstarting our new topic on dinosaurs next week, please try to get to the library or do some on line reading about dinosaurs to develop your vocabulary about dinosaurs.

    Anyone who write a special diary or report about their 'snow days' with some pictures or photographs will receive 5 merits - we would love to hear what you got up to... 

    Please remember to try using your Times Tables Rock Stars passwords handed out before the holidays to explore this new website and practise your 2, 5, 10 and 3 times tables facts and division facts to try to learn them off by heart. 

    Newsletters, homework grids and spellings are also attached so lots to keep you all busy! 

    Keep warm, have fun sledging and building snowmen and fingers crossed we can all be back together for some dinosaur fun on Monday!

    Best wishes, 

    Mrs. Noble and Mrs. Eva 

  • Friday 16th February (Mrs Noble)

    Wow where did that half term whizz?  I am sure everyone is definitely ready for a break from the school routine and some time for fun and relaxation (fingers crossed!).

    Class 2 have been busy beavers this week completing different Y2 challenges.  Please do try to go over their papers, look at scores for whether your child is starting to be in line with year group SATS expectations (over half marks), exceeding / working at greater depth (getting most answers correct) or if they still need quite a lot of support and are working towards expectations (less than half of the answers correct approximately). 

    Please keep papers safe but feel free to edit / write on them to help your child understand any questions they did not yet get correct.  We have of course gone over answers together as a whole class but 1- 1 individual support would be so useful if possible please.

    However, for moderation purposes and evidence of how your child is performing, we need ALL papers returned so if they can come back by the 2nd Wednesday back after the holidays to give 2 weeks to work on any difficulties at home that would be really helpful.

    Despite lots of tricky work, many stickers for improvements since Autumn term challenges were rewarded (well done if you received 1, 2 or ever 3!).

    We did still manage to make and devour some delicious pancakes after being inspired by reading ‘The RunAway Pancake’ on Tuesday and made you some Valentines Cards too - we hope you liked them!

    Have a fantastic holiday everyone!

    Look forward to seeing you all back for our epic new topic ‘Deadly Dinosaurs!’.

    Mrs. Noble and Mrs. Eva

  • Friday 2nd February (Mrs Noble)

    This week, Class 2 have been working incredibly hard on their handwriting joins and we are delighted that two more children have successfully achieved their pen licence.  Well done to Lily and Lucas who were so desperate to gain their pen licence certificate and pen to write with.  Keep going everyone – we hope to announce more next week… Class 2 have been so proud of their peers when this has been achieved which has been delightful to witness them congratulating their friends (what a lovely bunch Y2 are!).  Lots of excellent examples of handwriting are now displayed on our wall in class of children writing out beautifully ‘Under The Sea’ lyrics from The Little Mermaid which has been our karaoke favourite this week!

    As part of our Topic / Geography work we have researched about The Great Barrier Reef in Australia and carried out Internet research on the IPADS to learn fascinating facts about it.  This led to children producing some interesting fact files.

    Aswell, children were enthralled in our History learning about Grace Darling.  You could almost hear a pin drop they were so eager to listen and find out more about this brave heroine which led to some detailed and descriptive writing all about her life and dramatic sea rescue.

    Please work hard on silent letters to consolidate spelling activities from class this week in order to help you gain lots of strawberries in our fruit/ ice cream spelling Bee party before Easter (time is soon creeping up on us!).

    Next week, we are going to be writing riddles about sea creatures so if possible try to read some riddle poems to help you understand what makes a great riddle.  Please do keep up reading lots and lots as we will be carrying out some reading assessments over the next few weeks to hopefully move a few children onto new book bands just in time for our new home/ school reading book arrival in the library.  More things to look forward to! 

    Many thanks,

    Mrs. Noble, Mrs. Eva, Mrs. Wilson, Mrs. Shaw (who now works with Y2 as well to help us in the run up to our SAT’s) and Mrs. Chapman. 


  • Friday 26th January (Mrs Noble)

    This week, we had great fun creating our our animals by combining parts of different, more unusual animals.  We loved using a website called 'Switch Zoo' and an amazing book called 'Flip Flap Farm' by Alex Scheffler (please do bring in any others in the series if you have them at home - e.g. Flip Flap Safari, Ocean etc. as they really are fabulous!).  Children have been trying to improve their Art/ drawing skills by using more attention to detail by carefully observing pictures of different animals.  It has been inspiring to already see some great artists in the making too who have earnt themselves quite a few merits for their efforts and talents. 

    In Science, we also learnt more about 'Winter' and how this affects animals, plants and the weather.  We used film clips to help us discuss the differences between the seasons then had an arty afternoon painting Winter scenes (apologies for any dirty uniforms I too was covered in icy blue paint!).  

    As part of our Topic, we carried out lots of reading and comprehensions all about 'The Titanic'.  The children were fascinated to learn lots of facts about this disaster in History and hopefully it will inspire them to do even more research in books or on the Internet about the Titanic.  Please do take the time to talk and share your knowledge with children about this significant event in History.  As they were so enthused, we have decided to study some more History next week to inspire us to write a diary of a heroine called Grace Darling who for those of you don't know carried out the most brave sea rescue. Hopefully you will have the chance to read some of their writing during Parents Evening.

    Look forward to seeing you all next week, 

    The Y2 Team

    PS Please try to get out any clocks / wear watches to help your child learn to tell the time.  We are on a mission to ensure that this important life skill is taught well and understood.  Y2 need to at least know; o' clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to and it would be really helpful if children could also get a flavour of reading the time in 5 minute intervals.  We need your help please...! Thank you for your support. 


  • Friday 19th January (Mrs Noble)

    This week we have carried out lots of follow up work from our unbelievable trip to Chester Zoo.

    We have written recounts (some even wrote 3 pages) of our visit last Friday, learnt how to group and classify different animals into groups using lots of technical Scientific vocabulary (e.g. mammal, reptile, amphibian, bird, fish, vertebrate, invertebrate, carnivore, omnivore, herbivore).  Try to check to see if your child can give a clear definition of all of these words we have been learning about and give you examples of animals which fit into these groups.

    4 children have also achieved their pen licence for beautiful, neat and accurate joined up handwriting in all of their books consistently.  A massive well done to; Matilda, Hannah, Henry and Lilian.  We look forward to seeing who will hopefully achieve theirs in the next half term as well. A special mention to Matilda who was the very first child to be awarded her pen licence for her pace, fluency and attention to detail in all her handwriting and written work all the time.  

    On Tuesday, we wrote more quality writing about our visit from Stockport County and the important messages that they taught us about making the right choices and being healthy.  We hope that lots will take up the offer of the free tickets from Stockport County to cheer on our local team- come on County! (fingers crossed for a win at Edgeley Park with the support of All Saints’ to cheer them on on the 27th January…!).

    You may have also heard that C2 have adopted a Polar Bear so we will be doing lots of work linked around this as children are all so excited about our new responsibilities looking after the Polar Bear. 

    Next week in Maths we are learning all about ‘money’ so please do get out your purses and money boxes to get counting and asking some challenging questions.  (See attached for the type of things we will be covering – Block 3 planning). 

    Please do keep up reading as much as you can about animals and fish in particular for our new topic.  Don’t forget to make the most of Marple Library – the more you read the more you know.  The more you know the more places you will go…


    Many thanks from the Y2 team. 

  • Thursday 11th January (Mrs Noble)

    What a fantastic week C2 have had from adopting a polar bear (we can't wait to write all about our new pet next week), our trip to the zoo, a great Science Assembly (please remember to sign up for the club if you are interested) and lots and lots of Maths we have certainly been busy, busy, busy! 

    In Maths, children have been working on division and graphs and data.  Please see attachments of the type of questions we have been working on and maybe try to have a go at some together at home.  

    In reading, children have been learning off by heart and listening to; "We're Going on a Bear Hunt" to inspire us to do some fabulous writing changing the character in the text. 

    In Science, we have learnt more features of fish and to name different types of fish (try to have a trip to the fish mongers if possible to look in more detail).  

    A great start to 2018 Y2 - keep up the hard work and we are hoping to award the first set of pen licences next week so keep working on that presentation and joined up handwriting everyone please- I wonder who will receive them first? 

    Best wishes, 

    Mrs. Noble and Mrs. Eva 

  • Tuesday 19th December (Mrs Noble)

    Happy Christmas to all of Class 2! 

    What a wonderful way to end the term with your amazing Christmas Prodution- we are so, so proud of you all! 

    Hope Father Christmas brings you everything that you deserve ... 

    Over Christmas please don't forget to try to...

    • Go on Sum Dog (Maths and Grammar/ Reading), (we will keep checking who has been working hard over the holidays)
    • Read your reading books
    • Learn as many Y2 words from your spelling list ready for our next Spelling Bee (or Y3 words if you have nearly got them all) 
    • Try to complete KS1 test C, D and E (we will track your %'s over the holidays)
    • Learn your tables x and division facts for 2,5, 10's and 3's (4's if you are fluent with these already please) 
    • And of course don't forget to draw/ write your postcard to send back to school all about Christmas! 

    Have fun everyone - see you all in 2018!

    Mrs. Noble and Mrs. Eva 

  • Friday 15th December (Mrs Noble)

    Hi All

    We have been practising for our Christmas Play, it's been a couple of weeks since we started but  after lots of fun, rehearsals, giggles and learning new songs i think you'll agree it was AMAZING ! ! !My favourite song was 'Christmas Candle' and i loved wearing my bright green Leprechaun outfit heart

    I think all our parents think that we are all All Saints' Super stars after yesterdays performances.

    The next best thing to happen this week was the Elf Selection, if your were; kind, hard working, quiet, used your manners or showed a great mindset towards your work you could selected to be a Leader Elf or an Elf Apprentice. 

    Elf Leaders got to wear an Elf outfit and the Apprentiship elves got to wear an elf hat with Elf ears. 

    Check out the photos to see our Elves and one was even an elf on a table ( That's Me! )

    Do you think you could become an Elf next week? 

    Have a Magical weekend from me, Lilian x

  • Friday 8th December (Mrs Noble)

    This week saw us completing lots of excellent quality writing in line with our whole school target of improving writing. 

    First, we had fun writing a beginning, middle and ending of our own Moz The Monster Christmas Adventure story based on the John Lewis advert (one of Mrs. Noble's favourites).  If you look on the 'Christmas Shed' on the Internet there are lots of sensational short adverts and Christmas clips with some excellent ideas linked to writing on.  Perhaps something to keep up writing over the Christmas holidays...  

    Then, we wrote our detailed and interesting letters to Father Christmas.  Please try to learn to write and spell addresses and postcodes off by heart as most children really struggled with this (an important skill to know for the future!). 

    On Tuesday, we had a Polar Express Morning.  Each one of us recieved a golden ticket to board 'The Polar Express' and we enjoyed a wonderful morning of listening to the Polar Express story, watching short extracts to inspire us with great ideas from the film and then finally wrote some terrific, descriptive sentences.  We worked hard on using all our senses to write sentences to hook the reader in and made sure we didn't use any low level vocabulary like good or small (but instead lots of advanced, technical vocabulary to enhance our writing).  If anyone has chance to watch The Polar Express over the next week and writes any wonderful stories 5 merits will be awarded...

    Wrap up for a cold, snowy and festive weekend everyone!
    Keep learning those lines off by heart! 

    Best wishes, 

    Mrs. Noble, Mrs. Eva and Mrs. Wilson 

    PS On Wednesday, children will bring home their Nativity outfits to come dressed in them on Thursday morning ready for our first performance up at Church at 9.30 am. They will need to bring their school uniform in a labelled carrier bag please to change into once back at school later in the morning. 

    After school on Thursday, we will send home their Nativity outfits so that they can get changed into them at home ready to arrive back at Church at 5.40pm ready for the performance at 6.00pm (please DO NOT come too early as staff will not be available until this time).  

    We look forward to seeing as many families and friends there as possible.  There will be plenty of room at Church so please do invite as many family members as you wish to both performances. 

    Thank you. 

  • Friday 1st December (Mrs Noble)

    Friday 1st December 2017 ( Hannah )

    We have worked really hard on our Maths tests this week.

    Our maths has involved learning about 2D and 3D shapes and their properties. We are now experts at guessing ' What shape am I ? '

    Using only 3 clues.

    Class 2's art work this week has been created using mixed media; watercolours and black card, and our shape knowledge.

    The final result is fabulous as you can see below . . . .

    We will be practising our Christmas Production with out our scripts in our hands ! ! ! 

    So all hands on deck this weekend and get those lines pitch perfect in readiness, we also need our costumes in for Monday or Tuesday.

     Many thanks for all your help families, you are all as awesome as your children.


  • Friday 24th November (Mrs Noble)

    Class 2 have been having a great Science week learning all about animals and their young in preparation for our trip to Chester Zoo (we are all sooooooo excited!).  Try to see if your child can name 20 animals and the name of their young which was something we all learnt in class this week with everyone learning something new! 

    Also, we had great fun painting (by request from Lucas) our Autumn scenes as we explored the changes in our environment with the trees, plants and animals during this season.  This is something that we will continue to explore each season as part of our Science learning on changes. 

    In addition, we learnt about life cycles of frogs and butterflies (this was a bit of a challenge) and explored more about different habitats where animals lived to sort them appropriately.  

    Most people's favourite (except maybe Mrs. Noble's ha ha!!!) was exploring microhabitats on the field and having photographs taken with mini beasts for our Minibeast photo gallery in our Science books. We found worms, bugs, slugs, ladybirds, spiders and ants galore! 

    If you have any chance to explore any BBC film clips of Science for KS1 based on animals OR have a try out of any online quizzes etc. this would be fantastic to help develop some great Science skills to help you be a real animal star at Chester Zoo! 

    Please see a list of key objectives for Science that children will cover this year in the attachments.  Hope you find this useful any questions feel free to ask. 

    Many thanks,
    Mrs. Noble and Mrs. Eva 

  • Friday 10th November (Mrs Noble)

    Dear Families,

    Class 2 this week have been concentrating on Remembrance Day, We have written our own Diary entry as a solider in the trenches. Focusing on adjectives to make our writing come alive.

    Our handwriting practise has been helping us to join our letters.

    Mrs Eva talked to us about the reasons that we wear a poppy; one of the reason is because after the war, poppies were found growing on the battle fields. The red represents the blood that was lost during the war.

    We have been learning how to multiply numbers, using arrays and singing songs to help us learn our 2,5 and 10 times tables. During our maths lesson some of us learnt how to divide numbers.

    Have a lovely weekend from Isaac H yes


    We would really appreciate it if every week you could try to make a brief comment or encourage your child to in their reading records as there has been a real lack of responses for many in the class which is a shame as this is a great place to communicate anything with school.  

    Please do remember that your, DB Primary and Sumdog passwords are all stuck in the front of your reading records and can be used to carryout additional extra bits of learning at home that will hugely help you with those challenging end of year targets!  It would probably be helpful if parents took a photo and made a note of these passwords in a safe place to use as often as possible.  These are all websites that school pay for to help your child with their learning in and especially out of school so the more you use them, the more your child will benefit.

    Many Thanks from 

    Mrs Noble and Mrs Eva

  • Friday 3rd November (Mrs Noble)

    Dear families,

    Class 2 have had the perfect start to our 'Fire, Fire' topic with reading and performing firework poems (acrostic, shape and senses poems) as well as writing some of our own firework poems which were terrific!  We definitely have some budding poets in Y2!

    Class 2 are getting alot more confident with grammar terminology of; noun, verb, adjective, adverb and preposition as they are being so resourceful and using our new class working wall to help.  Please do try to discuss these words, spot them in your reading books etc. or try to write sentences including these different grammar terms.  Don't forget families you have a glossary in your Y2 packs that were handed out at our Y2 meeting in September to help (if you need a little reminder too!). 

    We would really appreciate it if every week you could try to make a brief comment or encourage your child to in their reading records as there has been a real lack of responses for many in the class which is a shame as this is a great place to communicate anything with school.  

    Please do remember that your, DB Primary and Sumdog passwords are all stuck in the front of your reading records and can be used to carryout additional extra bits of learning at home that will hugely help you with those challenging end of year targets!  It would probably be helpful if parents took a photo and made a note of these passwords in a safe place to use as often as possible.  These are all websites that school pay for to help your child with their learning in and especially out of school so the more you use them, the more your child will benefit. 

    Have a great bonfire weekend- stay safe and have a wonderful time one and all! (The Fire Brigade assembly taught us all how to stay safe so fingers crossed...).

    Mrs. Noble and Mrs. Eva 

  • Friday 20th October (Mrs Noble)

    Well done on a wonderful first half term Year 2!

    Have a fantastic holiday with family and friends and if you have chance do please try to get reading your new reading books- congratulations if you have moved up a book band!

    In addition, don't forget to access Sumdog - Maths AND/ OR Reading 'holiday challenges' we will be awarding children who have managed to get on and earn some points! 

    As well, don't forget to try out to help you with your grammar you might want to have a go at Y1 challenge C and D as revision to keep you ticking over all that tricky grammar vocabulary from last year.  Try to get 60% +... .

    Both of these on line programs will also help to develop your IT skills (a great and no doubt necessary skill for the future) so what are you waiting for?

    Can't wait to see you all after a great rest ready for 'FIRE, FIRE!' our next action packed, fun filled and fabulous new Topic.

    Best wishes,

    Mrs. Noble and Mrs. Eva 

  • Friday 13th October (Mrs Noble)

    Class 2 have had a great week learning all about food from around the world. 

    They have learnt about a wonderful Italian artist Arcimboldo who made fruit and vegetable faces and have tried to recreate his Art work on the computer by clicking, dragging, enlarging and rotating.  

    Please keep reading and commenting in the reading records as we have quite a few children ready to move up onto the next book band level following some assessments for the holidays...! 

    "We have enjoyed learning about responsibilies in Jigsaw"- Penny.

    "We have been learning about the Good Samaritan and the Paralysed Man from the bible. We are enjoying ticking off 15 Acts of Kindness"- by Lilian. 

    "We have played on 'Hit The Button' website to help us in Maths- Zac". 

    "We have learnt about food and rationing in the war- it was interesting - Lily".

    Can't wait for Church Week next week!
    Have a great weekend families,

    Mrs. Noble and Mrs. Eva 



  • Friday 6th October (Mrs Noble)

    Class 2 have been getting to grips with our new website (mentioned at the Y2 parents meeting).  They have been improving their Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar skills (SPAG) as well as their typing and computing skills on the I- Pads. As part of revision, C2 are revising all the key terminology learnt last year with some Y1 on line challenges that we have set them.  When they manage to get 70% +, we will start to assign them the Y2 tasks.  The website username and password will be in the front of reading records handed out on Monday.  Please do try to go on and most importantly, try to help your child to understand any questions that they didn't quite get correct. Good luck everyone! Any queries please do just ask. 

    Class 2 have also had great fun writing their own twists on 'The Enormous Turnip' story changing characters, settings and titles.  Their creativity and imagination has been superb and they have enjoyed having time to become Y2 authors! 

    As part of our reading work, Class 2 have carried out some paired reading comprehesions all about 'Fairtrade' to also develop their understanding as part of our Harvest learning.  They are definitely improving at answering written comprehension questions with more detail and we are super proud of them! 

    In Maths, we have been working on number bonds (pairs) to 20, multiples of 10 that total 100 as well as following patterns adding 10 and taking away 10 using a 100 square to support and a game on the computer called SPLAT 100 square.  You may want to have a little go yourselves at home.  

    How am I a good Samaritan? You may want to ask your child their thoughts after reflecting on the bible story of 'The Good Samaritan' last week in Discovery and to share your ideas with them too.  

    Have a lovely weekend everyone,

    Mrs. Noble and Mrs. Eva 


  • Friday 29th September (Mrs Noble)

    This week Y2 enjoyed a wonderful presentation based on the Jewish festival of Yom Kippur which we followed up with some paired reading comprehensions.  Y2 hugely impressed us highlighting the answers with their yellow highlighters and scanning through the text quickly to find the correct answer in the text.  

    We have made a great start to our Grammar key vocabulary for Y2 using a wonderful book many of you we are sure you will know; 'The Tiger Who Came For Tea'.  Y2 especially liked the part when the Tiger drank all daddy's beer!!! Children spotted adjectives - describing words, nouns- things you can touch, adverbs - words that add more information to the verb which often end in ly and verbs - action / doing words.  We then wrote sensational sentences about the text including all these different grammar terms.  See if your child can spot some of these in their reading books this week please. 

    Most excitingly, you may have heard that we started learning our joined up handwriting (Y2 were super mature and extremely proud of their first try!).  You could hear a pin drop in Y2 as everyone was concentrating so hard.  Well done Y2! 

    In Maths, we have been singing some 'Funky Times Tables' songs with groovy dances.  This has helped us with our 5's and 2's this week.  Please do keep practising (e.g. What is 6 X 5? 8 x 2?).  For an extra challenge you may want to try to related division facts - (e.g. 20 divided by 5 = (how many 5's go into 20 using your fingers; 5, 10, 15, 20 = the answer is 4). 

    Have a super weekend and look forward to more super learning including some yummy food next week everyone!
    Best wishes,

    Mrs. Noble and Mrs. Eva 


  • Friday 22nd September (Mrs Noble)

    “I liked writing my thank you letter to Rick for bringing in nice food from All Things Nice”. 

    By Alfie

    In Science, we drew pictures of our bodies and learnt lots of new names.  We played a game Mrs. Noble says!  The Science vocabulary hugely impressed me!

    C2 have written some amazing poems called ‘The Taste Collector’ by Roger Mc Gough based on ‘The Sound Collector’.  They all look wonderful on our class display with ‘ness’ spellings.

    Have a great weekend!

    Mrs. Eva and Mrs. Noble

    PS Please, please, please let us know if you can’t make Monday’s parents meeting at 3.30 (crèche available) or 6.00pm.  We need 100% attendance… to help you help your child! 

  • Friday 15th September (Mrs Noble)

    "I have enjoyed writing out the school prayer so we can remember it to say at the end of the day.  Also, I liked going on DB Primary on the ipads this afternoon and I drew some pictures.  I learnt about Potter's Village and that some people are poor in Uganda.  I decorated a dotty and swirly pot that is displayed in class and am pleased everyone has some lovely writing up in class on display".

    By Lilian T 

    Thanks to families who were able to attend this mornings Open Morning to start to get a flavour of life in Y2.  For anyone unable to attend due to other commitments, it won't be long until you get to pop in for our next Y2 Parents Meeting (see events diary).  

    Please can families take care of homework books and folders to keep them neatly presented and in good condition. Please stick into the homework folder any tasks completed and return both your folder and book every Wednesday.  We will top up activities in the folders for you to choose from each week. 

    Have a great weekend (maybe bump into some of you at the Food and Drinks Festival). 

    Thank you,

    Mrs. Eva and Mrs. Noble 

  • Friday 8th September (Mrs Noble)

    Class 2 have been an absolute delight to teach this week and we couldn't be prouder of how they have settled so well in to Year Two life! Their relationships and ability to support and help each other have hugely impressed us and we can't wait to really get stuck in to having lots more more together! 

    "I love my new class and Mrs. Eva she is really nice and teaches us loads of things!  I enjoyed doing Maths - adding and taking away." by Millie 

    "I really liked painting the crosses for our purple Discovery books. The best thing is that we are having a bit of a boogie to celebrate such a great first week.  I feel so excited and overjoyed!" by Ava 

    Have a great weekend! Do not hesitate to see us before/ after school if you want to chat about any thing in this important few weeks. 

    Best wishes,

    Mrs. Eva (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday) and Mrs. Noble (Monday, Tuesday). 

  • Friday 28th July (Mrs Noble)

    Dear Year 2, 

    What an amazing year! I have loved spending every minute teaching you all this year and I am bursting with pride at the fantastic, loving, caring and hard working children you have blossomed into.  A massive thank you for all the cards, special words and gifts that means such a lot to me as you all hold such a special place in my heart. 

    You are most definitely ready for Year 3 and I can't wait to pop in lots when you are with Miss. Houghton in my role as Head teacher and celebrate all the achievements that you make along your next journey in 2017- 2018.

    For now, have a lovely rest, spend quality time with your family, friends and loved ones and I will miss you all dearly. 

    Schools out for Summer- make special memories to last forever! 

    Thank you for everything! 

    Mrs. Noble 

    PS Keep up the reading, spelling (look at your new Y3 list!), get learning your times tables and maybe send a postcard from holiday to Miss.Houghton or keep a diary.  Every little helps!

  • Friday 7th July (Mrs Noble)

    This week class 2 have had fun meeting their new teacher Miss. Houghton on Wednesday and Thursday. They particularly enjoyed asking her lots of interesting questions (she answered most although some were rather funny like “how many kilograms do you weigh?” which made her chuckle!).  We also had a special circle time with Miss. Houghton to tell her why we are precious and special.  She told us a bit about herself and we were fascinated that she can speak in Thai!

    The best thing about this week has been reading the Stockport Book Awards Books, writing reviews on them and producing some art work.  There are 5 in total that we have listened to, read and evaluated.  It has been a great week of storytelling and reading for pleasure!

    By all Class 2



  • Friday 30th June (Mrs Noble)

    This week Class 2 have been having lots of fun getting active! Our highlights of the week included;

    Smoothie making (which also included Mrs. Wilson’s amazing popcorn machine as a little treat afterwards!).

    Luckily, we had a visit from the dental nurse so we know how to keep our teeth healthy and clean too and have written great letters to thank them for their presentation.

    Tag Rugby – We loved this game and could see some budding new talent who may want to start at Marple Rugby Club with Ben’s mummy and daddy from Year 3.

    In Science, we were learning the names of lots of new bones in our body (and reading Bella’s book) to help us find out more about our wonderful bodies and how to keep them fit and healthy.

    Crazy Golf was great fun! 

    Best of all was probably Forest Schools making a den for the elves.  Being out on the field was so peaceful and relaxing allowing us all (especially Mrs. Noble) to reflect on how lucky we are to have this fabulous area at the back of the field to let our imaginations fly! Thanks to Mrs. Eva for making this such an awe inspiring session around the camp fire!

    From all Class 2

    Don’t forget- we are on week 3 of the spelling list - sorry for any confusion. 

    Friday- Pirate outfits / accessories would be great if possible for our Canal trip next Friday (if possible).

    Look forward to seeing you at the Summer Fair! 

  • Friday 23rd June (Mrs Noble)

    "I have really enjoyed all the Pirate things about Black Beard this week.  We wrote about him and put it in a factfile. Also I loved doing the treasure maps with Mrs. Manning we drew our own maps and she thought mine was so good that she gave me a merit because I used a key with five identical things on to my map. 

    In Science we have learnt about keeping healthy and hygienic we did an experiment about how far germs can spread  - it was disgusting!Also, we have found out about what food we should eat like; brocolli, mushrooms, apples and oranges.  If you don't eat healthy things you will get fat and lazy and it is not healthy for your body. 

    In Music, Mrs. Noble has been teaching us some fun sea shanties like 'A Pirate Went to Sea' and the 'The Big Ship Sails on the Alley Alley Oh' and Mrs. Noble said I have a beautiful pitch in my voice. 

    I have also started to create a pirate tattoo - mine has on a skull and cross swords on and it looks really cool (you would love it if you could see it!) 

    By Ethan 

    Growth Mindset: Erin 

    Star Writer: Freya 

    Please remember to come in sports clothes every day next week for our Active Week! 



  • Friday 16th June (Mrs Noble)

    We wrote about famous pirates after we had researched them on the ipads and in non fiction books.

    We loved preparing for our Graduation even though we had to wear bin bags! The sashes and graduation hats were the best! 

    Some people had to learn their lines.  We had many practices and wrote prayers,we even learnt a Dr Seuss poem and two songs; Change and Grow' and one about moving on with finger snaps.

    Please can every child bring in a big pair of new underpants for our work on 'Aliens Love Underpants'. 

    By Class 2 

    Class 2 have made me so proud in our Y2 Graduation this morning! We hope you enjoyed it those who managed to make it!

    C2 have had a fantastic 2 days with Mrs. Manning starting off their new Pirate Topic and I know that she has loved teaching them again!

    Have a super weekend and maybe see some of you at the Carnival.

    Many thanks 

    Mrs. Noble 

  • Friday 26th May (Mrs Noble)

    "We had an amazing party to celebrate the end of the Y2 challenges.  We all ate lots of party food (thank you mums and dads!).  We even got to watch Gnomio and Juliet. Henry's mum came to play 'Carnival of the Animals' on her cello, double bass and violin.  We heard elephants, swans, donkeys and the tortoise.  Today we wore our own clothes and donated money to Manchester's emergency fund to help the families and hospitals.  We even managed to have left over food at the end of the day today - how lucky!"

    By Amelia

    Growth Mindset- Freya

    Star Writer- Amelia

    Sum Sog Champions - Jack and Tyler 

    Have an amazing holiday everyone - get researching about Pirates and I can't wait for our final half term together.  We will enjoy every moment together as we truly do adore spending time learning and having lots of fun together!

    Best wishes,

    Mrs. Noble 


  • Friday 19th May (Mrs Noble)

    "We had to find finding different trees, leaves and plants and we got to draw pictures of them on the field for our Science work. 

    I liked it when we had our visitors from Africa and Hope played the drums it was really LOUD! I think it would be very noisy in the schools in Uganda because there can be 107 children in one class!  It would  be a lot noisier than in Year 2! 

    We have learnt about Africa and drew animals around a map of Africa using our atlases to help. 

    It was really fun when we did our Maths tests this week- my mum is really proud of me because I have been doing lots of homework! 

    We have spent some time on Sumdog this week practising lots of Maths games and earning lots of points and prizes! 

    We can't wait for our party on Monday (don't forget party clothes and food please!) then it will soon be time for my holiday!!!"

    By Brooke. 

    Star Writer: Soren 

    Growth Mindset: Leila 

    No homework for class 2 this weekend - have some special time with your family and friends instead - you most certainly deserve it after all your hard work in school and at home for 'Show Off Weeks!'. 

    Well done for working incredibly hard Year 2 - I cannot thank you enough - you are truly wonderful! 

    From Mrs. Noble 

    PS Please note that after the holidays our new Topic will be; 'SHIVER ME TIMBERS!' all about 'PIRATES!'.  As we have a number of special Pirate Days organised, we would be very grateful if the children could have a PIRATE costume to wear.  Hope this gives a little bit more notice for anyone going away in the holidays to; beg, borrow, buy or even make for some of you creative parents and children out there...! Thank you in advance.  

  • Friday 12th May (Mrs Noble)


    This week I have enjoyed doing halves, quarters, two quarter which is the same as a half and thirds of numbers in Maths.  I am very proud that I was growth mind set last week because I have got a lot better at Maths and have been listening very carefully to Mrs. Noble and at home.  Mrs. Noble wants us to get better counting forwards and backwards in 10’s so that we are really fast and speedy!

    I liked the tour guide lady at Knowsley Safari Park and I loved the zebras and I learnt that a group of them are called a ‘dazzle’.  We have written recounts about our trip and Mrs. Clayton and Mrs. Wilson have made a fantastic display with lots of pictures on of our amazing day out! 

    When we were in the Y6 classroom this week, we acted out ‘Where The Wild Things Are’ and it was sad when Max wanted to leave the island because all the animals roared their terrible roar, gnashed their terrible teeth, rolled their terrible eyes and clawed their terrible claws.  We all did the actions and went a bit crazy!

    I was very happy after our reading challenges this week because we were allowed to go onto the big playground in the Juniors!  We had such fun on the trim trail in the sunshine!

    By Lois

    Growth Mindset- Ethan

    Star Writer- Amelia

    Sumdog stars- Kelan, Finley and Erin 

    Pen licence- Leo 

    I have been absolutely amazed at how fantastically C2 are doing with their Y2 'Show off Week' for reading.  They are totally wonderful and couldn't work any harder- they are a real credit to you all! Next week is our special 'Show off Maths Week' so I can't wait for lots of number games in school next week to support and help them.

    Thanks for everything!
    Mrs. Noble 

    PS Good Luck the the MCA Cheerleaders in Y2 - GO GIRLS at your competition tomorrow! 


  • Friday 5th May (Mrs Noble)

    "I liked writing about minibeasts after reading 'Mad About Minibeasts' by Giles Andreae.  We have had lots of fun revising our spellings by taking our pen for a ride and making lots of circles in different colours to write our spellings inside.  Also, we did spelling relay races with magnetic letters on the Junior playground - words with soft g like giraffe and words like cell with a soft c in them.  We loved playing hangman to remember all our silent letters and even made bracelets with threading letters to spell homophones (words that sound the same with different spellings and different meanings. We have spent lots of time on and I am getting better and better! In Science, we learnt about animals and plants that live in the Rainforest and watched some fab videos!"

    By Erin 

    Growth Mindset- Lois

    Sumdog - Jacob, - Tyler and Ava 

    Star Writer - Finley 

    Please note that on Monday for the trip to Knowsley Safari Park Class 2 will be going with Miss. Leah (our current Y3 teacher) as part of transition into the Juniors.  The trip is being led by Mrs. Manning and all the other Class 2 team adults will be attending for what hopes to be an AMAZING day!  Due to management commitments with the Y6 assessment tests I will be in school and can't wait to hear all about their exciting day.  Miss. Leah has been in to chat to Y2 about our trip and share her expert knowledge on animals!

    Thank you all Y2 children for great work on spelling and grammar showing off how everyone is a Y2 superstar today!  Please keep up reading and bits of reading comprehensions ready for next week and your time to shine about how brilliant you all are at reading!

    Best wishes,

    Mrs. Noble 

  • Friday 28th April (Mrs Noble)

    “I have enjoyed adding and subtracting using the bar method.  It was really cool singing and dancing to the Lion King and The Ugly Bug ball.  We had to write out the lyrics like a poem in our best, joined up writing.  In Science, we have planted tomatoes we hope it will grow and not get messy like the ones me and Keane planted at home because we forget to water them!  We had an awesome time reading the ‘Hooba Looba’ the funniest bit was when he was cleaning the moon with a great contraption of brushes, mops and hoovers! Last week we drew and made our own Flip Flap Pets book based on a fantastic book by Alex Scheffler mine was a cat and a bunny called a ‘cunny’.  We are pleased that they are on display in class now!" 

    By Freya 

    Have a wonderful extended weekend everyone and look forward to seeing you all next week!

    Thank you 

    Mrs. Noble and The Team! 

  • Friday 31st March (Mrs Noble)

    Class 2 have had a fun filled last week for Easter with everything from making teaspoon (tsp) prayers (starting each line with; thank you, sorry and please) to wear at our Easter service, to typing Easter cards and making and learning all about Russian Faberge Eggs.  

    I hope that everyone has found the recent assessment tests carried out by children in their book bags - spelling test scores (out of 64), Maths arithmetic and reasoning papers and Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar assessments.  The children have worked independendently and tried hard on these really challenging questions.  In class we have gone over all the answers and children have marked their own (which have also been checked by the C2 teaching team so hopefully they are all accurate now!).  It would be really helpful if you have any time over the holidays to go over any questions that your child did not get correct and to make up other similar questions to try to support with individual target areas.  

    For the Maths papers, added together last year '37/ 60' was the benchmark score for being 'in line' with year group expectations so this should give you an indication of how your child has performed.  With anything around 54 + being working at greater depth. For the SPAG paper '25/40' was the expectation set by the Government for 'working at' Year 2 expectations and around '35' for exceeding year group expectations.  Therefore anything less would be showing that (in a test your child) was still 'working towards' expectation.  

    Please note that reading papers will be handed out first day back after the holidays so that families are kept well informed of their child's progress and areas of development in all areas. 

    As per the Y2 assessment letter you should have all received home this evening, please, please DO NOT WORRY and if any one would like any further chats or ideas how to support and help you know where I am after the holidays! 

    Finally, I hope you have an amazing holiday with your precious, little one/s and look forward to seeing everyone refreshed (after no doubt eating copious amounts of chocolate from the Easter Bunny!).  They are all simply sensational and I will miss them lots but also can't wait to spend special family time with my own little family! 

    Thanks for everything!
    Mrs. Noble 

  • Friday 24th March (Mrs Noble)

    “We did our big spelling test on Monday and it was fun because I love writing!  We have written a story of ‘The Enormous Turnip’ and it was very exciting because we were allowed to change it around by adding different characters and different foods.  My story was called ‘The Gigantic Starburst’.  Mrs. Noble wanted us to use apostrophes and ‘or’ conjunctions in our writing.  Class 2 have been singing ‘Jesus is Alive’ for our Easter performance the chorus is really brilliant and we have learnt a jelly bean prayer that we will tell you about next week.  We have been working on Mrs. Noble says we should aim for at least 70%.  I have got 80% already in one of mine and felt really proud!” By Jude.

    Thank you so much for all the great comments from Parents Evening, it was wonderful to have the opportunity to share with you how fantastic your little SUPERSTAR is! 

    Next week, we will be making papier mache eggs to decorate for Easter so please can you all bring in a newspaper on Monday. 

    Have a great weekend- and long may this glorious sunshine continue!

    Mrs. Noble 

    PS Hope the birthday boys Jude and Ethan have a fun weekend with family and friends! 

    Star Writer- Isaac

    Growth Mindset- Soren and Amelia

    Sumdog Champion- Kelan 

    Spelling- 9 children got 8/ 8 this week - please try to make next weeks closer to our target C2! (20/ 30 full marks will deserve a treat!).


  • Friday 17th March (Mrs Noble)

    "I have enjoyed spotting creatures like; woodlice, giant worms and watching out for sinking mud in our Science lesson!  When we found these minibeasts we put them in our special pot to observe them and when we had finished we took them back to their micro habitat.  I made a little home for a woodlouse – we had such fun in the sun on the field!

    On Monday, we read stories from the bible ‘The Amazing Breakfast’ and ‘The Road To Emmaus’ these proved to us that Jesus is still with us because he came back to life after he died on the cross and disappeared from the tomb. 

    On Monday Miss. Leah and Miss. Taylor came to watch us doing our spelling games on suffixes.  We had to use a Roald Dahl dictionary to find words which end in ly, ful, ness, less, ment.  Also, we learnt to skim and scan in the Traditional Fairy Tale books to find words with suffixes on.  The other activity was on the ipads practising the suffix challenges – I got 70% and 90%. 

    In our Topic Books, we wrote Jack and The Beanstalk in our own way with a twist and new characters". 

     By Isla

    Tricky words end of term spelling test on Monday - so please get revising everyone from your sheets handed out at the start of the year with Y2 Common Exception words on.  Remember... most improved score to win a £10 Toys R Us Voucher!  For those who have already cracked the Y2 words you will have a mini challenge on the Y3 list (first 50 on the Y3/4 list).  I will discuss more with some families at parents evening.

    Growth Mindset- Ava

    Star Writer - Leila

    Sumdog- Jacob

    Spelling - 14/ 30 children got full marks this week - let's try to get 20/ 30 when we reach this target we can have a class treat! Little and often is the key!


    Thanks and look forward to seeing you all at parents evening next week!

    Mrs. Noble

  • Friday 10th March (Mrs Noble)


  • Friday 10th March (Mrs Noble)

    "I enjoyed writing about Pinnochio because it was very funny when he cheekily sneeked to the puppet show.  We had to include exclamations starting with 'what' or 'how' and apostrophes and most importantly our class target of suffixes ending in less, ness, ful, ly, ment etc.  I also had great fun writing a recount of our Fairytale Wedding mine was really neat in joins and I got ticks for all my suffixes. My other star things in the week have been Science Club with Mrs. Noble when we made aeroplanes and whacky whirlers I taught my family about it when I went home.  Today I have been star writer so in assembly I got to show all the classes my Topic Book writing - Mrs. Mylrea thought it was AMAZING!  We read a story called 'Badgers Parting Gifts' and when Badger died his friends were really upset then they decided to treasure their memories and talk about the happy stories when he had gone down the 'long tunnel'.  Mrs. Noble told us about her cat when she was little that died called Bon Bon.  In Science we have learnt about mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and crustations to sort animals into these groups."

    Have a happy and lovely weekend from Isla! 

    Thanks for all the families who were able to attend the wedding- great to see so many families there and I hope the children had a day to remember! Please, please, please try to discuss and use in sentences which are grammatically correct 'suffixes' as this is a real area that children are finding tricky and need to be able to use and spell correctly in their writing to be 'in line' with year group expectations.  I have sent home a list in book bags for children to try to use in conversations (as it is hard!).  

    I know so many families are working exceedingly hard on homework - thank you so, so much (I know having my own little girls homework to do now that this can be a HUGE challenge after school and at weekends which are such precious family time - so thanks it really does help!).  Keep up the great work everyone and have a fantastic and well deserved weekend.  The children are working exceptionally hard (as always) and I am so proud of everything they are soaking up and remembering at the moment! You are the best!

    Mrs. Noble  


  • Friday 4th March (Mrs Noble)

    “I have enjoyed doing writing about ‘The Runaway Pancake’ because it was quite funny when the pancake flipped out of the pan and he was too scared to get eaten because he didn’t want to die! We had to use speech marks correctly and other said synonyms. 

    My other favourite thing was doing our fractions in Maths. It was really fun when we were doing quarters and eighths and halves.  The best bit was on ‘Open Morning’ when we told our families how we can do fractions and told them if we needed help or could be independent with the word puzzles, loop cards games, pizza’s, worksheets etc.

    I am really impressed that I am 2nd on Sumdog – I really want to play Minecraft everyday but first I have to do 15 minutes on Sumdog at home then 15 minutes reading before I can have my reward!”

    By Jacob

    A huge thank you to everyone for coming in to class for taster of the standard and types of activities we would do in Class 2 to teach fractions for Open Morning.  It was great to have so many helpers!  Usually these types of activities would span over a week to help the children to consolidate their knowledge and understanding of fractions.  It is not typical that we would have so many different activities to rotate in a ‘normal’ Maths lesson however, I hope it gave you a few ideas what you could do to support at home.  For families unable to attend due to work commitments etc. please feel free to pop in another time if you would like any further information and I would be more than happy to explain in more detail. 

    Many thanks for all the effort with the Book Costumes – photos will be added onto our webpage on Monday for you to see everyone in C2…

    Have a great weekend,

    Many thanks

    Mrs. Noble 

    Star Writer- Louie

    Growth Mindset- Kelan 

    SumDog Stars - Henry, Jacob and Bella

  • Friday 17th February (Mrs Noble)

    "I have really enjoyed making snowmen biscuits, we used a recipe to help us.  Maths has been ace because we have been learning about number families and I've had loads of stickers from Mrs. Clayton (e.g. using 3 numbers 33, 42, 65 and writing 4 number sentences about them e.g. 32 + 42= 65, 42 + 32 = 65, 65- 33= 42, 65- 42= 33).  We have also written some great things in Topic, we learnt how to tell the weather in French.  We have done lots of atlas work to learn the number and names of of oceans and where they are near the continents.  Enjoy your holidays and don't forget to have fun, read books especially if you have moved up a book bands and have some more fun!" Edward. 

    Thank you so, so much to all the families for all your support this half term.  Your children are SIMPLY THE BEST! I will greatly miss them all in the holidays but think we are all definitely ready for some rest, relaxation and fun time! However, if any one does have any spare time I would love to see children using our new website subscription '' to access some Grammar assessments (Passwords were sent home last week).  If children could initially do these on their own that would be helpful so I can keep track of their scores and so I know individual areas to continue helping them with after the holidays as we gear up for May and the Grammar End of Key Stage SATS.  At the end of each assessment, children will receive a % score and if families have time to go over any questions they did not get correct that would be extremely useful too.  

    I am very much looking forward to our next Topic- Fairy Tales and getting my posh frock ready for the Fairytale Wedding of The Year at All Saints' Church soon!  Further information and invitations to follow first week back! 

    Best wishes, Mrs. Noble 

  • Friday 10th February (Mrs Noble)

    “I have enjoyed making the windmills and I loved the writing when we did ‘The Flood’ picture book I wrote one and a half pages and got about 30 ticks!  Also, we watched a film called ‘The Cloudy Inventor’ and we drew pictures out of watercolour for our front covers and added a cloud wand from pipe cleaner and we used cotton wool for the clouds. We did a story mountain plan.  We now have two lovely displays on the wall with lots of pages of our wonderful writing!  In Maths, we added numbers which were near doubles – we had to know the doubles off by heart then +1 or -1 (e..g. 8 + 9, 12 + 13)."

    By James

    A huge, huge thank you for so many families clearly having a big push on spelling since my last blog! I can see some great improvements already and children have all their list of Y2 common exception words on their tables and are highlighting in their books.  The weekly spelling test scores dramatically improved too so I am delighted- please, please, please keep this up- remember 5 minutes a day and I know so many will be able to grasp most of the Y2 list…!

    Please note, I have sent home our recent assessment papers (Maths, Grammar, Spelling, Reading comprehension).  Next week and during the holidays it would be so helpful if you could go over any individual questions that your child did not get correct. Remember, as discussed at the Y2 assessment meeting for families children need to have ALL bullet points achieved to be ‘in line’ so if there is one area in Maths e.g. division, inverse missing number box calculations then that would be the best thing to spend time on as homework.  If anyone needs any specific, individual advice then do feel free to book an appointment.  After the holidays, I will need ALL papers returned so please keep safe in homework folders.     

  • Friday 3rd February (Mrs Noble)

    “I enjoyed decorating the butterflies for the display for Marple train station.  I enjoyed being at the top of the Leaders board for Sumdog because I went on twice before school when my mum was snoring!  As well, it was nice to do reading comprehensions on our own.  We went on a new website called it was great because we could do grammar questions then we got a percent % out of 100.  Mrs. Noble wants us to get 100%! On Monday afternoon, Miss. Abu came in C2 in our Discovery RE lesson and showed us how she prays (she is a Muslim).  In Science, we learnt about MRS. GREN – all living things; move, reproduce, grow, respire, excrete (this made us laugh!) and need nutrition and food.”

    By Leo 

    Please, please, please can families work on spellings of tricky words from the Y2 list (if not already scoring aproximately 45/ 64) on their recent assessment.  If you try to spend just 5 minutes a day- in the car, walking to school, in the bath, before going to bed, magnetic letters on the fridge, back of the door, flash cards in room etc. Again, with the holidays coming up this can be a great time when some families may have time off work etc. to set a challenge (maybe with a little reward as an incentive!).  I know together that we can crack it! As discussed at the Y2 parents meeting in November, if children are not secure in a test and in their writing most of these words e.g. 55 ish correct THEY CANNOT BE IN LINE WITH YEAR 2 EXPECTATIONS IN WRITING by the end of May.  On the Parents 'resources and links' section on the website there are 72 Spelling games to try to keep it as fun and varied as possible for learning these vital words off by heart. As a class incentive, the child with the biggest improvement will be able to win the class prize £10 Toys R Us Voucher (this was childrens idea!).   This will be after our next Spelling Bee competition before Easter... good luck everyone! 



  • Friday 27th January (Mrs Noble)

    "This week I enjoyed doing the weather glossary.  We learnt that glossaries have the meaning/ definition of challenging words that people might not know the meaning of.  If you see a word in bold in a non- fiction/ information book you need to turn to the back of the book and look for the word in alphabetical order to find out what it means. 

    I also enjoyed doing division calculations when we got to test Mrs. Chapman on x 4 and divide by 4. 

    Aswell, in Science we learnt lots of new vocabulary like; herbivore, omnivore, carnivore, producer, consumer, prey and predator.  We had to make ‘food chains’ with arrows on to show what animals eat. In RE, we made some prayer mats like the ones that Muslim’s pray on.  They will look beautiful on our class display soon…!

    On Friday, we had an awesome Art lesson learning about Vincent Van Gogh and recreating his picture of a 'Starry Night'.  The best thing about it was when we got to use pastels for the waves and painting the swirling clouds and winds with cotton buds."

    By Leila

    Growth Mindset – Oliver 

    Sumdog Champions - Kelan, Erin, Bella, Lilly, Finley 

    Star Writer – Lois

    Next week, please could children all bring in their favourite book to write a book review on.  Please label your special books so we try to return all to their correct homes! PS To give you examples of the standards I will be needing to see I have popped in book bags an example of writing 'at expected' Y2 level piece of writing (The Gruffalo) and an example of 'exceeding' working at greater depth writing in Y2 (Killer Cat). Hope this helps you to see where support in writing may be needed with your child.  Our class writing targets are: connectives/ conjunctions and joining words AND writing expanded, noun phrases. More information and detail on this to be handed out next week and how to help at home. 

    Also next week - if you could bring in a long pringles tube OR kitchen roll tube that would be fantastic to help us to make our windmills in DT.  This will be carried out to support us to write instructions about how to make windmills in our English lessons.  

    Many thanks - have a great weekend! 

    Mrs. Noble 


  • Friday 20th January (Mrs Noble)

    "I have enjoyed doing writing about Grace Darling she wanted to help her father by getting the people out of the water who were in the boat which crashed into the rock because there was giant storm.  In RE, we have been learning about Islam and have done a new display about the 5 pillars of Islam.  Muslims are kind and give money to charity and also they have to pray 5 times a day. We did painting using mark making like on the canal side and we made neckerchiefs with fabric felts, paint and oil pastels with a lovely artist called Natasha.  We had to write the first letter of our name and add pictures of what we like.  I drew my pet – Rosie. In Gymnastics, I learnt the teddy bear roll and the egg roll and Mrs. Noble put us all on the pot of Gold because the Marple Hall PE teacher said we were brilliant in Gymastics".

    By Oliver

    Star Writer- Kieran P

    Growth Mindset - Jack

    Sumdog champion - Jude 

    Y Bible competition winner - Charlie 

    Homework - please keep reading as much as possible quite a few have found it really tricky trying to get back up to speed after the Christmas break so little and often would be great even 5 minutes a day will help you so much to keep up with the pace reading together on the whiteboard in c2. 

    Keep learning your tricky spelling words from the list handed out at parents meeting - we will be holding our class 'Spelling Bee' in a few weeks and it would be great to see some impressive improvements with scores please ... 

    Now it is time for some family rest time.  c2 you have been amazing this week I love every second of teaching you all! Thank you for making my job such a pleasure! Mrs. Noble 



  • Friday13th January (Mrs Noble)

    Happy New Year Class 2 families! 

    A huge, huge thank you for the extremely kind and thoughtful vouchers, gifts and words of kindness in your cards - it really did mean a lot!  

    Hope everyone has had a wonderful Christmas and is gearing up for a brilliant 2017 and I hope you are all raring to go with our new topic 'Wet and Wild- Weather!'.  Fingers crossed for some deep snow everyone...! wink

    Please keep up remembering those manners and remembering to say 'thank you' both in and out of school to show appreciation to others.  Remember manners cost nothing C2!  

    A huge, huge thank you for bringing in some really interesting 'Show and Tell' items - C2 had such a great afternoon listening carefully to their friends about things which are special to them.  (Thank you families for support you gave with this - some of the children spot almost to the second up to 60 seconds on our class timer so a huge well done!).

    This week we have ...

    • Written animal alliteration poems in pairs inspired by the poet Ian Bland 
    • Learnt the 10 Lepers bible story all about remembering to show thankfulness.  We made posters including bible quotes for a special competition called the YBible competition. 
    • Had fun learning off by heart the well known nonsense poem- 'On the Ning, Nang, Nong by Spike Milligan and learning to read and act out 'The Owl And The Pussycat' by Edward Leah.  We have written these out beautifully in joined up handwriting. 
    • Listened to some Micheal Rosen poems and analysed why he is an excellent performance poem which helped us in the Poetry Slam. 

    Thank you Mrs. Noble

    "I have had fun writing poems about animals.  We have been reading lots of different books with poems in- my favourite was the 'Clock poems'.  We have practised handwriting a poem by the funny poet Ian Bland about his ex girlfriend!!! I was pleased with my handwriting in pen now that I have my pen licence. I loved 'Show and Tell' especially Ethan's because he showed a little, blue fish toy which swam in the water.  I feel really happy that is has snowed today so I can throw snowballs at my brother!. " By Freya 

  • Friday 16th December (Mrs Noble)

    "I had a fun time learning about angles and naming the angles in snowflakes.  I had an amazing time being the elf with Lois because we dressed up all day, we got to go out to play first, have lunch first and help Mrs. Noble with handing out the highlighters, paper and books!  Mrs. Noble chose me because I have been a nice friend in class and worked very hard on my Maths at home and Mrs. Wilson says I have a smiley face in class 2!  I liked doing map work of where Santa would fly over, I learnt about Italy and The Leaning Tower of Pisa, The Brooklyn Bridge in New York City, The Taj Mahal in India, Sydney Opera House in Australia, The Great Wall of China in Asia, The Pyramids in Eyypt and Christ the Reedeemer in Rio / Brazil- I thought it was funny that it had the same name as my little brother! In History, we learnt that the Victorians invented the Christmas Tree with paper chains on and lots of new Christmas traditions like Christmas cards and Carol singing. 

    By Soren 

    As a special treat, C2 can have a week off homework!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is a reward for the shamazing Christmas show! Enjoy having Christmas fun with the family instead! 

    The children have brought plenty of reading books home for Christmas and lots of children have moved up onto a new book band for 2017! Please keep up the reading over the holidays! Well done everyone!

    Please remember next Monday afternoon is our Infant Christmas Party so please bring your best party clothes in a labelled bag and a little something to help us celebrate in style - e.g. plastic cups, napkins, paper plates, drinks etc. 

    Also, a quick reminder that on Tuesday it is our Christmas celebration trip to Chatsworth Nativty.  Please remember to wear school uniform with suitable walking boots/ wellies and a warm coat with a hood, gloves, hats etc. All lunches to be brought in a labelled plastic bag so that we can dispose of after lunch. 



  • Friday 9th December (Mrs Noble)

    "The week a mischievous elf has been sneeking around C2 at night! We have written Elf riddles, read and guessed lots of Christmas riddle poems, made elves and watched an elf film to help us write some superb diaries about our 'Elf on the Shelf'. We have also made some lovely elf passports for our Topic books.  Every day we have a girl and boy elf VIP who dress up and get VIP treatments as well as being VIP special helpers in class!"

    By Soren.

    Please note there is another SUMDOG National Contest on this week starting today until next Thursday so please, please, please try to score some points and get C2 names on the school leaders board.  We will publish our top 10 in school daily on our Sumdog display and certificates will be presented in next week's celebration assembly so please do try to get on to improve your skills! I have also set a Maths and Reading/ Grammar quiz which can be a homework option if you wish named 09.12.2016 - if you have any spare time please do try to spend some time on this great website. 

    I have loved hearing about all the hilarious places where some of your own home elves have been too!!!

    Look forward to seeing you all next week for the Big Show! Fingers crossed it will all be alright on the night...! 

    Have a great weekend hopefully enjoying some special, pre- Christmas events with families and friends! 

    Mrs. Noble 

    PS Next week our focus will be based around the books 'Santa Comes to Stockport and Manchester' to help us create our very own Santa comes to Marple adventure story linked to our Geography work.  If you have a copy of one please get reading to help you in advance and bring in if possible next week.    

  • Friday 2nd December (Mrs Noble)

    "I have enjoyed looking at the recipe/ instructions how to make Gingerbread men which we are going to bake next week.  Also, I have had fun writing and illustrating the programmes for our Christmas play.  I am enjoying the play and the best bit is when the Innkeepers come in because we dance like crazy!  We made baubles with Mrs. Wilson with a picture of us with crazy Christmas sefie props!  Aswell, we made cards for Uganda of a Silhouette Nativity scene.  Next week I can't wait to do lots of writing about The Gingerbread House we are going to make I want to write 9 pages!!!)." By Bella 

    Please bring in your Nativity costume, on a hanger with your name on in either a plastic bag or in a suit cover/ travel bag on Monday 5th December. 

    The words are coming along nicely so well done everyone - great reading with expression!  Please note DO NOT FEEL YOU NEED TO READ YOUR HOME SCHOOL READING BOOKS AT THE MOMENT INSTEAD JUST PRACTIsE AND PRACTISE YOUR CHRISTMAS LINES. Next week, children will practise with NO script so here are a few tips how to learn their lines off by heart as part of homework;

    • Record your lines on an I- Pad video/ phone - keep replaying back to yourself to listen carefully
    • Highlight script words
    • Cover up your lines and read from memory 
    • Imagine if you are reading a small chunk or a long chunk of writing in your head 
    • Write own lines out 
    • Parents read the line before so children know when to come in at the correct place 
    • Finally, listen / read just before bedtime when it should help to stay in your memory over night! 

    A huge, huge thank you everyone and have a wonderful, festive weekend! 


  • Friday 25th November (Mrs Noble)

    "This week we have had lots of fun making compasses it is important we know different directions incase we get lost and for Santa to find his way to our houses!  Also I had fun holding the squishy clay to make our Inuit village - even Mr. Mc Shane came to see them and he loved the; snow dogs, sleighs, ice fishers, igloos and huskies. We have played loads of games on Sumdog and we got a class certificate in assembly because we were 1st!  We had to make the amounts from toys we wanted in toy Christmas catalogues with Mrs. Beardwood (our class Governor friend)   she was lovely!"

    By Kieran P 

    Star Writer: Henry 

    Growth Mindset: Jude

    Sum Dog Leadersboard- Kelan, Katie, Isla, Tyler, Finley 

    A huge, huge, huge thank you and congratulations to Year 2 for their amazing enthusiasm, dedication and sheer hard work on SumDog taking part in the Stockport Schools Maths Contest.  We were over the moon to be school winners on Monday having had the most children answering the most accurate answers in school! C2 went above and beyond even staying in at break times, going to homework club and working so, so quickly in out Maths/ IT lessons to keep our scores up and ensuring that some children from C2 came on the Top 10 Leadersboard for the whole school.  Brilliant stuff everyone - I can't wait for the next contest running again from the 9th - 14th December.  It really did create a fantastic buzz for Maths around the school! Children are also celebrated on our new SumDog Display in the hall (and with stickers in Friday's celebration assembly) so please do keep it up everyone! I am so proud of you! 

    Please can all children as priority (above all other homework/ reading/ spellings etc.) learn to read with fluency and expression their Christmas scripts.  It is very clear the children who have been working hard at home too.  Please help your child to know the lines off by heart (or as much as possible unless you have a role with lots and lots of lines).  

    Hopefully, everyone received their costume letters etc. any problems please do just shout up! Not long to go (aaahhh!!!! Panic is starting to set in with Mrs. Noble but I know with the C2 stars I am sure it will be alright on the night!). 

    Have a great weekend- hopefully enjoying some festive fun! 
    Many thanks 

    Mrs. Noble 

    PS Next week children will carryout a Maths assessment challenge and a reading one too.  I will send these home at the end of the week for you to be kept informed on how your child is doing and most importantly so you can hopefully help your child with any questions they did get quite right as part of their unique and individualised homework.  Thank you for all your support! 

  • Friday 18th November (Mrs Noble)

    "My favourite part of this week has been Maths and working out which coins we need to buy Christmas items.  Also, I liked writing the diary about Robert Scott (he was a Antarctic Explorer) and sadly he died when we was on his way back from the South Pole.  On Thursday, we listened to the story of 'George Saves the World' and we drew the front cover and what we learnt from the book which was about 'The 4 R's' ; Recycle, Reuse, Reduce and Repair. Please try to get on Sumdog everyone so C2 can get more stickers for our class (we are hoping to win the award this term!!!)".   

    By Louie 

    Star Writer - Leila 

    Growth Mindset- Bella 

    Sum Dog Leaders board- Tyler and Katie 

    Thank you 


  • Friday 11th November (Mrs Noble)

    "This week I enjoyed telling the time in Maths.  We practised quarter past and quarter to and will started to look at telling the time to 5 minutes.  Also, we read an amazing story by Oliver Jeffers about a penguin called 'Lost and Found' then wrote some FANTASTIC stories!" by Charlie. 

    Homework: Something from your homework grid, spellings, reading book, library book.

    Please wear any watches/ keep discussing clocks in bedrooms etc. to help children with the very tricky concept of telling the time. 

    Please note if you did not manage the attend the Y2 assessment meeting last week I am trying to rearrange an additional meeting next week.  Please do try to sign up when would be best on the playground notice board as it is very important you are aware of how best to support your child and have a look at expectations / challenge papers that your child will be taking next May.  Hope to get a date out soon to those families interested in attending...

    Have a wonderful weekend everyone!
    Thanks so much for all the cotton wool and boxes etc. you brought in they will all come in very handy to help us develop our class Winter Wonderland! I look forward to having some 1-1 time to chat to you all next week about your little SUPERSTAR! 


    Mrs. Noble 


  • Friday 4th November (Mrs Noble)

    "In Science, we have been learning about materials like wood, paper, glass, plastic and fabric.  Also, we learnt about special inventors who invented tyres and the man who invented macintoshes (waterproof raincoats).  We have had lots of fun in Maths with sticks and sweets making 2D firework shapes like hexagons, octagons and even nonagons which were regular (even sides) and irregular.  We have been going on Sumdog on our laptops to answer lots of Grammar and spelling questions.  I am on the top of the whole school leaderboard for Sumdog because I went on it all the time in the holidays so I got a silver sticker from Mr. Mc Shane and am going to tell everyone in school tomorrow in celebration assembly.  I feel really, really, really, really, really, really GREAT!  We have answered lots of reading comprehension questions about Fireworks and Bonfire Night and had to highlight the answers in yellow with a highlighter.  

    Have a great BONFIRE NIGHT - don't go near any fireworks! STAY SAFE!"

    By Finley 

    Homework: New homework Grid - please choose 1 activity (see worksheets to choose in back of book please). 

    Spellings- see new spelling grid for the half term 

    Please can all children on Monday bring in; a shoe box, an empty milk carton, any cotton wool and polystyrene as we are going to have lots of fun with our Arctic learning and trying to transform our classroom into a polar paradise!

    Look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at the Y2 assessment meeting next Tuesday evening at 6pm.  Any problems attending please let me know and I will endeavour to catch up with you at another convenient time.   Please note there will be a free creche available in Y1 with Mrs. Shaw and Miss. Shaw.  

    Have a brilliant Bonfire weekend!
    Mrs. Noble 

  • Friday 21st October (Mrs Noble)

    "I have had a fantastic time learning abour fractions.  We folded strips into eighths, halves, quarters and thirds and learnt to read and write fractions.  Church Week was brilliant because in Mr. Alston's group you had to be silent for 20 minutes.  We had to shake his hand and learn about communication.  Also, I had fun learning how to speak in Russian.  I loved making the castles about 3D shapes and labelling their names and properties- we even looked at some Y6 shapes like the Dodecahedron!  I enjoyed cutting and sticking the royal family members on the family trees - I learnt that there is someone called Isla in the royal family! Finally, we have learnt in Religion about Christian Aid and how they help the poor".

    By Isla

    Growth Mindset of the Week- Isla 

    Have a fantastic holiday everyone! 

    Topic for next term is Christmas- won't be long until Year 2 start getting their scripts for the KS1 Nativity- Mrs. Noble is very excited! 

    Mrs. Noble and all the Y2 Team 

  • Friday 14th October (Mrs Noble)

    "I liked doing our stories about 'The Princess and The Pea' because it is a fantastic book by Mini Grey.  Also, I enjoyed performing in Drama it was fun!  As well, I liked doing the front cover of our books because we are real authors and illustrators now we are in C2!  I am pleased that in my Ice Cream Challenges I have already got mint, chocolate, strawberry and vanilla."

    By Isaac

    This week C2 have carried out a spelling, grammar, mental maths and ice cream challenge assessments.  I will send them all home next week in a plastic wallet so you can see how they performed, to give lots of praise about what they got right and most importantly to give individual support and help on any questions that they struggled with.  You will be able to keep these for the holidays too as this may be when families have a little more time.  

    Church Week next week please do get reading any bibles children have a home to help us learn more bible stories and discuss what we learn from them for how they help us to be better Christians / citizens of the world. 

    Nearly holidays and time for everyone to have a well deserved rest...! Hang on in there everyone! 

    Thanks Mrs. Noble

    PS The children have written the most amazing Princess and the Pea stories this week (all 3 or 4 pages of them!).  Please do feel free to pop into school to have a little read of them next Thursday at the end of the day if you are around (alternatively if you are working etc. just let me know and pop in at another convenient time!). 


    Spelling Vocabulary WOW word: coronation 



  • Friday 7th October (Mrs Noble)

    "This week we did some fantastic joined up handwriting and had to listen to Mrs. Noble really well to do it properly so we can get our pen licence.  In the background, we had calming, classical music which helped up make our writing flow.  In our classroom, we have made a special prayer and reflection area and we now have special prayer rocks to use when we would like to say a prayer.  Also, we made stained glass windows with tissue paper which look really colourful.  We learnt a new quote from the bible that we are trying to remember 'Love your neighbour as yourself' .  Aswell, we had a lovely gymnastic lady in and we practised balancing.  In reading, we have reading on line about Henry V111 and doing comprehensions on George and the Dragon."

    By Katie

    Next week we will be reading and writing all about 'The Princess and The Pea'.  Please do bring in any versions you have at home. 

    Homework: Please try to go on DB Primary to carry out some of your tasks set for our computing curriculum to help to to have finished them all by the end of this half term please.  I will be awarding certificates next week for those who have logged in most and spent the most time on our DB Website.  PS Remember this is a safe place for you to e mail your C2 friends now we have discussed lots about E Safety in our IT lessons.  So enjoy and 'good luck everyone!' 

    Spellings Week 4

    Star Writer of the week- Erin for her amazing speed and accuracy in her joined up handwriting. 

    Growth Mindset - James for his excellent resilience with reading and relationships 



  • Friday 30th September (Mrs Noble)

    "This week we went on our school trip and got to climb up gargantuan hills! Also, we got to visit an extra special, posh castle called 'Peckforton'.  The other star thing was modelling using boxes to make a castle ours was quite huge and had a draw bridge, portcullis and a few battlements.  After our special 'Circle', we made a friendship recipe and Mrs. Noble is trying to catch us being a kind friend this week.  I am loving being in C2 and doing lots of singing especially in our register!".

    By Tyler

    Homework - Spellings W3

    Library book 

    Reading books/ comments 

    Topic Grid - see back of book for options 

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    Mrs. Noble 

    Growth Mindset of the Week: Kieran - great relationships and making everyone laugh on our school trip!

    Star writer- Ava for her amazing handwriting! 

    Next week we are very excited to start learning our JOINED UP HANDWRITING...! 


  • Friday 23rd September (Mrs Noble)

    "I enjoyed when we did some rounding of number because we were learning how to round up to the nearest multiple of 10.  We used our 100 squares to help.  Also I liked doing drama because we were the soldiers and we were finding the Queen's Hat.  Aswell, we had fun finding tourist attraction in London on the Ipad using Google maps.  Mrs. Noble said we were great at drawing symbols on our maps."

    By Ava

    Homework: 1 item of the grid (please find some choices in the back of your homework books).

    Reminder spellings are to be learnt every week for the test on Wednesday - please see Week 2.  If on top of your list it said 3, 5, 7 this was the recommended number I would suggest would be most appropriate for your child to learn.  Nevertheless, I would of course be delighted if anyone learnt more too!  Reach for the stars C2! In addition, please note that the 'WOW vocabulary word' will also be tested on. 

    Reminder- please bring in reading records and reading books daily as we will be having some reading mentors to help hear children read so books will not always be changed on a set day however they will be changed weekly. 

    We would really appreciate it if you could all bring in a box (or 2!), any cardboard and tubes- e.g. kitchen roll, toilet roll etc. on Thursday for our Design and Technology afternoon making castles hopefully after having lots of inspiration from our trip to Beeston Castle on Tuesday. 

    Finally, if you have not signed your class visit slip to Beeston Castle, please, please, please can you pop into the office on Monday to sort so I have all paper work in place ready for the big day on Tuesday.  

    Please note- can children come dressed in suitable footwear- e.g. walking boots, trainers with good grips or wellies etc. as there are some steep hills to climb during our visit!  


  • Friday16th September (Mrs Noble)

    C2 have had a brilliant week designing their own Royal knickers fit for a visit from HR Highness this was all based around 'The Queen's Knickers' by Nicolas Allan a humorous story which had many laughing their socks off!   

    Our other highlights have included Tudor dancing to 'Greensleeves' as Kings and Queens with partners even holding hands which caused some embarrassement as they curtseyed and bowed to each other! 

    Aswell, we have created another magnificent display in our classroom linked to our Science Topic on Seasons by painting seasons trees using watercolour and our fingers which really do look stunning! We can't wait to show these off next week at Open Morning for any families able to attend if not please do pop in to have a little look around our classroom! 

    Next week we will have a Geography focus on London so please do try to chat about places you know or have seen to help us create some impressive maps and if possible have a look at any maps on London you have or can find on line. 

    Have a wonderful weekend!
    from Mrs. Noble and the C2 fabulous team! 

  • Friday 9th September (Mrs Noble)

    Welcome to Year 2!  Class 2 have had an awesome and amazing International WOW week! 

    On our first day on Monday, we prepared Spanish flags, wrote menus and made place mats- we learnt lots about Spain to help prepare the Top Table. 

    Tuesday was all about writing statements about what we learnt about Polish Christmas from Karolina.  We loved using the gel pens for special writing in our special books!  We have received lots of merits already for our special writing! 

    Also on Tuesday, we loved exploring the atlases to locate the continents and all the countries we are exploring this week.  We used the index page to find countries quickly. 

    On Wednesday, we did some amazing paintings of the multicultural book ‘Handa’s Surprise’.  Mrs. Noble thought we were terrific artists! 

    On Thursday, we wrote some beautiful prayers about others in our world.  These will form part of our reflection area – we hope the Ethos team like them! 

    Finally, one of our favourite things was learning the African call and response song 'Kye, Kye, Kule' which we performed superbly in our Friday assembly! 

    What a busy week! I am sure everyone is ready for a great weekend to rest and recharge those batteries for another action packed week next week! I have absolutely loved my first week with the new Y2's and hope they have too! 

    Thank you, from

    Mrs. Noble and my amazing Y2 team! 


    Reading books- please try to write a comment in reading records

    Library book 

    School Council poster for Monday if you are interested in being elected please. 

    Talk about 'Kings and Queens' as part of our new topic and if possible start doing some reading and research (maybe visit the library?) to develop your knowledge linked to areas noted in our C2 Newsletter. 

  • Class 2 (allsaints-pri Admin)

    Welcome to Class 2

     Mrs Noble, Mrs Wilson, Mrs Clayton, Mrs Hammond & Miss Shaw look forward to welcoming you all in September

  • Friday 22nd July (Mrs Noble)

    "This week, I have enjoyed writing a diary of a working child in Mellor Cotton Mill.  If children were not good they would get the stick called 'The Cane'!  Victorian children got up at 5 am and ate mouldy gruel.  Some of the children were killed in machines which were really dangerous going up and down, side to side and slamming down.  People's fingers were chopped off too and it made me feel sick!  Sometimes, young kids had to work for 16 hours I'm glad I wasn't around in the 1730's!

    Yesterday, we made 3D sculpures out of bricks, boxes, straws, lego and sticklebricks.  It was CHAOS but we had lots and lots and lots of FUN! 

    In Maths we got random shape nets and had to turn them into 3D cubes and predict if they would make a cube! 

    At break times, we have been up to the Junior playground, I liked sitting on the bench in the Eco area.  I am feeling fine about moving up in to Y3". 

    By Josh

    Last week to perfect your big, long list of Y2 or Y3 spellings ready for your final spelling challenge on Wednesday to see if you can beat your score from last month. 

    Last choice from your Tic, Tac, Toe homework grid- make it a great one please!

    Reading books

    Library books- non sent from school instead as per last week please, please, please try to sign up for the BFR- Big Friendly Read Summer Reading Challenge.

    Have a wonderful weekend - we are feeling both excited and a little emotional about our final week together- sure it will be a great one as always! 

    Best wishes,

    Mrs. Noble and Mrs. Eva  

  • Friday 15th July (Mrs Noble)

    “This week, we have been learning about the Peak Forest canal and the aqueduct.  We did some watercolour postcards of the canal as well we made some 3D barges and I called mine ‘Rainbow’.  Also, we did some writing of a leaflet all about our marvellous canal and we did some interactive activities on the website how to build a canal and hook a duck. 

    I loved doing the archaeology dig at Mellor Mill and I now know how Mellor Mill burnt down.  The Singing Concert on Thursday was really brilliant especially when Class 2 sang the songs; ‘Baby 1, 2, 3’, ‘The Poor King’ and ‘Down By The Sea’”

    By Rory  

    Homework: Tic, Tac, Toe Grid (Reading comprehensions on sea and sun safety may be worth a try this week) 

    Spellings: continue to learn as many words as possible from your Y2 Spelling list 

    Reading books: try to write your own personal comments / views about books ready for Y3 (as well as any feedback from families which is always very interesting to read). 

    No school library books now until September as as we are currently doing a stock check of all our fiction and non - fiction books please do however continue to return any outstanding books from home as there are still lots that have unfortunately not come back from Y2 sad.  

    Instead, please do try to sign up for the BFR Summer reading challenge at Marple library to keep reading some inspiring, new books over the holidays and to try to get All Saints' to win the trophy for most children in Stockport to have joined! What are you waiting for...? 


  • Friday 8th July (Mrs Noble)

    "This week we went to our new class it was awesome- we played a special pass the parcel game with questions in and it was really fun especially when there were treats inside!  We also wrote letters to Miss. Leah to tell her more all about us.  On Wednesday, we went up to All Saints' Church an EPIC way!  A special visitor came with us, she knew lots about Samuel Oldknow and we learnt that he built our amazing Church and the bell tower!  In Forest Schools, we used mirrors to put on the floor in a lovely place then it was framed by the trees reflection.  There are some great pictures on our Forest Schools display in the hall."

    By Isabelle 


    Keep learning some words from your 100 words list ready for your final challenge in the final week

    Library book

    Reading books 

    Tic, Tac, Toe Grid.


  • Friday 1st July (Mrs Noble)

    "This week we have had fun using Google Maps to find our streets.  We explored ariel photographs of Marple with a birds eye view.  Also, we learnt new logos and symbols used on street maps to draw a huge map of Marple together as class - it was so long it took up the whole of the classroom! (Mrs. Noble still needs us all to learn our post codes please though!).

    On Thursday, Mr. Patel helped us to use to type what we had learnt in our Computing session on sequences.  Our writing then sent to the whiteboard- it was like magic!  Aswell, we had lots of fun on the Minecraft and Starwars games programming algorithms on you may want to have a try at home.

    My favourite thing was painting a portrait of Samuel Oldknow.  Ours were much better than Mrs. Noble's!"

    By Nicola. 


    Reading books 

    Library book- non fiction 

    Tic, Tac, Toe Grid 

    Spellings - for your last 4 weeks, please keep learning any spellings you have not yet managed to remember and learn off by heart from your big, long list of Y2 words in your homework books.  Please have a look at your scores out of 100 and most importantly, try to learn as many more as you can from your recent challenge of the words which are not yet ticked.  By revising all the sounds, patterns and rules, this will help you to be ready for your next list of tricky words in Y3 with Miss. Leah.  In the final week, we will have one, last spelling challenge to see how many more you have managed to grasp over your final, few weeks.  So, get learning EVERYONE please and remember to use the ideas of spelling games on our class page to help you.  Please note - those children who have already scored 75+ your assessment from the next list of Junior words will be sent home next week to have a head start on your next set of words.  Thank you for your support.    

    Have a super weekend! 

  • Friday 24th June (Mrs Noble)

    Active Week has been awesome and amazing!

    On Tuesday, we did Cheerleading and learnt all the motions so that we could dance to some Rio Carnival music- we had lots of fun!

    On Thursday, we learnt about the Rio 2016 Olympic mascots and took selfies with them.

    Mrs. Furniss helped us to celebrate learning more about Spain (our country for the week) by helping us to make some absolutely delicious Spanish omelettes and Spanish paella.  We all LOVED tasting them and wanted to eat more and more…!  A huge thank you to Mrs. Furniss for coming in to help us! (Mrs. Noble was worried she might burn all the saucepans!). 

    We also produced some wonderful pieces of Art work for the display.  We drew the 5 Olympic ring representing each of the continents in our world using compasses. The images inside the rings are called pictograms and are little logos to represent the different sports in the Olympics and Paralympics.  Mrs. Noble couldn't believe how amazing we were sensibly using the Y6 compasses! 

    Finally, we our favourite song of the week has been The Euro 2016 football song;  ‘This One’s For You’.  C2 have become addicted to singing it all week! We are hoping to join in to cheer on England V Iceland at 8pm next Monday! 

    Written by Class 2 as a whole class this week

    Next week, we are going to be developing our map skills looking at Marple.  If you have any maps of Marple please do bring in and prepare by having a little look and maybe a chat about them.  Also, if you don't already, please make sure you know your address and post code off by heart for one of our activities. 

    Homework: Tic, Tac, Toe Grid 


    Reading books / library books 

    This year, as you may well be aware, has been unusual for Years 2 and 6 regarding assessment.  Many things have changed and continue to do so, it has created a year of unclear targets and data, hitting the news headlines many times. 

    At All Saints' we have carried on teaching rather than get too bogged down in how these results might be published at the end of a school year.   From 2016, National Curriculum levels in Year 2 and 6 have been abolished.  Instead, children will be given scaled SATs scores.  This is used to show whether the child has achieved the national standard for that subject. The scaled score needed to achieve the national standard has yet to be announce? (which really isn't too helpful!).  What both classes are aware of only too well is that the National Curriculum standard is challenging and that the tests were the most demanding we have ever seen.

    What will your child's result look like and what will this mean? Until we see it for ourselves we aren't too sure but you will receive some results, which will tell you something,  but your teacher report will likely tell you so much more!

  • Friday 17th June (Mrs Noble)

    This week I have loved going to Forest School.  It was great fun because we saw dragons!  The dragon blew fire out of his mouth and burnt the little peoples houses so we made new little houses for the little people.  Finn and Clara got a letter from the little people thanking everyone for helping them.  We also made bracelets out of wool and mine was green, red, yellow and orange.  

    On Thursday we did DB Primary challenges that Mrs. Noble sent us - they were really hard!  

    In the holidays my mummy and daddy got married.  I was a flower girl and I scattered petals for my mummy to walk on.  My mummy looked beautiful and pretty!

    Have a super weekend! 

    Love Caitlyn 

    Homework: New Marple Tic, Tac, Toe grid 

    Spellings (to learn for next week please)

    Reading books - hope many of you are enjoying your new books on your new book band ready for Y3! 

    Look forward to seeing you many of you on Saturday at the Carnival and fair - fingers crossed for some fabulous weather!


  • Friday 26th May (Mrs Noble)

    "This week we have enjoyed going to Forest Schools because we carried on with making dens.  On Wednesday was our party and it was really, really, really remarkable fun!  The best bits of the party was the sweet hunt and when we listened and danced to some great, rocking music!  Also, we did fractions to help us tell the time.  On Thursday, we visited Marple library and Mrs. Manning's mum read us some amazing books and we had time to browse the awe inspiring books. Finn and I are going to Wales and Alton Towers I am very excited...! I wish you all a 'Happy Holidays!'"

    No homework! Just time to enjoy family time and having fun! 

    Next topic is all about Marple in the past and 'Samuel Oldknow's Legacy' so if you want to make a head start and even discuss or do some research at the library or on the Internet it will no doubt be very useful to help you in future class sessions.  

    Only one half term left with your amazing children - we will make sure it is fantastic one filled will lots of fun and great memories to treasure forever setting them up for Y3...! 

    Have a wonderful holiday!
    Mrs. Noble, Mrs. Eva, Mrs. Parry and Mrs. Shaw 

    PS Date for diary to see your little singer perform 3 short songs... July 14th 2016 (part of our Singing Schools Project throughout the year that C2 have absolutely adored!).  

  • Friday 20th May (Mrs Noble)

    "This week we have had our 'Show Off' Maths week doing lots of special challenges.  All of the adults gave us high fives and stickers and we had to dance through school before we went to do them (it was very funny!).  We have written Newspaper reports all about our Y2 challenges that are now proudly on display in C2 with our beautiful, joined up handwriting.  

    Also this week it has been Roald Dahl week and we have written diaries based on the 'Enormous Crocodile'.  He was a cheeky, greedy crocodile and wanted to eat little, juicy children (I hope he wouldn't like to eat our class!').  We had to get in our exclamations starting with 'what' or 'how' and we are getting really great at this now.  This morning we made snapping crocodiles using split pins and we did some weaving on the crocodiles tummy- they look AMAZING!  

    Aswell, we have painted stamps in the style of Artist Quentin Blake inspired by some that Ollie brought in.  We used watercolour and had lots of fun doing a whole afternoon of Art.  

    What a brilliant week!" 

    By Isabelle

    Another fantastic week for C2 and so exciting that nearly all children have now happily completed their Y2 assessments! (Any children who have been absent will complete next week).  They are now all gearing up for the big party on Wednesday - we can't wait either! 

    As per the initial half term newsletter, any families free on Sunday that would like to have a day out a Tatton Park for the Roald Dahl 100 festivities I may see you there!  There are a wealth of activities that link to our learning this week that look great fun! Fingers crossed for some sunshine...

    Have a fabulous weekend!



    Tic, Tac, Toe 



  • Friday 13th May (Mrs Noble)

    "This week our author has been Dr. Seuss and we have been writing character descriptions and drawing 'The Cat in the Hat' and changed characters names and words in 'Mr. Brown Can Moo Can you?'.  We also read many of his books like 'There's a Wocket in My Pocket' and finally wrote which was our best book by Dr Seuss and why for our new display.  We watched a short film of 'Green Eggs and Ham' and 'The Lorax' they were great with lots of rhyming and nonsense words in which made us laugh!  This morning, we have written a class story based on 'The Way Back Home' film animation by Oliver Jeffers.  I got 3 merits I was amazed and very proud of myself!"

    By Sasha 


    No spellings this week (just to learn how to correctly spell middle names and surnames if you are still struggling in joins and with capital letters please!).

    Tic, Tac, Toe grid

    Reading books 

    Authors of the week next week: Roald Dahl- if you have any books again please can you bring in!  Mrs. Noble is very excited about us getting creative with lots of fun art and DT projects next week making our snapping crocodiles! 

    Most importantly, please ensure you all have lots of time to eat ice cream and lollies in the sun and to have lots of fun as you have worked IMMENSELY HARD this week - you really are a SENSATIONAL class!  All English challenges now complete (woo hoo!!!).  Remember, next week is our time to shine in Maths so any spare second counting and little quizzes on calculations would be super!

    Have an amazing weekend everyone!

    Kind regards,
    Mrs. Noble and Mrs. Eva 

  • Friday 6th May (Mrs Noble)

    "I liked the Anthony Browne books because Willy was really strong and I loved Buster Nose because he did a really vicious punch but Willy ducked so never got hurt! I have had fun doing reading comprehensions, comparing books by our author of the week and writing a book review on 'Little Beauty'.  We now know lots of information about Anthony Browne the amazing author and illustrator too.  Also, we have had fun singing a cool samba song everyone was going crazy!"

    By Oliver 

    Author of the week next week: Dr. Seuss so please dig out and bring any of the collection in if you have them at home and get reading class 2! 


    Spellings ready for next Friday's weekly spelling challenge

    Tic, Tac, Toe grid 

    Reading books 

    Class 2 have been 'SIMPLY THE BEST' this week - their hard work, efforts, focus and eagerness to excel are mesmerising! What a joy it is to see how far they have come and all the progress they have made! I will look forward to them 'showing off' again for their English challenges again next week! I know they will do us all proud! Thanks a million for all the hard work at home too - they need lots of fun in the sun this weekend - ENJOY! 



  • Friday 29th April (Mrs Noble)

    "We have learnt about David Walliams and we read 'The Queen's Orangatan' - I thought it was really, really, really funny!  Also, we did some reading activities on 'The Bear Who Went Boo!' I liked it because the bear was very cheeky!  Aswell, we have been playing lots of spelling revision games on the computer.  We have also painted leaves on pieces of paper to improve our colour matching and mixing. We have been practising our times tables to get our ice cream targets I can do my 5's, 2's and 10's so now I have my bowl!" by Thomas.


    Tic, Tac, Toe grid


    Reading books 



    Have a wonderful bank holiday weekend! C2 have literally worked their socks off and deserve a fabulous time having fun with friends and family- we couldn't be prouder of them! 


  • Friday 22nd April (Mrs Noble)

    " This week, I have loved learning about 5, 6 and 8 sided shapes which are called pentagons, hexagons and octagons.  Also, I have enjoyed researching about Beatrix Potter and about her many books that she had published.  We've been writing some of the book titles that Beatrix Potter has written in our best joined up handwriting using capital letters for proper nouns.  On Thursday, we've been practising our IT Computer Science work with Mr. Patel and we used the new APP 'Lightbot Hour' and played a loop card game to help us understand all the Computer Science vocabulary.  Aswell, we have been reading Oliver Jeffers' books which were extremely humorous and amusing!   Lastly, we have been exploring 'Grammar Gorillas' website to help us find nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, pronouns and prepositions- we kept getting 10/10 which was spectacular!  Here is the website if you want to try at home:  Finally we have revised where to use possessive apostrophes e.g. Peter Rabbit's coat."

    By Leona

    Weekly spellings

    Wednesday meeting for parents 8.30- 8.55am OR 3.30- 4.00pm

    New Tic Tac Toe grid 

    Reading Books 


  • Friday 1st April (Mrs Noble)

    "This week I got to move up a book band I was so amazed!  We sewed dinosaurs for the holidays I`ve got an example that I made at home and brought in to 'Show and Tell'.  On Tuesday, we went outside and there were dinosaur footprints everywhere!!!!!!!  (We had to make patterns with them). On Wednesday, we did lots of reading comprehensions on the whiteboard and Mrs. Noble said we were excellent!  On Thursday, we got a special announcement that someone did all their DB Primary work and it! I got to go to Mrs Morton`s office for a special head teachers award!"

    By Maddy

    Have a hoppy holiday! 



  • Friday 18th March (Mrs Noble)

    “I loved doing the reading comprehensions because they were interesting and I learnt more about West Africa. We have had little spelling and grammar challenges and at the end of them, Mrs. Noble made us pat our backs and shake our partners hands to say “well done!” it made me feel happy!  Miss. Leah (our Y3 teacher) visited us on Tuesday and helped us play some fun games to teach Rex about; questions, exclamations, statements and commands.  Miss. Leah said we were excellent at Grammar and punctuation!  We have also had fun making symmetrical Easter eggs on the computer for our Easter cards that we will bring home next week”.

    By Rachel (the birthday girl)

     “I can’t wait for my Scotland party with my cousins!”).

    Please note that spelling, grammar and reading assessments carried out this week have been sent home so you are kept informed on how your child/ ren are progressing in line with year group expectations.  As discussed at parents meetings, it would be really helpful to individually go over any questions your child/ ren that they did not get correct so they are clearer in the future.  We will be doing the same in school over the next term.  Any queries regarding the assessments please do not hesitate to pop in and see me.  I am so delighted with how mature and hard working the children have been - they are an absolute credit to you all!  


    Something off your grid (spelling spinner would be great please if possible!) 

    Spellings ready for your spelling test next THURSDAY please (as no school on Friday).

    Reading books 


  • Friday 11th March (Mrs Noble)

    "This week, I adored when we were looking at meat eaters that are called carnivores and plant eaters that are called herbivores on the whiteboard.  I also enjoyed the part where we did reading comprehensions to learn more about information that we didn't know about theories why dinosaurs became extinct.  Yesterday, I loved the part where we were searching on the IPADS about different dinosaurs to complete a factfile worksheet.  We did a timeline (periods) when dinosaurs were around: Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous and had to sort different dinosaurs.  Have a great weekend everybody!" by Archie M.   


    Reading books

    Something new off your grid (lots have chosen Maths) 

    New spellings (plus revise old spellings ready for assessment week next week please - you may want to have a look at the Y2 Spelling Appendix on our class blog attachments as I will be giving you a little test on all these sounds/ spelling patterns next week). 

    Many thanks and have a super weekend,

    from the Class 2 Team 

  • Friday 4th March (Mrs Noble)

    "This week I liked painting the underpants because we have been reading a hilarious book called 'Dinosaur's Love Underpants'.  I adored designing the dinosaur board game and aswell was really proud of our group dinosaur that we drew and wrote about in our trios - it looked really funny and we tried to use lots of detail!".  By Ben. 

    Homework: 1 new choice off your grid. 

    Spellings: keep learning ready for your challenge on Friday please. 

    Reading: Try to get a comment in your reading record book (or write a comment yourself) ready for our reading focus next week please.

    Please keep old, finished homework books at home to keep for passwords and to revise previous spellings.

    Have a wonderful weekend in the snow everyone!  We are looking forward to our Dinosaur and History focus in Topic next week through reading and researching more about Mary Anning. 



  • Friday 25th February (Mrs Noble)

    “I loved dinosaur Mike telling us about interesting facts about Jurassic times.  We have written thank you letters to dinosaur Mike- mine was marvellous because I wrote ‘yours sincerely’ at the end.  It was brilliant when we had to perform our action poem- ‘Dance Like A Diplodocus’!   


    We are excited about designing a new dinosaur board game soon.  Also, next week we are looking forward to completing our pinky palaeontologist challenge to design and name a new dinosaur”.  By Joshua.



    New spellings

    Something of your new dino tastic homework grid please

  • Friday 12th February (Mrs Noble)

    "I loved it when in Maths we were doing the multiplication, addition, subtraction or division challenges.  We learnt to use RUCSAC when we are solving really hard word puzzles (R= read, U= underline key words/ phrases/ numbers, C= choose the correct symbol for the calulation calculation, A= answer, C= check)  .

    Also, this week my favourite part has been when we went on the IPADS on DB Primary learning how to programme and did the challenges set by Mrs. Noble and Mr. Patel (our IT specialist).  I have learnt to turn walk, turn walk or vice versa and that you always have to find the quickest route to solve the problems and get to the x. We also enjoyed sending sensible e mails to our class teacher about the holidays and getting replies! 

    I thought it was fantastic that my birthday was on a school day because I got to go on the computer on my birthday!

    I hope you enjoy the holidays and look forward to seeing you all again for our AMAZING new Dinosaur topic!"

    By Clara


  • Friday 5th February (Mrs Noble)


    “This week I loved it when we wrote on the balloons about our goals and dreams.  I hope that I will be a POP STAR!  We have read ‘Commotion in the Ocean’ which is a rhyming book and we read the story on the computer and it had lots of lovely sound effects in it.   We also have been reading measuring in Maths because we will need to weigh how heavy things are when we grow up. 

    My favourite song with our singing teacher was ‘Have you ever seen a fish do a hula with a dish!’ because it had a great groove in it!”

    By Reagan

    Next week is Computing IT Week in C2 where children will be working through the programmes assigned to them on DB Primary.  If children would like a head start then please feel free to start any units using the DB passwords on the inside cover of your homework books.  Once children have completed our curriculum for the term, they will have chance to create their own book on the computer using the APP ‘Book Creator’ all about Dinosaurs (as a head start for our topic after the holiday!).


    Great to see you all this week – we are all so proud of our little Y2’s! (Hope they will be getting lots of treats and rewards for fabulous parents meeting reports- they certainly deserve it!).


    Have a lovely weekend,

    Mrs. Noble and Mrs. Eva  

  • Friday 29th January (Mrs Noble)

    “I loved it when we went to the ‘Blue Planet Aquarium’ because when we saw the sharks, they had 3- 4 layers of teeth!  I liked it when we went through the Underwater Safari tunnel spotting Stingrays!  Also, this week I adored our mental Maths challenge that the teachers will be telling families about next week for parents meetings.  My other favourite activity was designing a CD front cover for ‘Carnival of The Animals - Aquarium’ music which sounded just like a magical Ocean”.

    By Tia


  • Friday 22nd January (Mrs Noble)

    “I loved when we did reading comprehensions of the Titanic.  I adored when we were practising our joined up handwriting – I hope I will get my pen licence soon!  Our writing looks beautiful up on our new Titanic ship display.  Also, our fish Art work was exceptional for the Art Gallery (we hope you will think so too!).  In Grammar, we have focused on irregular past tense verbs so that we use them correctly when we talk and in our writing (e.g. grew, built, took, wrote, drew, became etc.).” 

    By Kieran, Y2.





    One piece from your new Topic Grid (please note we have stuck a selection of photocopies in homework books for this half term to choose one a week from - if these are choices that your child would like to complete- many thanks).   

  • Friday 15th January (Mrs Noble)

    “I liked cutting and matching the camouflage animal patterns. 

    Also, I loved the oil pastel art work picture of the sea and the horizon using cold and warm colours by Colleen Wilcox.  It looks beautiful up on our new ‘Under the Sea’ display! 

    In Maths, we learnt about ordinal numbers (2nd, 5th) in a yummy way by decorating cookies.

    In English, we have been practising reading comprehensions about marine mammals and dolphins- Mrs. Noble says we are getting much quicker!”. 

    By Ella.


  • Friday 8th January (Mrs Noble)

    “We have had a great week!  My favourite part was watching the explosion of the tornado and I also enjoyed making the goo when we were watching a professional Scientist.” By Joe.


    Children have put their minds to the test learning about fair testing, making predictions, observations and conclusions for a wealth of different Science experiments.  Maybe they can try some of them out at home again? (e.g. the ‘egg drop’ experiment in plain water V salt water OR the ‘walking on water’ experiment using food dye and kitchen roll.  It has been a joy to see their faces amazed at how fascinating Science really is! 


    One of our highlights of the week has been putting ourselves in a huge, giant bubble during our Bubbleology workshop.  It’s great to be back in 2016 with so many children so eager and excited to learn!


    Homework this week is to get reading (reading books AND anything sea/ fish related) and add comments in your reading record books please. 


    We would also really appreciate it if you could spare a short amount of time to complete the homework survey to give KS1 staff some feedback to consider before we send out our new homework grids for 2016 (final date is Wednesday 13th  to complete please).  Thank you for your support.




  • Friday 18th December (allsaints-pri Admin)

    We have had a spectacular week this week celebrating our wonderful performances in our ‘It’s a Party’ Nativity play last week and finishing off our topic ‘Fire Fire’! We have been amazing elves helping weigh all of Santa’s presents (after all the mess his reindeers left in the classroom!) You should have received some wonderful Christmas cards with handmade musical stars displayed on the front and we finished off the week with Christmas biscuit making!

    The Class 2 Team are extremely excited for our new topic ‘Under the Sea’ in Spring term - and our Science WOW week with so many exciting experiments and visitors coming.
    I have had a wonderful time in Class 2, you are all sensational super stars! Keep smiling and being brilliant and enjoy a well-earned Christmas break!

    From Mrs Silcock and the Class 2 Team!

  • Friday 11th December (Mrs Pratt)

    This week in Year 2 we did forest schools and our Nativity about baby Jesus, we all had some words to say and nine songs, thank you for learning all the words or helping your children learn the words and thank you for bringing in costumes if you did! We also did Jigsaw about when Jesus was born, we wrote a story about this too.

    In maths we did adding and dividing in both lessons and in literacy we practised our joined handwriting and wrote another story about a wombat!

  • Friday 4th December (Mrs Pratt)

    ‘So here it is merry Christmas…’ Christmas is well and truly here across key stage one with Class 2 taking centre stage for our production next week. We have been so busy rehearsing, practising lines and adding dramatic effect to our performances – we are pretty sensational already and we still have a few more days to go!

    We have created some brilliant baubles using our fire topic as inspiration – have a look at the Christmas tree in the hall to check them out.

    In maths we have created some advent candles counting in various steps and looking for patterns that we could see.

    Homework: Please complete an activity from the homework grid and continue to practise spellings for a test next week.

  • Friday 27th November (Mrs Noble)

    Well, what an eventful week! Despite all the reading and maths challenges we have undertaken (in the true All Saints’ way might we say!) we have had bucket loads of fun! We have built our own houses on Pudding Lane using nets and then learnt how to build a fire and light it using a flint and steel in Forest School.


    The culmination of this was burning down our houses, watching the fire spread and how quickly the houses burnt down. The children were extremely excited to experience this and to share their thoughts and feelings.  Watch the video to see what happened as the houses caught fire!  (Filmed and organised by our wonderful and very brave student teaching Mrs. Silcock!) 

    Following this, the children used ‘3ed’ sentences and similes to describe what the fire was like for the people there. The children enjoyed creating fabulous descriptions – we filmed 3 great sentences to show you what we can do!


    Alex's epic moments this week included "cutting the dates about St. Paul's Cathedral and putting them in order in a timeline and making shelters out of sticks in Forest School's which was really great fun!". 


    Homework: Thank you for all of your culinary delights this week! Please complete an activity off the grid and practice your spellings ready for a test in two weeks. If you would like any additional work to support ice cream targets, please do not hesitate to pop a note in your child’s homework book.


    Please keep learning Nativity scripts off by heart with expression as next week’s reading challenge so that C2 can really shine next week in our dress rehearsal on Friday. (Please remember to bring in all costumes asap if you had a letter!).


    Also, you can find the lyrics to the songs on our class page too to keep learning at home with the actions - hope you find this helpful to give you a little sneak preview!


    Hope you have fun celebrating the start of Advent next week!


    From the C2 Team 





  • Friday 20th November (Mrs Noble)

    This week has seen a bit of a deviation from fire as it has been Anti-Bullying week. Throughout the course of the week we have talked about what makes us a good friend and all of the qualities that make us special. We have then used this to help us to write some poetry in preparation for the poetry slam on Monday – oh what fun we had! We also created some truly original friendship handshakes!

    As well, we have interviewed someone who was bullied which was a great way of understanding how being bullied makes people feel. By crumpling up paper and trying to iron out the creases we started to see that the damage bullying causes can’t be taken away!

    In Maths, we have been using arrays to help us with our multiplication and have been working really hard on our ice cream targets.

    “I really enjoyed writing my friendship poem and learning the songs from our Christmas play.  My favourite is ‘It’s A Party’ because I like the rhythm and it makes me want to get on my feet and dance!” by Daniel the birthday boy.

    Homework: We hope that the new system is working better for you! Please choose an activity from the grid in your homework book. If you would like any additional things sending home for handwriting or multiplication/ice cream targets please do not hesitate to ask as we give children the opportunity to choose themselves on a Friday. Please note due to assessment week, no new spellings will be set this week instead we would like children to revise words from previous weeks and from the Y2 Spelling Appendix Grid (see attachment on the class webpage).

    PLEASE NOTE:      Unless we have a totally horrendous downpour (again!!), class 2 will have a forest school session on Tuesday afternoon (24th November). Please could you send in a labelled bag with warm, outdoor clothing, waterproofs and suitable footwear. The children will get dirty so have your washing machine at the ready! It has been very wet recently so wellies or boots are essential and children will not be able to participate without the correct gear. 

  • Friday 13th November (Mrs Noble)

    This week Class 2 have written some sensational setting descriptions following on from our terrific trip to Staircase House.  They are all beautifully decorated on our amazing pop up books produced with Mrs. Silcock which we are all very proud of in display in our classroom.  


    Also, Class 2 have really impressed us with their reading comprehensions based on 'The Fire bird Story' practicing test techniques such as highlighting answers in the text in yellow.  Our other highlights of the week have included using powerful verbs from our Grammar session to help us carryout marvellous moves based on the Firebird in our PE / dance lesson.     


    “I loved our trip to Staircase House because we made the top of a house with wattle and daub.  I enjoyed doing joined up writing too mine is looking stunning!" By Paige the birthday girl!  


    Homework: Something from your grid and remember to keep learning your spellings ready for your challenge next week please! 

  • Friday 6th November (Mrs Noble)

    Welcome back! We hope that you have had a wonderful week with your families and are ready for the fun and sparkles that lie ahead in the run up to Christmas.

    What a fabulous week to return to school. With all the excitement of 5th November, this week has been renamed ‘bonfire week’! We have thrown ourselves whole-heartedly into our fire topic creating fireworks in maths use reflective symmetry, writing various types of poetry about bonfire night and fireworks and using a variety of drama techniques to learn about James I and events leading up to the gunpowder plot.

    The most exciting part of our week however has been a visit from a real-life fireman (Fireman Tom) who talked to us about how to stay safe on bonfire night. Using our knowledge, we then created our own top 5 tips on staying safe this weekend.

    “I liked painting our firework rockets which are all hung up in class and had fun on the computer programming a firework display!” by Finn.

    Our homework format has been altered as a result of your feedback – please see the letter we have sent home. Please choose one piece to complete in your homework books this week. 

    Please could we request that parents try to wait at the end of the day closer to where the Y2 children leave the school building (on the left wall close to the stairs would be best) as it is often quite tricky for teachers and children to see parents from a distance.  This should help to make the process as safe and speedy as possible.  Many thanks for your co- operation.

    Have a wonderful weekend. We can’t wait for Monday and our Staircase House trip and to catch up with families on Tuesday evening at 6pm for our end of KS1 Assessment evening (letter sent home as a reminder).

  • Friday 23rd October (Mrs Noble)

    In true Class 2 style, everyone put their heart and soul into ensuring our 2015 Church Week went with a bang! C2 have been using batiq (a wax resist Art technique) to create pictures of the story of Creation to represent our 'Wonderful World'.  We hope you get to see our collaborative masterpiece up at All Saints' Church some time soon... 

    Our last few days have been a real celebration of how amazingly C2 have all settled into being big Y2's (and very hard working ones at that- we have already completed a whole Topic book!).  Lots of merits, certificates, bugs and postcards have been sent home as a huge well done to everyone! We can't wait to see what more we can all achieve together next half term.
    "I loved going to Church this week because I liked all the activities especially the prayer tent when I prayed for people in Syria" by Daisy. 
    No formal homework set, only optional reading of school books / library books please.
     We hope you all have a wonderful half term break with lots of relaxation and fun with friends and families.
    Thank you so, so much families for all your support - now Mrs. Noble needs to start planning the Christmas concerts (only 7 weeks to go until concerts!).
  • Friday 16th October (Mrs Noble)

    This week we have stepped back in time learning about kitchens from the past- from Celtic times to the Victorians.  It has helped us to look with 'big eyes' and be thankful for how lucky we are (not to eat gruel every day!) and for everything we have to eat and everything we have to prepare our food nowadays.  This has linked in with thanking God for the Harvest as we begin to prepare for our Harvest Celebrations. 


    "I liked writing 'The Lighthouse Keepers Picnic' because my handwriting is getting better and better.  We had fun exploring adding numbers in Maths too" by Aleah.



    • Spellings keep learning ready for your test next Friday.

    • Reading books- huge congratulations if you have moved up on to a new, challenging book band!

    • Handwriting- Harvest words 

    • A final something from your Topic grid (next half term we will have a tweaked homework grid taking on board feedback from children and families over the past few week). 

    Looking forward to a fabulous final week up at All Saints' Church with our wonderful class next week!

  • Friday 9th October (Mrs Noble)

    What a week! From learning to read The Hungry Caterpillar in French, to dramatising The Feeding of the 5000, Y2 have had a brilliant time preparing for our class assembly.  We were fascinated to learn how far food has travelled around the world and have given Disney a run for their money with our own twist of 'Let It Grow!'.

    "I am so proud of reading my prayer in our class assembly.  At first I felt really nervous but then I just carried on and I could do it!" (by Archie H). 

    On behalf of all the Y2 teaching team, can we say a huge well done and thank you to our remarkable children who work so hard day in, day out to make their teachers and families so proud!  It has been a joy to meet so many parents and get to know many families a little more over this last week - what lucky teachers we are to work alongside such an amazing Y2 class!  

    As a reward for your hard work preparing for assembly this week, we would like to give everyone a week off your homework grid this weekend - simply take the time to spend quality, special time together (maybe a game of football in the park or a visit to a special place) sharing all the wonderful comments you heard from us at parents evening with your little one (there are definitely a few tired little ones getting closer to the end of term!).  We hopes this helps everyone! Have a great weekend everyone! 

  • Wednesday 30th September (Mrs Noble)

    This week Class 2 have had fun balancing flavours to make delicious bruschetta.  Also, we have played dice games to learn our number bonds off by heart.  The best thing for me was that everyone has been so kind before I go into hospital. 

    Written by Caitlyn.


    • Please keep learning your spellings ready for your first test next Friday in Year Two.
    • A little bit of reading with a comment in your reading record book which is so helpful.
    • Handwriting activity- grammar words. 
    • Something little or large off your homework grid (we have had some amazing 'Ice Cream Vans' this week). 

    Please remember that we DO understand that families are very busy out of school and fitting everything in is a challenge so keep calm and DO NOT WORRY (as teachers we feel the same!).  Therefore all we ask is that you write a little note if there is too much or just mention in the playground.  If this is an issue certain weeks, we would advise you work on the area your child your finds most difficult and needs more 1-1 support with - if you are not sure we will be able to share key target areas for your child at our parent consultations next week.  On the other hand, we know some families want even more homework to carryout at home to further challenge so likewise just ask if you need extra and we do endeavour to try our best to keep everyone happy!    



  • Friday 25th September (Mrs Noble)

    Class 2 have enjoyed painting with new watercolour pallettes and new paint brushes to make secondary colours.  I have loved making our Ocean boxes because everyone was working as a team with great relationships, helping each other cutting out and drawing things from under the sea- I now know where the Arctic ocean is.  Also, we have learnt new foods from around the world from reading Marks and Spensers food magazines and have put them in the correct place on maps of the world.   

    Written by Maddy. 


    • New spellings to be tested on the 9th October
    • Something from your homework grid (the standard so far has been mesmerising! Please keep it up!) 
    • Reading books and reading record comments 
  • Friday 18th September (Mrs Noble)


    Class 2 have been writing about 'The Enormous Turnip' with a difference, my title was 'The Collosal Sweet Potato'.  In Maths, we made crocodiles about greater than and less than. I have liked reading with my teachers who are helping us to read with expression.    

    By Rory 

    Homework: Something off your homework grid, reading books and comments, library books, start getting sponsors ready for our Readathon next week (if possible please).  Please note spellings to be sent home next Friday.  Have a great weekend!   

  • Friday 11th September (Mrs Noble)

    This week Class 2 have been having a fabulous time singing 'Food glorious Food' and writing some wonderful poems based on 'The Taste Collector'.  Our WOW moment has been printing our own fruit trees to display in Class 2 which is beginning to come alive with some of Class 2's fabulous food creations!  

    Handwriting, reading books and homework grid (we have lots of excited children about making some delicious foods- we can't wait to be chief tasters!).   


  • Friday 4th September (allsaints-pri Admin)

    Welcome to Class 2

    Have a lovely weekend everyone

  • Friday 17th July (allsaints-pri Admin)

    In our penultimate week, Class 2 have been involved in lots of Captain Conundrum's Maths challenges outdoors in groups, really getting their brains whirring through lots of problem solving activities. They have had to show lots of resilience and strong relationships to tackle these puzzles. We have also been learning about safety at sea for pirates and those of you lucky enough to be going on holiday in the Summer! Please check out the RNLI website which has some really informative and interesting games for the children to play on.

    Homework - Any pages left in your Maths and English homework books - last homework from Y2 so it would be fantastic to complete the whole of your homework books please!

    Spelling - Last spelling test of the year next Wednesday so let's keep up those great scores from last week please to end on a high!

  • Friday 10th July (allsaints-pri Admin)

    C2 have been fascinated learning all about 'islands' and greatly impressed the C2 team with their existing knowledge. This all supported them in using their senses to write stunning setting descriptions of tropical islands (they have decided they would like to visit the Maldives in the holidays- me too!). Also, they have been working hard solving fractions of numbers. WOW time of the week was creating and then playing in groups their own treasure island board games- what a creative class!

    Homework - English age 6- 7 Spelling activities P4-5, 6- 7 and age 7- 8 P 6- 7 and 8-9

  • Friday 3rd July (allsaints-pri Admin)

    This week C2 have had lots of 'transition' opportunities to get to know their Y3 class room better and engage in question and answer sessions with their special Y3 buddy to help them understand more about all the fantastic activities they will be involved in from September with Miss. Leah and her team. We have been discussing feelings about 'moving on' through a beautiful song; 'Changing as we Grow'. Also, we have been working extremely hard on signing off any ice- cream challenge targets - please see book bags for examples to help work on at home too so we can all have a great end of year feast with all the toppings please! Have fun in the sun!

    Homework - Maths age 6- 7 P28 and 29/ P14 and 15 Maths age 7- 8 P30 and 31/ P16 and 17 Reading books - please do try to comment in books we would love to hear other books you are reading from home too.

    Spellings - keep learning ready for next week’s test on Wednesday to improve your scores.

  • Friday 26th June (allsaints-pri Admin)

    C2 have had an unbelievable week honing their sporting skills- our Cheerleading session was great fun and everyone (especially the boys!) showed great spirit and enthusiasm - GGGGGGGOOOOOO C2!

    C2 been eagerly following the European games adding up the medals for different countries and creating graphs to represent the data. It has been such a joy talent spotting individuals for different sports throughout the week - some of our visiting coaches have been very impressed with certain individuals! We look forward to hearing about new children joining any additional sporting clubs from fliers sent home from school ... (I of course will be looking into joining Marple Harriers after my 'Teachers Running Race' ha ha!!!)

    Homework - Tic, Tac, Toe

    Reading books, Spellings (quite a few children have struggled and scores have been quite low so please remember to start practising early- you have two weeks from now to improve your score! See Class website for 72 different practical, fun ideas how to learn your spellings!).

  • Friday 19th June (allsaints-pri Admin)

    Y2 have been busily rehearsing for our Pirate Assembly (we hope you enjoyed it!) as well as writing instructions how to make a variety of pirate accessories from pirate tattoos, to hooks and telescopes! They have been fascinated reading about famous pirates from the past and written some brilliant biographies all about them.

    Homework English: Age 6 - 7 Punctuation p20- 21 and checking your work p32, Age 7- 8 p31- 32/ Spelling p4- 5 Editing and checking work.

  • Friday 12th June (allsaints-pri Admin)

    Shiver me timbers! Class 2 have had a swashbuckling first week back singing sea shanties, painting pirate portrait pictures and even sewing our own pretty parrots! We hope you liked you pirate ship invitations and we look forward to seeing as many of you landlubbers as possible next Friday (9.15am) for C2's assembly...! Please bring in your pirate outfits in a labelled bag on MONDAY- any problems please see me and we will do what we can to help!

    Homework - Maths - Practise and Learn age 6- 7 p.30- 32 fractions AND money problem solving p20- 21 / age 7- 8 p. 20- 21 fractions AND money problem solving p18- 19.

  • Class 2 (DB Admin)

    Test blog